MIAMI TO IBIZA - Gumball 3000 2014 Movie

26. jun. 2014
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Join me for my epic adventure on the 2014 Gumball 3000 supercar rally from Miami to Ibiza via Atlanta, New York, a flight to Scotland, Edinburgh, London, Paris and Barcelona. Joining forces with Josh Cartu and Team Wolfpack with a Nissan GT-R in the USA and the McLaren 12C Shmeemobile in Europe, we were in for an incredible journey.
This Shmee Special episode at 1 hour 45 minutes long covers the entire trip from registration in Miami until the cars rest up in Ibiza. Do not forget to subscribe now to Shmee150 for more great supercar videos and future Gumball 3000 coverage!
Thanks for watching, Tim
Music: Simple Hop by Broke For Free

  • 41:53 shmee really boutta get cancelled if anyone sees this today😭😂😂

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  • Илтмжисо

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  • Shmee looks so young in this video, , ,

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  • So shmee did you take a pill in Ibiza and did you also tell avicii you was cool?

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  • When they showed shmee the g-pen and dab tool LMAO

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  • wonder how everyone else would feel if you pulled up in like a supra mk4 or rx7

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  • Who is here in 2021 watching shmee starting a video without a smile and his happy voice?

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  • I really thought that this trip was way more glamorous. What the heck was that flight? Terrible annoying people.

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  • 1:12:11 that’s a Polo R, beautiful car 😍

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  • I had no idea you had been uploading this long.

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    • He started uploading in 2006

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  • Your a mad man Shmee 150 so glad you have all attention, you deserve brother!!!5

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    • E red rede see eeee

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  • who is here in 2021

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    • Yep

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  • Shmee this will be your most ridiculous car yet

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  • How often did this happened?

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  • Wtf is up with his pronunciation of ibiZA

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  • I especially like rewatching this rally in 2020, great content, and refreshingly covid free. Shmee your the best, im looking to a brighter future for some more pandemic free content...cant wait :)

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  • Back to the past Thank you, Tim Burton (Shmee150)

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  • Good old days when having a Confederate flag on the roof of an orange Charger didnt mean you where a slave owning white supremacist who wore white robes & a pointy hat at weekends

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  • This was a great movie

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  • lol these all be too nice.

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  • You look like elon musk

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  • Watching this during covin19 2020 era

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  • I liked car 69

  • I need money.

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  • atlanta my city ;)

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  • Like if you watched the whole video

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  • ¿2020?

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  • I wish i got free herbal equipment as well haha

  • How come the registration number, 87 TB, is not recognised by the DVLA?

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  • The ford gt is back at daytona

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  • 1:04:44

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  • Nice

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  • You wear thinner

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  • what car is that 1:33:23?

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  • Woooooooow!! What did buddy have going on here 37:14

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  • “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity

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  • Cant be the only one who thinks he kinda looks like Dwight schrute..

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  • dodge viper F plate loool

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  • Is that an f type

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  • So am here Now

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  • Back when times were simpler :(

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    • And it was still ok to drive a Dukes of Hazard replica with Confederate flag!

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  • say epic again

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  • 3:52 what is that screeching noise? ... also 17:30

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  • Aminn

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  • Oh the days of having to not wear a mask

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  • Breathilysers test rubbish

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  • the purrari tho deadmau5

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  • He know the cars, but he is not a driver...

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  • 6 years later and this video is still awesome to watch.

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    • Hey

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  • Who else is watching this in 2020 and feeling that shmee should make one of there again soon😭❤️

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    • I’m still watching

  • It looks like forza horizon 4's main cars came to life🤣

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  • You should mention that the cargo 747 are Connie Kalitta’s company planes.

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  • You You

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  • Why do these videos never have any of the fun racing parts? 🤷‍♀️

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  • A youthful looking shmee

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  • How many people he see

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    • 1tillion

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    • People

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    • 25 million

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  • See

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  • Shmee out here releasing full independent films for free on the great wide web. 👌

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  • 12:12 saabkyle04 appearance in the gumball3000

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  • I was there in London. Funniest thing was the 6x6 was too big and couldn’t get around a small corner😂

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  • 6x6 was my fav

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  • 47:13 girl said u can spank me without saying a single syllable lol

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  • Bun B

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  • Bun B in here1:11

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  • bunch of superficial narcissists

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  • Boring

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  • Damn they be giving away dab pens from snoop

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  • I watched this vid in June 2020 - strong content....!

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  • I love how the host didn’t even say no speeding Because he knows that everyone will

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    • Emerson Compton hi

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  • Spain’s economy depends on Tourism, even though many of the drivers are rich entitled brats, with so much harassment they collect a few $$ in fines and the police make money from extorting the rich brats...however in the long run people will just say it’s just not worth it. There needs to be enforcement, but that was beyond enforcement it was harassment.

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  • Baby

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  • U definitely got bullied when u was you younger

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  • So are we going to ignore the fact that you were in a plane with legendary Houston emcee and 1 half of UGK, BUN B??? CMON SON

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  • Yeet

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  • So sad we may not have gatherings like this for years to come due to Covid-19 Virus

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  • 1:04:43 "hi Paris you're very wet" thats what she said

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  • 52:45 that sync tho

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  • @34:44 Montero

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  • WOW SHMEE!! I am such a fan... this is such a big dream of mine and i hope to achieve my goals. Thank you for filming this because it is almost as though i am living the dream with you❤️👍🏾 thank you sir

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  • Police are tossers for stopping cars

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  • 53:34 is that Ali a

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  • Spain was crazy even the cops were so cool!

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