Here Are the 10 Worst Cars I've Ever Reviewed

4. apr. 2021
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Today I'm going over the 10 worst cars Doug DeMuro has ever reviewed. These are the 10 cars that are the very worst cars I've reviewed, and I will explain why they're so bad and what makes them the worst cars I've reviewed.
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  • Actual video starts at 02:49. Thank me later.

    Mayank NikunjMayank NikunjPred 19 minutami
  • Grandpa still drives that old ocean blue Trabant. I took your words too personal.

    Александър СтояновАлександър СтояновPred 54 minutami
  • People still drive a yugo on the balkan and it still passes yearly inspection...

    QnqushQnqushPred uro
  • It is quite disappointing from you putting the Trabant and the Isetta on that list because you swipe the historical background of these cars totally away. Both cars were developed few years after the Second World War. People and companies struggled with a lot of problems like political situation, resources, old laws and so on. Would you compare a 85 year old person with broken hips with a 25 year old healthy person?

    Mansur DeridalMansur DeridalPred 2 urami
  • I have seen most of these cars on the road, including a Yugo convertible, but I have never seen a Cadillac ELR actually being driven. Did anyone actually buy one of these?

    Mike AshMike AshPred 3 urami
  • The laptop makes it look like your sporting your pants to high

    Edwin WiseEdwin WisePred 4 urami
  • Horrible. Get to the damn cars.

    Tom in San DiegoTom in San DiegoPred 4 urami
  • Doug. The kind of guy who keeps communism lenses in his garage so he can look through them before posting videos.

    Jake OlsonJake OlsonPred 4 urami
  • I'll save you the click. Worst three is the least worst behind the Iron Curtain, Yugoslavia's Darling, & Steve Urkel's car.

    KokoshiKokoshiPred 4 urami
  • First time I've noticed that Doug's license plate wall is just counting up from 0.

    BMABMAPred 5 urami
  • Are you aware the Isetta is probably the most valuable car on the list. Well, almost.

    Cuchi de SotoCuchi de SotoPred 6 urami
  • I thought the review he did a month ago for the 1988 Volga Gaz 24-10 would make the list,but maybe it was too recent to be included.

    herblackwings33herblackwings33Pred 6 urami
  • Poor Yugo

    _BeNjI__BeNjI_Pred 7 urami
  • yugo is the best car ever

    Petar LipovanPetar LipovanPred 8 urami
  • Mate, I understand that these listed are the cars that you actually tested, but restrain your judgement until you manage to put your hands on an Anadol Otosan. The name itself is explosively hilarious in Italian as it sounds as "Healing ointment for ear haemorroids". Possibly the most hideous car in the world. Made in Turkey and as good looking as a turkey! You imagine the rest......

    GavichapGavichapPred 8 urami
  • Mommy and daddy money spending like he really knows

    Christopher JoyceChristopher JoycePred 8 urami
  • Man tits like he every really worked

    Christopher JoyceChristopher JoycePred 8 urami
  • As a car dealer right now, I can confirm if a customer tells me they have a Dodge Journey for trade they are at least 15k buried every time. Fuck the journey and the G/C

    segosuarussegosuarusPred 8 urami
    • The mirage too. Just the quickest way to get suckered into an inescapable hole of negative equity if your broke.

      segosuarussegosuarusPred 8 urami
  • My wife and I owned a Mirage in the past... We get rid of that thing as soon as we were able!

    Jonathan WilsonJonathan WilsonPred 8 urami
  • But at least those communist countries had great social programs...Well, they weren't great...Okay they were a horrible disaster. But the egos of the leaders were served well. Can't put a price on that.

    brad hbrad hPred 9 urami
  • I'm surprised you didn't add the PT Cruiser to the list

    F͓̽u͓̽r͓̽b͓̽y͓̽n͓̽e͓̽r͓̽d͓̽7͓̽F͓̽u͓̽r͓̽b͓̽y͓̽n͓̽e͓̽r͓̽d͓̽7͓̽Pred 9 urami
  • Some of these bad hybrids/electrics may be the result of government pressure. Maybe they were rolled out just to prevent massive tax penalties.

    brad hbrad hPred 9 urami
  • it was all normal gripes until I heard, "no fuel gauge, had to use a dip stick" LMAO that is the funniest thing ever!

    G SonnemanG SonnemanPred 10 urami
  • Hold on there! Yugo was never a popular car in Europe.

    FFM0594FFM0594Pred 10 urami
  • Have you seen what Tavarish and Jared did with the Yugo? They did a great job giving it new life.

    Matthew HammondMatthew HammondPred 10 urami
  • The Tahoe Hybrid's badging is like "HEY GUYS I'M A HYBRID"

    eggshell 3824eggshell 3824Pred 10 urami
  • The PT Cruiser is still a far superior car. Thank you Doug. I miss my PT Cruiser turbo.

    Shekhar MoonaShekhar MoonaPred 10 urami
  • ....its a tank.... smh silly me...thinking there were going to be normal cars. you know... from non-communist county's wartime eras...

    papagrande2006papagrande2006Pred 10 urami
  • i grew up in communist romania and we thought trabant was a shit car then too dont worry doug XD

    Shop FountainShop FountainPred 10 urami
  • You should review a Fiat 127p

    aleaalleealeaalleePred 11 urami
  • One of my teachers back in the 70s had an Isetta. Often he couldn't find his car after school because it took just four people to carry it away.

    John ChanceJohn ChancePred 11 urami
  • That was nice of Doug to shout out that guy!

    JackSpeedJackSpeedPred 11 urami
  • On the intro With the plates on the wall did anyone notice That the number 18 was missing

    Max DaviesMax DaviesPred 12 urami
  • Have you ever done a review on a vehicle with rust? If not, why?

    HammerTowingHammerTowingPred 12 urami
  • *Insert hateful comment by Yugoslav here*

    agovics1agovics1Pred 12 urami
  • i see yugo, i click

    DisprotDisprotPred 13 urami
  • Anyone else think that Doug may be Jay Leno's love child? The resemblance and mannerisms are uncanny.

    yagmihayyagmihayPred 14 urami
  • Doug: This are the most worse cars.. Indians: Kabhi garmiyo mai 'Maruti 800' chalali hai kya?

    Vishu AVishu APred 14 urami
  • 1:20 The beginning of a spot on Quentin Tarantino impression

    doug petersdoug petersPred 15 urami
  • Doug, they use the metris as a nyc taxicab

    Joseph El GrablyJoseph El GrablyPred 15 urami
  • I would never buy a Nissan with a CVT. I probably change two CVT a week with one always being a Nissan. Nissan went from the third most reliable vehicle to a junk car company. Their pickup trucks are still good because they have a gear driven transmission. The cars are horrible. But they keep me employed.

    Indrid ColdIndrid ColdPred 15 urami
  • I know a guy who still daily drives a Trabant, he gave it to me for a ride and I remember I couldn't indicate to the left because my knee was hitting the turn signal switch.

    RegularJohn53RegularJohn53Pred 16 urami
  • M Y B O X

    Parker JamesParker JamesPred 16 urami
  • The armoured vehicle doesn't fit in this list. Isetta will be a thing in the future for sure but that will be electric.

    Rakesh NellekeriRakesh NellekeriPred 16 urami
  • Actually the Trabant was a truly dreadful car at the time. My uncle was on a waiting list for 10 years to get one. Most people said enough. Trabantitis was the real reason why communism failed and directly led to the revolution that brought down the Berlin wall. East Germans had heard that West Germans were driving around in Isettas and wanted to join their decadent cousins across the divide.

    Stephen BrookesStephen BrookesPred 16 urami
  • I knew before i watched the video the little Isetta was gonna be the winner,waay back watching the videos between the Trabant and the Isetta one i thought my sides were going to rip open from laughing so hard so i knew it was gonna be one of the two but more than likely the little egg car,lol

    dntlssdntlssPred 17 urami
  • Hmmmm.... the Caddy ELR would be a good platform for modding. Put some Tesla motors or tech in it, because it is a great looking car and it already has a ev set up in it. Since they are cheap now, why the hell not?

    Ian KlingensmithIan KlingensmithPred 18 urami
  • Doug: "M1 Abrams: 1/10 - drove like a tank"

    Manny LupercioManny LupercioPred 18 urami
    • Just because it's quirky and cool, doesn't mean it's good lol

      Holy JezebelHoly JezebelPred 17 urami
  • Communist cars were terrible then. Not just now. Don't be ignorant to what that horrible ideology does to innovation and progress or as Solzhenitsyn warned, it'll happen to you too.

    marwood1969marwood1969Pred 19 urami
  • Why does this guy remind me of Quentin Tarantino?, lol!!!

    HEY 4Q2HEY 4Q2Pred 19 urami
  • You used a piece o junk, to tow the piece of junk... Could've had two cars broken down.

    Chas LChas LPred 19 urami
  • Who was expecting the Audi Allroad to be No.1? Didn't even make the list. WTF!

    Nic StroudNic StroudPred 21 uro
  • the Allroad shirt :o

    Joe WatsonJoe WatsonPred 21 uro
  • I don't know if you've ever reviewed the porsche 924 before but if you haven't I think that would be cool. Porsche enthusiasts always hate on it but I'd love to see an unbiased and thorough rating from you

    Dominic RichardsonDominic RichardsonPred 21 uro
  • Trabant was a very bad car even during the communism. It doesn’t even have a heater. The car is built out of compressed cardboard. Engine was 2-stroke, very noisy, slow, and high fuel consumption. It was a terrible car and I come from an ex communist country, Romania, and know the miserable Trabant from people who actually owned them. Lada, Dacia 1100 and 1300 first generation were ok communist cars. But that would be it.

    legioner9legioner9Pred 21 uro
  • 10:21 Actually, this statement is entirely not true. If you ever went to Europe, you would see that most commercial person-transport vehicles are in fact the Metris. Virtually every single hotel you‘d ever care to visit has a lineup of Metris for their taxi service. As is the case for most taxi services themselves. Walk out of any airport in middle-Europe, Metris after Metris. Saying the car isn‘t selling well because it may not be selling well in a specific area, in your case New York, does not mean the car isn‘t selling well in other places.

    Nick KreszNick KreszPred 23 urami
  • video starts at 2:48 are welcome

    El MagnificoEl MagnificoPred 23 urami
  • Just because it's from Italy or Japan, it doesn't mean they're good. AVOID Maserati, Mitsubishi and Fiat at all cost.

    R LR LPred dnevom
  • "This is Doug Demuro", I thought was gonna review himself.

    Brad ChervelBrad ChervelPred dnevom
  • I have all 10 cars. Thanks.

    Overly Aggressive MeerkatOverly Aggressive MeerkatPred dnevom
  • How can the Countach not be on this list?

    Da SiDa SiPred dnevom
  • Me the entire video: what the heck is ALLROAD

    TofuTofuPred dnevom
  • I got a 26 Chevy super k and she’s quite fun to drive but is a definite death trap cause she’s all original and the brakes, well we can say they’ll stop it in theory but I keep my hand close to the emergency brake, always. It seems by watching some of you videos you’d have fun driving it and criticizing it as well but I don’t know if you’ve ever done an older 20s car or not.

    VintageoldcinemaVintageoldcinemaPred dnevom
  • How awesome is it to be talking about the “top ten worst cars” while sitting in front of your Ford GT!…Niiiice Doug! 😉👌

    Eddie NookumEddie NookumPred dnevom
  • The Yugo reminds me of the Oreo box....I still can"t figure out why

    Nizar PlaysNizar PlaysPred dnevom
  • What happened to using the Audi RS2 for a background?

    Dayton CorlDayton CorlPred dnevom
  • How did Doug not include the Hummer H2?!?!

    Trumpsney Productions StudiosTrumpsney Productions StudiosPred dnevom
  • My grandfather had a trabant given to him by Yugopetrol for his heroism in the war, he was also granted the profession of chauffeur to the boss of Yugopetrol(back than it was considered an honor-similar to being a pilot of a private jet for some big shot now days) His boss hated the car and begged him to "accidentally" crash it so they can get a mercedes, even well after they ware both retired my grandfather and his boss would argue on the ethics of owning "nazi" cars given they ware both war heroes Hilarious given fiats involvement with zastava

    Janer SulceJaner SulcePred dnevom
  • Hah! The only thing wrong with the ELR was the MSRP.... that car is a Doug DeMuro watcher hero vehicle, GREAT used buy. (Lol.. in my not so humble opinion, i was an engineer on the ELR - love that car)

    Shaun BowmanShaun BowmanPred dnevom
  • My grandparents used to have a BMW Iseta

    Sam PattokSam PattokPred dnevom
  • I was hoping the Q50 Red sport made the list. (Former Q50 & Q60 red sport owner)

    Chris MendezChris MendezPred dnevom
  • Rev up your engines!!!!

    Eric RojasvelezEric RojasvelezPred dnevom
  • I would buy a used Mitsubishi, 40mpg and AC.

    Charles HollandCharles HollandPred dnevom
  • I'm somewhat surprised that the Volga didn't make this list.

    Random user #74652819Random user #74652819Pred dnevom
  • Yugoslavia was the worst I ever owned.

    Don MyersDon MyersPred dnevom
  • Just imagining rewiewing the worst car rewiewers. What do they drive and why? And how does that affect their judgement?

    Mikkel AndreasenMikkel AndreasenPred dnevom
  • Doug just realized how pointless the scores are without actually realizing it.

    ZublitsZublitsPred dnevom
  • put a honda powertrain in anyone of those last 3 cars and i bet they instantly become good cars

    Vincent lodatoVincent lodatoPred dnevom
  • As far as the Cadillac ELR, this review and your old review seemed pretty complementary other than cost. So why else is it in the top 10 worst? I drove one back in the day and it seemed pretty nice. I couldn’t afford it obviously. lol

    thunderhammer40kthunderhammer40kPred dnevom
  • Nissan suv convertible....back when Doug could wear shirts with sleeves and buttons.

    Andrew BrownAndrew BrownPred dnevom
  • The graphic is dope and the plug is dope as well, but you should really send him at least a little something

    JJJJPred dnevom
  • The way you were talking about the Mitsubishi...and said you can get plenty of decent 22 23 year old cars lol 😂 I was thinking it..I bought a 22 year old es 300 for 750 bucks 🤣😂 what a deal. Runs great, verses the Mitsubishi NEW for 13k

    Lexus EsLexus EsPred dnevom
  • Doug you gotta review a 2nd Gen Dodge Ram

    SeanomimusSeanomimusPred dnevom
  • Supposedly knowledgeable, right? But you're not, you're misinforming people. Yes, the Trabant you were riding was in bad shape, but that doesn't mean they are all the same, it would be a mistake to generalize. The Trabant of people who care about details like me and me are in perfect condition and they are happy to drive the Trabant even with dozens of luxury cars because their cars have been perfectly and finely restored. They are noisy, smoky, not insecure, you have to find the perfect totally perfect Trabi to forgive yourself and study him from place to place. Correctly.Otherwise, you get lynched on social media, everyone says you know nothing.

    trk aymlktrk aymlkPred dnevom
  • Noise... Shit content

    Guillaume RomainGuillaume RomainPred dnevom
  • 12:20 Put it in H!

    Pensandolo BienPensandolo BienPred dnevom
  • You cant include the military vehicle!!! lol

    Bullish Brian207Bullish Brian207Pred dnevom
  • I'm assuming the 1000 down votes have cars on this list lol

    Bullish Brian207Bullish Brian207Pred dnevom
  • Dougs last words are before I die, l must tell you about Cars & Bids.

    Mark Zuccerberg Is watching youMark Zuccerberg Is watching youPred dnevom
  • I love that shirt lol. Also, please write a 3rd book, Doug.

    Mark Zuccerberg Is watching youMark Zuccerberg Is watching youPred dnevom
  • I liked the video until your #1. These cars got Europe moving again after WW2, and now you buy European and Japanese cars more than your own, so instead of looking backwards, look forwards.

    Is There Anybody Out There?Is There Anybody Out There?Pred dnevom
  • Doug is like a meth head but hasn't done meth

    blowmi Dogblowmi DogPred dnevom
  • Pre-watch comment: I feel like the Trabant will make it on this list After-watch comment: yup the Trabant made it

    [PR] Impreza[PR] ImprezaPred dnevom
  • So the Hummer H2 was a good car

  • expected the Allroad to claim a top 3 at least

    Addictive_LiquoriCeAddictive_LiquoriCePred dnevom
  • Im surprised there was no quirks or weirdness here

    kennedy796kennedy796Pred dnevom
  • I think if you got the trabant and yugo in there, some version if the Dacia 1300-1310 should be in there, especially how popular Dacia is today

    In Dang3rIn Dang3rPred dnevom
  • Your top 3 worst are relics of a bygone era that NOBODY in North America ever saw except the Yugo. The Yugo had potential but it was never developed / serviced properly - it was sold by "get rich fast" shysters who had no idea what they were doing. What's missing on your list was a group of engineering failures from the BIG THREE - start with GM - the Vega - Cavalier - Cobalt - all poorly engineered unreliable junk. Ford - the Pinto - Maverick - Tempo - Focus - all unreliable poorly engineered junk. Chrysler - Neon - Horizon - Caliber - Chrysler 200 - all poorly engineered unreliable junk. These vehicles pointed to the fact that the Asian car makers were building better , more reliable , less expensive to maintain vehicles and drove the arrogant Americans out of the car market. Even Hyundai has steadily improved their product every year whereas the Americans would just make a new model with a new name but the same crappy engineering.

    nrich51nrich51Pred dnevom
  • Have you guys noticed the nice collection of low number license plates in the background and how they're organized sequentially?

    crazeenydrivercrazeenydriverPred dnevom