Why KSI Made Jake Paul Cry

20. nov. 2019
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The KSI vs Logan Paul 2 rematch finally happened, and the outcome was once again controversial to say the least. Logan Paul didn't manage to get that "first round KO" he kept promising, KSI didn't manage to get the round 5 KO either, but he did win in a spectacular way, after being punched illegally in the back of the head by Logan Paul, who got a 2 point deduction for the foul play. Ironically, it was that 2 points that made him lose. Him and Shannon Briggs claim he did nothing wrong, which makes them look like sore losers. To top it off, Jake Paul claims that if HE was in the ring he would've won. He even cried about it. Should Jake Paul fight KSI? Is KSI vs Jake Paul something the world would want to see? I think yes. Especially after Jake Paul vs AnEsonGib, i feel like SLworlds boxing will grow much more than it already has, and it's exciting to watch.

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    • 0:12 how's he talking without moving his mouth or IS HE A MAGICIAN

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    • the quality of your video ❤️🥰😍 great!

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  • KSI and Logan Paul: 🤑🤑 Jake Paul:😭

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  • “Let’s Go Champ”

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  • Andrei Terbea is like a professional attorney in SLworlds but with interesting animations to make it not a boring talk about politics.

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  • Stop ur dumb adds bruh you have adds every 2 seconds

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  • 7:50

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  • when logan was making the trailer for the race he said that the match ended in a draw and he was going to beat him up at the rematch but faith was on KSIs side

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  • Stop making excuses fam of not getting -2 points

  • Are you Romanian?

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  • Why is your name romanian YOU RE ROMANIAN MY G , si eu sunt român !!!!

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  • Rocky V is better than this whole event

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  • All that thrash talk just to lose

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  • Watching this in 2020 i really thot jake would have faught gibb in 2020 back when i was in 2019 but a stupid virus has ruined the whole year

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  • Dude thay soo sht boxers they dont have clue about boxing my 20 year old bro can beat then he started at when he was 14 Like these shts are kids against my bro

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  • I’m 3 and a half

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  • 6:44 lil nas x with ifg

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  • When KSI talks listen to how much times he says “You Know”.. 7:05

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  • If we think about this whole match could make a lot of money to the the charity

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  • You keep saying jake Paul and Logan Paul, witch one

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  • I just love the opening and just need to rade it like I’m in school hall no

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  • BRO shanon looks like thanos in that black and white filter lmao.

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  • Kinda cool how before the fight logan paul asked ksi what 7x8 was and logan paul got 55 points while ksi got 56 points lol

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  • you talk about those stupid dumbass fights, i want to see james and alex chessboxing the heck out of each other

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  • No no no The real fight should be KSI vs Greg Paul

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  • Everybody waiting for jj vs jake and they are smart they gonna make it bigger with more ads more money bby

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  • Logan dosent have a cold he has corona

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  • "Guys, I didn't sneeze once, not even twice." *_"I S N E E Z E D T H R E E T I M E S"_*

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  • Can you tell me ur outro pls

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  • Logan paul may be a clown but jake paul is the entire circus

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  • Team KSI

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  • Dude I live in Saudi Arabia. Wow I can't believe it

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  • I hope this actually happens after Covid

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  • Jake Paul is just a child in an adults body

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  • 13+ ME: time to get out the fake identedes.

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  • 2:55

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  • KSI won with 56 points and Logan asked what is 7 x 8 and KSI choked like if u noticed

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  • Deji broke Jake's nose so he can't beat jj

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  • Made both of em cry then ig

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  • Me wants Logan to win but ksi vs jake I really want ksi to win cuz it’s jake the idiot

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  • *Legend has it Andrei is still chewing on the same popcorn*

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  • Jake Paul kinda deserves that stuff happening to him.

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  • Yes Jake Paul CRY cry for eternity be tortured for ETERNITY

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  • you know what you are not bad

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  • He's Crying Icecubs :0

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  • I like how you say this video isn’t suitable for people under 13 but it’s like the only video with no swearing

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  • Can you do the oddsoneout v Timton chess boxing

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  • Logan with the rona

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  • Ksi would’ve won anyway those -2 points wouldnt have changed anything.

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  • When it comes to that 2 point penalty... are we saying Logan didn’t know if it was illegal? (If you know, you know)

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  • Funny thing I’m Romanian and I have a friend named Andrei

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  • Ksi didn’t make him cry ksi just win and he crying like a lil kid ksi didn’t do anything to him

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  • Why didn’t anyone jab jab power dunk during the match

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  • When logan said that he was new to this sport he been doing boxing for a while so he said something that was wrong

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  • Logan Paul should have won

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    • no.

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  • V

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  • "some time early next year"

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