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4. dec. 2020
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Documentary about the cryptocurrency Bitcoin: Bitcoin: Beyond The Bubble - What is Bitcoin? With the advent of Bitcoin, the world's premier digital currency, for the first time in history money is no longer controlled by banks or governments, but by the people who use it.
Bitcoin: Beyond The Bubble (2018)
Director: Tim Delmastro
Writer: Tim Delmastro
Stars: Jeff Berwick, Catherine Austin Fitts, Trace Mayer
Genre: Documentary | Short
Country: Australia
Language: English
Release Date: 1 May 2018 (Australia)
Storyline: What is Bitcoin? With the advent of Bitcoin, the world's premier digital currency, for the first time in history money is no longer controlled by banks or governments, but by the people who use it. But where did this currency come from? How does it work? And is it truly the way forward, or just a flash in the pan?
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  • Banks cannot create a blockchain. No one will want it. Bitcoin is the most popular because it doesn't have a face behind it. I like Ethereum as well but I also know who the owner is.

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  • Their is just this one problem with the bitcoin. It already is integrated in our present day economy where banks and government can generate money at will just by the simple link that you can buy bitcoins with something that we assume that is money (wether it's a pound, a dollar or whatsoever) . It is not as if there is an intrinsic value added to the bitcoin because of the blockchain technology and there is no third party. We have to keep in mind that only the lucky few who participated in the beginning are profiting from the rise in value or the people that have so much money that it does not matter anymore. The philosophy of a bitcoin based free market based on trust is an utopia that leads to anarchy. There will not be a change because the same mechanism still is present in how we behave towards the bitcoin: we treat it like a share so it becomes a share. Ultimately, it does not matter if a computer or our very own brain assume something as true were we put our trust in. It does not matter how much digits there are on a currency or how much it is reprinted, it does not matter in which form we play with inflation or how much money is borowwed by a government until they cannot even pay the rent and collapse, it does not matter in which form value emerges in our perception ... it is only one thing. We trade and deceive in trust. And trust is very difficult to make human proof. Have a nice day everyone!

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  • Nixon caused a lot of damage to America. Severe damage.

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  • Can US and EUROPEAN Governments Regulate Bitcoin ? If yes, it could be the end of Bitcoin.

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    • @Failen Amaduro it's decentralized There's no one single point of failure, unless you shut off internet you can't shut it off.

      Artur KotArtur KotPred mesecem
    • @Artur Kot arguments ?

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    • Can't regulate it.

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  • How on earth is Bictoin gonna revolutionice latin america, south africa and all these poor places like it is said in this video? Its not them that have the big computer mining aviability?

    Grimmer2006Grimmer2006Pred mesecem
  • After watching this, I feel much better! Freedom to all people!!

    Spidiasima By LevandaSpidiasima By LevandaPred mesecem
  • Ok so the argument is that it takes "labour" from the computer to make a Bitcoin... Now China and some computerpowerful companies makes the Bictoins, they are mining them in their big computerhalls. So, how is that good?

    Grimmer2006Grimmer2006Pred mesecem
  • 6:45 this guy has ONE centered fron teeth :-O

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  • Bitcoin is anything BUT a 'payment system', it is nothing but a store of value

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  • Could bitcoin ever be on a Forex exchange, swap the coins for euros

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  • My ? Is when it’s exchanged for commerce will those transactions be a detriment to be bitcoin because it would be considered a sale from a third party

    larry demontelarry demontePred mesecem
  • How Price of Bitcoin is determined that nobody says in terms dollars ,all say about transactions and centralization , in the end they buy from physical printed currency . No ledger and Liability ,all 100 institutions hosting currency and buying in terms of Dollor or Euro ,

    Ramesh SRamesh SPred mesecem
  • Back in 1971 your cost of gold x oz. Was around $42.00. 2021 is around $1,700.00 the "purchasing power" of the "Dollar" is not inflate. 🤐 Now for All " BTC" fanatics, you thing their is not a bubble on your purchasing power on that coin. 🤔

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  • You need to solve mathematical equations, to who? How this math is used? People with knowledge of computer programming is solving these maths , it goes where, to use for what? I want to know what these “math” are for, used to do what? AI ? The reason behind this “solving math” needs to be explained

    Isabelle SIsabelle SPred mesecem
    • @Kimbo Slice my next question is ... if to mine cryptocurrency (solve these cryptologic puzzle) and earn bitcoin, is necessary to have a powerful computer, and knowledge of computer program, the ordinary, poor people will never be able to mine, therefore the "easy" way to transfer currency from peer to peer, it will be on the hands of a few. This mostly like is a new financial institution, that created monetary power out of nothing (speculation) it's sounds the same corrupted financial institution we have now, it just minus fee's , for the moment.

      Isabelle SIsabelle SPred mesecem
    • Great question.

      Kimbo SliceKimbo SlicePred mesecem
  • Bitcoin = Electronic Stock Market

    Star BoyStar BoyPred mesecem
  • Yet people are using fiat money to purchase crypto money. They are evolved deeper into the Matrix. In the events of total blackout or EMP attacks from the Russian, all bitcoins will be vaporized. They're fucked!

    Star BoyStar BoyPred mesecem
  • Very educational, thank you. The benefits make complete sense. The major concern I’d like to hear addressed is the dependency on the Internet. Who could pull the plug? Who owns the servers?

    Diana GDiana GPred mesecem
    • My question as well.

      Kimbo SliceKimbo SlicePred mesecem
  • 30:22 😳

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  • Perhaps the best explanation with reliable sources - thank you.

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  • Cashless is not good system.

    Jamie 1Jamie 1Pred mesecem
  • Maybe I will buy bitcoin after this

    Leonardo BCLeonardo BCPred mesecem
  • Yes. Buy bitcoin at ATH and then when it drops sell, that's the way to do it. Lmao maxi trolls. In 10 years time people will say "remember BTC, it made a few rich people and then the IMF banned it" Shitcoin.

    D CD CPred mesecem
    • We'll see in 10 years if you are still alive. That might be the case or you might say "I remember when I said BTC was a shit coin because I can't adapt to changes in the world and now it's the real deal."

      Marky MarkMarky MarkPred mesecem
  • All of the pro talked about HOW bitcoins worked but none explained WHY and the purposes of bitcoins !!!! And WHAT we were buying????

    Star BoyStar BoyPred mesecem
  • Bit-Con. Period.

    Dragon52Dragon52Pred mesecem
  • America became a corporation in 1871, under the control of the Crown. If the CORPORATION OF THE UNITED STATES is now bankrupt and void, then the current Federal government in the captured territory of Columbia, in Washington DC (not even a state) is operating illegally and not according to America's Constitution before the 1871 act. THE UNITED STATES CORPORATION operates under private international Maritime (Civic) law with their own corporate constitution, instead of what we are supposed to follow Common Law, and our original Constitution.

    WeAreThe NewsNowWeAreThe NewsNowPred mesecem
  • The private Central Bank - London, Rothschild family (the Federal Reserve). The fiat Dollars we borrow from the Central Bank comes with interest attached (The National Debt), which the Central Bank's IRS agency collects from us (taxes) and sends to the Central Bank as payments on the interest. We are the Debt Slaves and we enslave ourselves.

    WeAreThe NewsNowWeAreThe NewsNowPred mesecem
    • @Sar Co yes

      Kobe DrewsKobe DrewsPred mesecem
    • do you think it is good to have crypto coin? so that we can enslave ourselves from the Central Bank. is that what you mean?

      Sar CoSar CoPred mesecem
  • Fiat Dollar is worthless, not backed by anything; just like the media (Cnn, MSNBC, ABC, NYT, etc.,) worthless.

    WeAreThe NewsNowWeAreThe NewsNowPred mesecem
    • Yet people are using fiat money to purchase crypto money. They are evolved deeper into the Matrix. They're fucked!

      Star BoyStar BoyPred mesecem
  • Bit coin, Crypto and any other will CRUMBLE, they will not fly, 2 feet off the ground.. Rainbow Currency will be the new Monies, with U.S. Treasury on it and NOT Federal Reserve.. bank on that.. QFS is what will run the show..

    Geff CopeGeff CopePred mesecem
  • who is transferring funds, practically nobody uses it to make purchases. It's all about Hodl

    Jeffery MitchellJeffery MitchellPred mesecem
    • What are people buying in here? I have watched over 15 clips about bitcoin and none tells the audiences WHAT ARE PEOPLE BUYING AND SELLING? very stupid game

      Star BoyStar BoyPred mesecem
  • It's time the world should appreciate the development of crypto currency, most especially Bitcoin because the way it makes good returns within a short period of time makes it so much lucrative and profitable for me

    Valentin LeonardoValentin LeonardoPred mesecem
    • even beyond return i think its a much safer as a financial backup. I have euros in my bank account and i'm starting to question its value, since the european central bank just prints money that their machines melt down during corona crisis.

      MazelTovMazelTovPred mesecem
  • Both aspects are important I can’t call up my bank n say here I need cash for this bitcoin at the same time I could go to another bank to get a loan to buy bitcoin i mine bitcoin so y would I buy it something I get tfor free I’m not payin 50000 for. A bitcoin is equal to one million satoshi’s. how is the smallest piece of technology be worth so my when ppl get it for free if ppl are putting all this money into bitcoin wher are they actually putting this money

    Joseph ReddickJoseph ReddickPred mesecem
  • The only thing I am convinced about is that Bitcoin is the perfect tool for money laundering and tax evasion.

    Chad BennaniChad BennaniPred mesecem
    • Perfect tool for money laundering and tax evasion ? Lol every transactions are written on the blockchain and everyone can see them.

      SupaMaxSupaMaxPred mesecem
    • Uhhhh cash is definitely a lot easier to evade taxes and launder money with. There is no central ledger tracking cash so whatever happens with it is untraceable.

      Meme de de laMeme de de laPred mesecem
  • only one problem the currency that is supposed to be for all of mankind is only affordable to a few.

    David SalazarDavid SalazarPred mesecem
  • Crypto is MLM. Govts already outlawing crypto.

    AboutMy FathersBusinessAboutMy FathersBusinessPred mesecem
  • I was just a fetus at the time so I’m not familiar with the timeline. Is it possible that watergate was just a distraction so nobody would remember to lynch Nixon for boo fooing us like that w/ the gold standard? I mean watergate hurt who exactly?

    c bc bPred mesecem
  • You put your money in the Bank pay exorbitant Bank commission to pay your supplier in Africa and the money only gets credited in your suppliers Bank account after a week. This system is as old as the Horse cart for transportation.

    fushion Mfushion MPred mesecem
  • bitcoin is not based on bit torrent network.

    tiger355tiger355Pred mesecem
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  • What is missing is the date of each of these interviews. Time Place Form and Event provides more data. Bitcoin sounds like XRP but it is NOT.

    kellymegtugkellymegtugPred mesecem
  • If and when the value of Bitcoin and other Crypto money starts to fall watch how fast Internet access will go down.

    Charles LauterCharles LauterPred mesecem
  • I see the day bitcoin and dollars too fall down.

    Rodrigo Mare.d.gRodrigo Mare.d.gPred mesecem
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  • This documentary is a debate between bitcoin owners and others. Bitcoin owners try their best to persuade people who live in third-economy-countries to buy the useless "currency" so that the market value will be driven up to a point where those coin-owners will cash out as a billionaire then continue to use fiat money. Why are the interviewees defending bitcoin so hard????? Bitcoin has no system to monitor, which means the world does not need a government any more?! What a piece of joke and a bunch of hypocrites.

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  • Q: when you buy Bitcoin w physical money what happens to that physical money? Where does it physically go? Even if you do bank transfers, money is debited from your account to get deposited to .....ur virtual wallet.

    LZBar ZeeLZBar ZeePred mesecem
    • @Chris ok the person ur buying it from. Lol well that makes sense 😉

      Kimbo SliceKimbo SlicePred mesecem
    • it goes to the counter party

      ChrisChrisPred mesecem
  • Whose seeing this Feb, 22, 2021 bloodbath unfold? And bounce back... 45k a bitcoin today .. I feel like this comment will go down in history when it's 500,000$ a coin in a couple yrs.

    B&B Ltd.B&B Ltd.Pred mesecem
  • A big problem is, that most of the Investors in bitcoin have in mind to go back to dollar/Euro whatever when bitcoin hits its peak. They see bitcoin as an object of spekulation to get more worthless paper and not as Private money. That is not the Idea behind bitcoin. Furthermore bitcoin makes itself unusable as a Payment System when the Ralley goes on cause everything will be overprized. Nobody Would pay 1btc for a thing when he could get it next Week for 0.7 btc

    S. H.S. H.Pred mesecem
  • whoever TF are praising bitcoin and investing in comments under youtube videos, 90% of them are spammers/scammers lol...

    theGT5theGT5Pred mesecem
  • 16:29 Bs everyone is in it to make money i wouldn't know how to use it if i tried, where would i use it, no one is asking me to use it, it is a long way from being useful, this guy is talking out his _______

    NZSharemanNZSharemanPred mesecem
  • waste electric. damage my earth becuase of bitcoin.

    Z CHANGZ CHANGPred mesecem
  • ...reliable

    Google DudeGoogle DudePred mesecem
  • Actually I like to have bank account and Bitcoin is too risky for me.

    Joy HossJoy HossPred mesecem
  • those people who have lost/ forgotton or destroyed their own bitcoin password (lots and many millions) are ensuring that bit coin will never crash to zero- its an amazing idea and the fact that you can give the finger to everyone including all governments and ex wives or ex husbands is the US make bitcoin machines nothing else they can do

    Sgt DaveSgt DavePred mesecem
  • Ah yes, cyrpto... the grand scheme to give access to untapped consumers in the third world. This is what end stage capitalism looks like people. If you seriously think an unregulated currency will work in favor of the everyday person, it's delusional thinking. Gates and Zuckerberg are already trying to implement data mining on agriculture in the third world, that's how it will be tracked and eventually centralized, by literally owning the flow of information on real capital, tangible resources and goods.

    StrongfpStrongfpPred mesecem

    Mark quinnMark quinnPred mesecem
  • bitcoin to the moon

    fr0zenintimeeefr0zenintimeeePred mesecem
  • Bitcoin is a product not a currency. If it were a stable medium of exchange then it could qualify as a currency and it is not,just a speculative product.

    as oneas onePred mesecem
  • Bitcoin is only another GameStop that will drop very soon to its lowest in years. Elon Musk just announced his going to sell his 1.5 billion bitcoin and will walk off profiting from your investment. Take your money out of bitcoin the sooner the better!

    Andrew TysonAndrew TysonPred mesecem
    • Lies. Elon didn’t say he’s selling but yeah Bitcoin will have a correction once the hype dies down but won’t go below 20k

      Mo 909Mo 909Pred mesecem
  • The best collaboration of interviews that gives such a good understanding about what Bitcoin is. Thanks much.

    Stephen WlodarczykStephen WlodarczykPred mesecem
  • Dear forumchane, help with advice, Bitcoin wallet does not accept more than 3 pcs. Mistake: you have exceeded the number. Wallet address 1QJdPriyxFDJHmvrL6aRcEm7jATusD1A5p help check. how to fix the error

    TOLSTIYTOLSTIYPred mesecem
  • Scarcity alone doesn't make anything valuable, and Bitcoin is even *artificially* scarce... Did you know that Bitcoin can perform 5 to 7 transactions per second, while the Visa network can do 24,000 per second? Did you know that with the energy consumed by one Bitcoin transaction, Visa can make 500,000 of them? Did you know that only the Bitcoin mining consumes more electricity and pollutes more than many countries, like Argentina? Did you know the climate change is the most dangerous risk the whole planet suffers currently? It just doesn't work as a currency, nor as an investment, nor anything. It just has no real use at all or value. Just a big, fat bubble fueled by hype and ignorance.

    Sergi MedinaSergi MedinaPred mesecem
  • Human use gold to make exchange but US government turn that into fiat currency. Nation start to feel it is unfair so nation now try to use digit coin turn back to Digital Gold. The problem is this digital gold will get steal and lost in thin air. The real gold can be steal but will not lost in thin air. I wonder If one day whole world using bidcoin so is the Forex exchange still exists? The most important is do you remember some one told before that one all the currency exchange came into one. The time is near, bible prophecy.

    Aaron LimAaron LimPred mesecem
  • If it becomes more and more difficult to mine new BC who is going to run all those mining machines for nothing? They are expensive to buy and operate. They'll need replacing. Power will go up in price but the mine will be exhausted. It seems doomed to failure unless it becomes a global project. But then every country will want to run its own blockchain and own its own reserves, and then the issue of exchanges raises their heads again. Can you convert BC to Ether or Diem when Facebook gets going?

    Robert de BoerRobert de BoerPred mesecem
  • The guy with the buy the dip shirt sounds like the "oh hi mark" meme

    OburiOburiPred mesecem
  • The secret is the weapon. You hold your value close to your body with a big stick, a weapon. It's working for your life and family - it belongs to you. Someone takes it away from you - it belongs to them. As simple as that.

    Fada TeFada TePred mesecem
  • The issue here is that you only see the positive side of it. Let say think about those drug lords and those criminals that laundry their asset. Tax evasion by using bitcoin. Soon or later the government will step in and regulate bitcoin and the coin will crash. Because it is impossible to shut down and it is hard to track. This is the reason why the government will soon or later step in.

    K LK LPred mesecem