DESTROYING an ENTIRE DMR14 Lobby - Tundra Sniping in Warzone!

3. jan. 2021
76 231 Ogledi

Extra spicy in the title, because I'm fed up with this meta. Played 4 hours today, all I saw was DMR14 and Mac-10s. We managed to get one heck of a game though!
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Tundra Build: Wrapped Suppressor, 29." Combat Recon Barrel, Marathon Stock, Infiltrator Grip & Serpent Wrap.
Krig Build: Agency Suppressor, 15" CMV Mil-Spec Barrel, Diamondback Reflex, Field Agent Grip & Salvo 60 Rnd Fast Mag.
#warzone #dmr14 #tundra

  • it's so sad how bad these developers are at balancing guns. The worst CW gun is 2x better than the best MW gun...

    Percy GoodbeardPercy GoodbeardPred mesecem
  • That was a great shot at 5:03 .

    Robert HughesRobert HughesPred mesecem
  • Used to watch u back in the fortnite days....memories 😔

    knobber_ogknobber_ogPred mesecem
  • That endgame was intense

    ThePlayCoreThePlayCorePred mesecem
  • They need to delete the DMR n type 63.

    James CampbellJames CampbellPred mesecem
  • @15:30 woulda killed me for sure, no idea how he noticed him

    Fj4LiFe23Fj4LiFe23Pred mesecem
  • Happy to see theres still some real players nowadays keep it up 👍

    [UKOPT].Quickscopes.[UKOPT].Quickscopes.Pred mesecem
  • you didnt even show your loadout

    Sonny Lee AlindogSonny Lee AlindogPred mesecem
  • Awesome seeing guys not use the DMR. Wish the other content creators would follow. More exciting to watch.

    Neddy SeagoonNeddy SeagoonPred mesecem
  • That’s why CW has ruined Warzone, DMR pussies everywhere

    valleysofneptunevalleysofneptunePred mesecem
  • gg brah

    John SmithJohn SmithPred mesecem
  • Nice work as usual!

    tobyglyntobyglynPred mesecem
  • Respect

    Walamonga 1313Walamonga 1313Pred mesecem
  • he waited so long to get his class that 1 of the 2 loadouts he called became obsolete when the free loadout came....and I don't think he even realized or even gave a fuck 😂😂

    J ValdesJ ValdesPred mesecem
  • Sorry. Could you please explain “meta” to me in this context? I googled it and checked on “urban dictionary” and still don’t get how people are using it on context like this. Believe this became some slang which i don’t understand. Thanks

    Olexiy MamchyOlexiy MamchyPred mesecem
    • "Meta" has a couple different meanings, but it's used more or less in Warzone (and gaming in general) to describe the most effective and powerful gun/combo of guns in the game currently. Subsequently, something that is "meta" tends to be the most popular because most people play the game to win or get a competitive advantage. Guns go in an out of "being meta" as gun stats are tweaked and balanced. The meta in Warzone very recently (it was nerfed slightly a couple days ago but still a very good option) was the DMR-14 because it was ridiculously powerful and could kill extremely quickly. Everyone started using it because, overall, it outclassed every other weapon. It did tremendous damage, (headshots did 175 damage) was very accurate, had a quick rate of fire for follow-up shots, it used AR ammo unlike its lesser Marksman rifle counterparts such as the EBR-14 and SKS (they use sniper ammo AKA 40 round max), it had a very good zoom at 3x that sees almost as far as a 6x zoom on a sniper rifle (bad game design) yet had no sniper glint, and it could reliably hit targets beyond 150 meters. In short, it was like a sniper rifle with none of the sniper rifle weaknesses and only advantages. As soon as people learned how good this gun was, primarily due to SLworldsrs, streamers, and friends sharing the info, nearly everyone started using the DMR-14. A big driver behind this is because if you weren't using the DMR, you were at a far greater disadvantage. Not impossible to win, just excessively more difficult for average and good players. We're still in the DMR meta, but before that other big metas were snakeshot revolvers, Bruen, and R9-0. Something that is meta doesn't have to be "broken," as the Kilo was the meta for a while but other ARs were still very viable, but DMR was straight up broken and still relatively is.

      Sherpa DerpsSherpa DerpsPred mesecem
  • Fuck yes

    A BlA BlPred mesecem
  • Poné la build zapallo

    Sugar'sCircusSugar'sCircusPred mesecem
  • Gets 1 snipe titles video destroying with the tundra GTFOH YO your wack rename the video getting kills with the Mac 10 or DMR and turn off your hacks smfh

    ShadyHunter187ShadyHunter187Pred mesecem
  • Paul?

    Alexander OstrovskyAlexander OstrovskyPred mesecem
  • You never gonna drive my car.. that's for sure.. :)

    M DBM DBPred mesecem

    Julius Khalil Abundol VIIJulius Khalil Abundol VIIPred mesecem
  • Ghost doesn't mask UAV outside of 250m, as you get closer they disappear.

    Trevor HuismanTrevor HuismanPred mesecem
  • "break the meta" first 4 mins using meta guns

    ShanestirShanestirPred mesecem
    • So what? He won most of the encounters and finals engagements with guns out of the meta, so what's your point?

      Pedro VitorPedro VitorPred mesecem
  • Nice

    Angel CisnerosAngel CisnerosPred mesecem
  • Glad to see someone not using that Broken gun my friend get mad at me because I refuse!!! To use it!! And still get more kills than them lol

    Robert CRobert CPred mesecem
  • Why did you call for 2 loadout drops?

    Kras Silver FangKras Silver FangPred mesecem
  • "the sweat skin" xD glad to see I'm not the only one thinking the black Roze skin players are a pain in the ass...

    Siegfried MordrakeSiegfried MordrakePred mesecem
  • Good job!

    EL34XYZEL34XYZPred mesecem
  • If you can beat the a DMR 14 lobby with another gun it must mean that skill actually wins games not guns right. Imagine that...

    Louis van ZylLouis van ZylPred mesecem
  • Been watching since way back from the pubg pistol only hitman challenge. Never disappoints with an upload, love to see you use the tundra as well.

    Bryce WillisBryce WillisPred mesecem
  • Best video so far Fugglet! Love the content man.

    Michael PoppMichael PoppPred mesecem
  • Makes my heart happy man :') Been a long way from PUBG but the snips are still strong.

    Sean WoodgateSean WoodgatePred mesecem
  • definitely possible, I won with aug spr a couple days ago.

    Keenan BartlomeKeenan BartlomePred mesecem
  • Damn haven’t seen one of your videos since the pubg mini 14 days, super dope to see how well you’re doing

    Daniel BarredaDaniel BarredaPred mesecem
  • These people aren't even good. Shame on the devs for letting this go on as long as they have. Those 2 guns really ruined this game.

    TATER . MPEGTATER . MPEGPred mesecem
  • Got so confused when you got high alert since your loadout is called Ghost haha

    SilentNZLSilentNZLPred mesecem
    • @Fugglet what area are you in mate? Would you be keen to duo up sometime?

      SilentNZLSilentNZLPred mesecem
    • I'm horrible with updating my loadout names :D

      FuggletFuggletPred mesecem
  • Question: are you copying Westie or is he copying you

    Mystic DazeMystic DazePred mesecem
  • The real meta is your gaming chair.

    TrollMonkeyTrollMonkeyPred mesecem
  • Where's the Tarkov content, dude? :(

    MagenZionMagenZionPred mesecem
  • should use the barrett. far better than the tundra

    Beregond15Beregond15Pred mesecem
  • Sometimes the ads come at the perfect time to spook me

    Luke AntrobusLuke AntrobusPred mesecem
  • 2:55 was an awesome 👏🏻 claymore throw

    Jaww JackerJaww JackerPred mesecem
  • Fugglet the meta Wrecker

    FanDaaFanDaaPred mesecem
  • Someone explain to me what is this

    JesseJessePred mesecem
  • The fact that i missed this stream! One of your best nonetheless!

    Saja BSaja BPred mesecem
  • lol the hitreg and the TR is a mess in this game!!! The guns are unbalanced AF. Not to mention the page file and dev error crashes, the 900 ping spikes... :D In Bad Company 2 you get half the tickrate and still better hitreg, and that game never froze 1 time... :D That's a game from 2010... :D

    László E.László E.Pred mesecem
  • Bye bye Warzone

    Andrej OsojnikAndrej OsojnikPred mesecem
  • Faith in humanity for not using trash weapons!! 👏👏👏

    nick lownick lowPred mesecem
  • IMO the game fucking sucks now with those stupid ass pistols, mac 10 and OP af DMR

    Da BossDa BossPred mesecem
  • That truck skin tho. MMMMMMMMHHHHHH.

    AkokadaAkokadaPred mesecem
  • 9:44 They're pronounced DIE-a-MEeMERS

    Justin ErtleyJustin ErtleyPred mesecem

    krzysko GAMERkrzysko GAMERPred mesecem
  • Wow respect for winning without metta weapons. Maybe I'll follow u seem cool

    Brian GreenfieldBrian GreenfieldPred mesecem
  • I feel like you are just trolling the viewers. Your "GHOST" loadout doesn't have ghost.

    indifilmindifilmPred mesecem
  • Finally somebody show them that u dont need to ude the dmr14 or the diamatti to be good. Thanks a lot fugglet :)

    TheZombieKillerHTheZombieKillerHPred mesecem
  • Something I hate doing: using the top-tier meta weapons in a shooter. Two of my favorite video game guns: M14 and MAC10/11. Conflict.

    VulpeRenardVulpeRenardPred mesecem
  • Snipers on WZ shouldnt one shot headshot anyone who has full armour and full health imo. Game so easy to snipe on with basically 0 bullet drop and really strong aim assist compared to like PubG.

    InfamouzInfamouzPred mesecem
  • Hot solo action!

    Jose LaraJose LaraPred mesecem
  • Best sniper in the fast squad imo

    sunny rafatsunny rafatPred mesecem
    • Maybe if Aculite didn't exist

      khalilkhalilPred mesecem
  • Thanks for Bolt Love Fugglet. Happy and Prosporous New Year.

    Alok KumarAlok KumarPred mesecem
  • Alright when Fugglet says it's his best game in a very long time I know have to strap in and get ready for a banger of a video.

    RedNeck7355608RedNeck7355608Pred mesecem
  • i'd rather just go back to the bruen days..

    Andrei PetreaAndrei PetreaPred mesecem
  • Any tips on leveling up the weapon for attachments faster? It is taking a long time...

    TheTargetlockonTheTargetlockonPred mesecem
    • Multiplayer is your best bet. If you just have Warzone, equipping the weapon you want, getting a helicopter, and doing constant supply runs in Plunder is the best way to level up

      Dredd Mau5Dredd Mau5Pred mesecem
  • Meta sucks 😕 ... dmr and yeah... not much skill involved if you can't manage recoil with a weapon that has literally no recoil and has insane broken range damage

    TheTargetlockonTheTargetlockonPred mesecem
  • Love the use of the truck. That is the difference between tactics and strategy right there; knowing that that truck would come in clutch at the end. Fantastic.

    Oshua HitoOshua HitoPred mesecem
  • He bought two loadouts and ignored them only to bait people into rushing him wtaf

    KonichisanKonichisanPred mesecem
  • Keep up the good videos been watching you since the fortnite days

    trickybottrickybotPred mesecem
  • Damn, I never really gave props to how good of a sniper Fugglet is. You a god bro.

    Guile Steven ObligarGuile Steven ObligarPred mesecem
  • I use kar98 and what ever you called the burst pistol

    Mr adolfgotgamesMr adolfgotgamesPred mesecem
  • F the meta, I won a solo yesterday using a custom groza & SPR.

    Patocka PhilippPatocka PhilippPred mesecem
  • Why do you pick it up? "It is what it is" no it's not! You have a choice. What about refusing to use it entirely and not pick it up? I know this upload is about doing something different but what about some real guts and resist those terrible developers. Or even better refuse to play the game.

    Mads GrandMads GrandPred mesecem
  • Your solo gameplays are really great!

    Tibor NyersTibor NyersPred mesecem
  • The way the game is now makes me pine for the Grau mp5 days.

    Belmont Of AstoraBelmont Of AstoraPred mesecem
  • clicked thinking it was tomo. don't regret it.

    Karan RanaKaran RanaPred mesecem
    • Same lol

      SonicGamingSonicGamingPred mesecem
  • Nice to see u use the Krig 6. Have been messing around with it and it is pretty good!

    Bas De WinBas De WinPred mesecem
  • How is your aimfov?

    4naloCannibalo's Reviews4naloCannibalo's ReviewsPred mesecem
  • The guys that disappeared from uav had ghost. They were right on the edge of the uav, so it picked them up at range. (Beyond 250m)

    Levi BLevi BPred mesecem
  • I agree I love high alert I never camp and always running to fight so there is no point for me to use ghost

    DavidSmith000DavidSmith000Pred mesecem
  • God is very alive and we should be so thankful 🙏

    CarolineCarolinePred mesecem
  • Will you play any more Tarkov this year? Honestly some of my fave videos is you playing Tarky

    J CJ CPred mesecem
  • Love your solo matches fuggy, don’t stop making them!

    Super SkrullSuper SkrullPred mesecem
  • Where you stream cuz I don’t get notifications on twitch

    CamaxtliCamaxtliPred mesecem
    • He streams on Facebook 🙃

      TheKatanaRiderTheKatanaRiderPred mesecem
  • Lw3 with 6x no glint is the best

    Thanos PlaysThanos PlaysPred mesecem
    • @Mr. Smile hangman RF scope

      Thanos PlaysThanos PlaysPred mesecem
    • What 6x scope?

      Mr. SmileMr. SmilePred mesecem
  • How come you use the combat recon instead of the tiger team?

    JeremyJeremyPred mesecem
  • Anyone else at the edge of their seat when he buys two loadouts AND DOoESNT PICK THEM UP. Boss move.

    Keane MorrisseyKeane MorrisseyPred mesecem
    • Triggered me into oblivion. Pick one up at least for that Ghost!

      Solomon GrundySolomon GrundyPred mesecem
    • Maybe as bait to draw in some idiots who are push happy

      Justin SmithJustin SmithPred mesecem
  • I love u and miss the old pubg times

    LorenzoLorenzoPred mesecem
  • That 0:49 kill. MAC 10 with Stopping Power dissolves enemies in milliseconds. Yikes.

    Kristian EvangelistaKristian EvangelistaPred mesecem
    • @Zirion123 Thx, until now I didn´t know how the fuck I was half HP with two plates and a half sometimes after a fight

      elGonhoelGonhoPred mesecem
    • @elGonho no it just punches through armor basically, U lose armor but not much

      Zirion123Zirion123Pred mesecem
    • @Zirion123 oooh so that´s how it works. I thought it increased DMG. Against no armor does it do more dmg?

      elGonhoelGonhoPred mesecem
    • @Schnabibeltier stopping power go through armor so wouldnt matter if he had plates

      Zirion123Zirion123Pred mesecem
    • he wasn't plated

      SchnabibeltierSchnabibeltierPred mesecem
  • kill a meta using a meta

    Nghĩa Trần minhNghĩa Trần minhPred mesecem
  • u bought an extra precision strike it was on the floor behind the buy station i think

    Baka JellyBaka JellyPred mesecem
  • IMPRESSIVE!! Loved it!!! Nice flippen job!! Thanks for the fun!!

    Jake HatJake HatPred mesecem
  • I’m still on dat SPR hype train 🤷🏼‍♂️

    ChoofyMonsterChoofyMonsterPred mesecem
  • Nice!!! Great strategic gameplay, Fugglet! Proving the point.

    Douglas NewmanDouglas NewmanPred mesecem
  • I never thought I would miss the Kilo meta.

    majones117majones117Pred mesecem
    • @Seth Leoric lol diamatis' laughs at the R9 meta

      mike rhemmike rhemPred mesecem
    • @CALEB CHEUNG yeah i didnt pay attention to the MP5 meta, but R9 sucked

      Seth LeoricSeth LeoricPred mesecem
    • kilo wasnt that bad lol cause theres still the m4, m13, grau and bruen. r90 tho sucked

  • Beautiful 🤙🎯🎯🎯

    TheTripleDubya aka Dubya 07TheTripleDubya aka Dubya 07Pred mesecem
  • 5:46 Fuck that roof 😂

    ShadowGT91ShadowGT91Pred mesecem
  • Since i never steered u wrong when i told u to checkmout Aculite and Tomographic maybe you will check out another of my suggestion. Its EFT based but hes super chill dude and hes a badass like u and your conterparts. His name is Dinez and he tears shit up like u do. Would love to see a Fugglet Dinez colab would quite possibly be the best thing ever like since the invention of Toilet Paper it would be some seriously groundbreaking and monumental content is all i can say

    Hey JohnsonHey JohnsonPred mesecem
  • Anychance of new EFT videos. Maybe with a bit of labs loot madness? Sure do love watching u play any game but EFT is my favorite to watch u merkin fools in

    Hey JohnsonHey JohnsonPred mesecem
    • Oh it's coming!

      FuggletFuggletPred mesecem
  • Imagine the dmr 14 with stopping power

    MustySkechersMustySkechersPred mesecem
    • I've died to it - thought it was hax

      Dredd Mau5Dredd Mau5Pred mesecem
  • I love the claymore he tried to “throw” 🤣

    Harry WilliamsHarry WilliamsPred mesecem
    • @Aaron Johnston thanks

      kareegar1kareegar1Pred mesecem
    • @kareegar1 2:55

      Aaron JohnstonAaron JohnstonPred mesecem
    • When I watched the whole vid

      kareegar1kareegar1Pred mesecem
    • Soon as I stopped waiting for it, it happened 😭😂

      Valentino EsparzaValentino EsparzaPred mesecem
    • My go to is throwing a flash/stun/smoke when pulling out of heartbeat sensor

      MrLincoln87MrLincoln87Pred mesecem
  • 5:46 wall hack revealed?

    Locke TranLocke TranPred mesecem