First Debate Cold Open - SNL

4. okt. 2020
27 066 713 Ogledi

Chris Wallace (Beck Bennett) moderates the first presidential debate between Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin) and Joe Biden (Jim Carrey).
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  • This looks more professional than the real one

    Shpat JashariShpat JashariPred 3 minutami
  • I just realized that this video has more views than the actual debate

    Jon NavaJon NavaPred 5 minutami
  • Even snl acknowledge that biden is just a puppet for the democrats.

    Devil Slayer The Saint Of Killers !Devil Slayer The Saint Of Killers !Pred 13 minutami
  • Even though this skit is about as bias as Chris Wallace was in the actual debate, it's still funny lmfao

    Dragon KingDragon KingPred 13 minutami
  • 🤣🤣🤣💀💀💀 Dis Shit Hilarious.

    Laderrius TimmonsLaderrius TimmonsPred 24 minutami
  • at tonight's debate - if Trump tries to get cute ...... he will be put on mute !

    bob stumpbob stumpPred 29 minutami
  • I thought this was a sketch, not a Biden campaign ad

    Bryan HaganBryan HaganPred 33 minutami
  • Pleeeease let this be a normal election! *IN AMERICA? NO WAY* Awwww **magic schoolbus plays**

    Angelina RoseAngelina RosePred 49 minutami
  • nice

    Shah imtiazShah imtiazPred 52 minutami
  • this shit was hella off, funny asf tho

    Ayo! BleezyAyo! BleezyPred 56 minutami
  • This was really funny, but SNL always has it backwards (cause it’s just NY Leftists now). Nobody is voting for Hiding Biden.

    Laura K. PayneLaura K. PaynePred uro

    Caroline MaloneCaroline MalonePred uro
  • Bro ong she looks like her

    KDANKKDANKPred uro
  • pro Biden bias

  • This is proof that trump will win. Even SNL knows Biden’s senile and incompetent!

    black1582black1582Pred uro
  • Qioleq899@2oq poop I’llo

    Jackson PorterJackson PorterPred uro
  • This is funny af

    Dajanell JohnsonDajanell JohnsonPred uro
  • “This is my COVID Wand”

    philly ricanphilly ricanPred uro
  • Jim Carey absolutely fucking killed it! The Impersonation was so dang funny

  • This was very liberal, but it was still pretty funny none the less

    XFlamecharger XXFlamecharger XPred uro
  • The true identity of donald trumpie is Donald Duck

    sirisha pasumarthysirisha pasumarthyPred uro
  • Jim Carrey is a genius, such a pleasure to see him back in action

    Stephen CampbellStephen CampbellPred uro
  • Complete garbage.

    EmperorNEmperorNPred 2 urami
  • I don't kw. Political + sides can't agree e. Other

    ray mirandaray mirandaPred 2 urami

    Tyler LevingstonTyler LevingstonPred 2 urami
  • Very Interesting. I Wonder how many Dems outside California know about all this? ** Lets Pass It Around and Make Sure They Know!"I watched an interview with her. She is attractive, animated and absurd. She stated that she never had children; yet was a “Mother to her husband’s children.” And she “loved being a Mother.” She said the children called her “Momela”. Anyway, she led her audience to believe that she mothered these kids. I looked her up. She married her husband when the son was in his 3rd year of college and the daughter was in 10th grade and they actually lived with their biological Mother, except for normal visits with their father-so much for Motherhood. Right after hearing that, I discovered she was an opportunistic liar.I do remember Kamala Harris. I had just been elected to the State Assembly in 1994 and, at that time, the ultimate “power broker” that controlled every aspect of California’s state government was the Speaker of the House, Willie Brown. He ran Sacramento like it was his own personal fiefdom and handed out jobs to loyalists and fired people who were disloyal. He broke every ethical law in the book, but was never held to account by anyone. He was married, but openly had mistresses which he showed off by bringing them to public events.At the time I arrived in Sacramento, Willie was seeing a young girl who was in her late 20’s. He was in his 60’s. She was his mistress and he showered her with gifts and appointed her to a number of State government jobs. Her name was Kamala Harris. Willie launched her political career because she was having sex with him. The idea that she is an “independent” woman who worked her way up the political ladder because she worked hard is baloney. It is common knowledge in California that Kamala slept her way into powerful political jobs.And now she is running for VP with a man who will be unable to govern due to his lack of mental clarity. In essence, she will function as the President of the United States should the Biden/Harris ticket prevail this November. Her views on guns, taxes, immigration, energy, etc. are far to the left of the average America, but you watch the media ignore these positions.For example, she believes illegal aliens are eligible to ALL government services, including education, welfare benefits, health care, you name it. In other words, she does NOT believe there is a difference between a citizen and a non-citizen. That view alone will cost us billions of dollars if acted upon. Her view of the constitution is frankly bizarre and dangerous and she is willing to enact laws restricting our 2nd Amendment rights even if such laws violate our constitution.She will be the most radical person to run for VP in American history, but you won’t see any of this on the news. You will soon witness a massive campaign by the media to deceive you about who she is and what she believes. Don’t fall for it."Steve Baldwin… former California State Assemblyman, State of California 1 Comment LikeComment Share

    Joe UrbanJoe UrbanPred 2 urami
  • Alec Baldwin does a good Trump, even down to the little hands.

    Azi DeasAzi DeasPred 2 urami
  • Joe biden has never been as animated as Jim Carrey. I remember a time when your characters where funny and actually similar to those they portray Baldwin was never good at doing trump. Go back to sweaty balls.

    Frankie HamptonFrankie HamptonPred 2 urami
  • THIS VIDEO is hilarious!!! I Enjoyed it ..............................

    sadab shahriarsadab shahriarPred 2 urami
  • Wft? Remember when SNL was funny

    Littlewhite RabbitLittlewhite RabbitPred 3 urami
  • People find this funny ? Wtf lol

    Erica TorresErica TorresPred 3 urami
  • Trump

    Chance MaraChance MaraPred 3 urami
  • You guys across the pond deserve so much better than Biden and Trump. Neither are fit to be president. America deserves better.

    Danny FellerDanny FellerPred 3 urami
  • 😂😂😂 Thanks we need to remember to laugh once in a while, after having a rough couple of weeks this made me laugh 😭😭😭

    April CampbellApril CampbellPred 3 urami
  • 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

    Ishw!shWellIshw!shWellPred 3 urami
  • i forgot that was Alec Baldwin for a second. So nice for the #45 to take time out of his... whatever.. to do this

    Rippz249Rippz249Pred 4 urami
  • Are you kidding biden doesn't know how to use a tape measure!

    Zander HaufZander HaufPred 4 urami
  • here’s what all the harries/directioners are here for: 6:58 😺 enjoy

    hxneypophxneypopPred 4 urami
  • gosh nothing worse than liberal humor. good grief, get this out my recommended.

    Cringemaster64Cringemaster64Pred 4 urami
    • Yeah you like that *epic wholesome chungus moment 100* humor

      hexxhexxPred 2 urami
  • 😂😂😂

    Jasmine ThompsonJasmine ThompsonPred 4 urami
  • the perfect shade, trump orange careful not to confuse is with Donald combover they’re both terrible, but one is worse.

    EllaEllaPred 4 urami
  • When he did the reptilian face 8:30 ajaj

    Danny SalinasDanny SalinasPred 4 urami
  • Jim Carrey I thought you died from smoking crack cocaine.

    Shawn BaltzShawn BaltzPred 5 urami
  • SNL your ratings suck and nobody thinks your funny.

    Shawn BaltzShawn BaltzPred 5 urami
  • Eh, this skit had its moments but what's sad is the real laugh when you watch this:

    Carlos infiniteCarlos infinitePred 5 urami
  • Fucken Jim is so good 😊

    matthewheathcockmatthewheathcockPred 5 urami
  • Canned laughter

    SufamiDanSufamiDanPred 5 urami
  • Donald trump literally made politics so prevalent and into its own sort of tv show that now EVERYONE watches... u can’t knock him for that.. he woke everyone up

    mynameis kurpeshmynameis kurpeshPred 5 urami
  • Jim Carrey 2024

    Patrik VocovnikPatrik VocovnikPred 5 urami

    helen daveyhelen daveyPred 5 urami
  • I watch the debate and got worried!🧐💯🤣

    KanoKanoPred 5 urami
  • As an American, I can say this is absolutely hilarious.

    TommySalamiTommySalamiPred 6 urami
  • I'm from the UK and stayed up to watch the real debate (as I'm doing tonight starting at 1AM) and I've been feeling really crappy this past couple of days, had bad PTSD nights and then i watched this, my hubby said I've not laughed this much In months, I've not watched any of the other videos featuring Alec Baldwin as trump, looks like i will be spending the rest of the day watching them, he really is amazing at playing trump and Jim Carrey as Biden is yet again amazing, best thing I've watched in year's, almost as fun as the real debate,

    helen daveyhelen daveyPred 6 urami
  • Brilliant

    Helen D’EliaHelen D’EliaPred 7 urami
  • You couldn't make an ace ventura movie in 2020 because the people Biden represent would be the ones canceling Jim carey

    Russian BotRussian BotPred 7 urami
  • Just realized the views of this video is higher than more than half of the pop music worldwide on SLworlds Channel😂😂😂

    郑昊郑昊Pred 7 urami
  • Ok its funny and i love skets ! Still trump supporter !

    nuggistrikenuggistrikePred 7 urami
  • Both of them were so spot on😂

    Kellie MarcusKellie MarcusPred 8 urami
  • I loved every second of this, best laugh I've had on ages! 😂

    Susan IrvingSusan IrvingPred 8 urami
  • the way he said yummy lmao

    mohammed algburimohammed algburiPred 9 urami
  • 💤💤💤💤💤💤

    Big WasabiBig WasabiPred 9 urami
  • Baldwin sucks. Jim Carry of course is a legend.

    Cocchini CorpCocchini CorpPred 9 urami
  • Reasons to hate trump🤢

    10M Subs Challenge10M Subs ChallengePred 10 urami
  • Dear Saturday Night Live nothing you do has been important, nothing you do has been funny for 20 years. I don't know how you're still on the air.

    Jo JohnsonJo JohnsonPred 10 urami
  • What a surprise, funny in places and obviously biased. Who set the country actually on fire comedy sleepy Joe?

    L4SERB0YL4SERB0YPred 10 urami
  • Джим крут!

    EgorchikDnepr PEgorchikDnepr PPred 10 urami
  • These aren't even funny. All of hollywood is anti Trump

    Christian AndradeChristian AndradePred 11 urami
  • Look!! Here's the Deal 🙌

    santana begaysantana begayPred 11 urami
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Melvenia MylesMelvenia MylesPred 11 urami
  • So funny

    Open Doors Internationali MinistriesOpen Doors Internationali MinistriesPred 11 urami
  • when SNL finally gets views every four years for elections lol

    Erik RamErik RamPred 11 urami
  • another stan lee cameo?

    Arlin OjalehtoArlin OjalehtoPred 12 urami
    • the only good part was the stan lee cameo. the rest was cringe

      Arlin OjalehtoArlin OjalehtoPred 11 urami
  • That is the funniest damn thing I have ever seen SNL do about the POTUS race; and I was around from their beginning. Jim Carrey was a total hoot, I fell onto the floor laughing I was laughing so hard..

    Craig GeorgeCraig GeorgePred 12 urami
  • This sucks. It’s not funny. Did anyone besides the fake crowd laugh? I miss funny

    Glen HenryGlen HenryPred 12 urami
  • Let’s just switch Trump and Biden for Alec and Jim!!! Please!!!!

    William FedzWilliam FedzPred 12 urami
  • Love this, indeed! I wish Biden did have a remote at the actual debate just to pause Trump's "big-mouthed" ass. Jim Carrey! Lookin' good, bro!

    Daimion HollinsDaimion HollinsPred 12 urami
  • Spot on but they should have gotten the President, Biden and the mediator of the debate, All speaking at the same time. We would not know what they are saying But It would be spot On Of what I watched. It's absolutely hilarious how Biden and Trump told on each other..... passing laws so the other doesn't have to pay taxes. You can fall for this stage Act But I know These two having been helping each other before Trump became president.

    Susie BallardSusie BallardPred 13 urami
  • 10:07 10:07 10:07 Please don’t mind this... 😅

    XxMzMxXXxMzMxXPred 13 urami
  • laugh all you want . ^^^

    T45 2020 LandslideT45 2020 LandslidePred 13 urami
  • Trump 2020

    Robby WhiteRobby WhitePred 13 urami
  • how is this funny?

    Danqifious MemezDanqifious MemezPred 13 urami
  • I couldn’t suspend disbelief enough when Trump said he was sorry.

    scallop holdenscallop holdenPred 13 urami
  • Biden: can I look into the camera Chris Wallace: is it gonna be weird? Biden: totally...totally weird 😂😂😂

    g moneyg moneyPred 14 urami
  • Oh wow, this hasn't aged well at 3:55 omfg

    Ian MorrisIan MorrisPred 14 urami
  • #bidenapedo

    t lewist lewisPred 14 urami
  • If your not voting for President Trump it does not seem like you love this country and its people. I'm voting for the First Amendment and freedom of speech. I'm voting for the Second Amendment and my right to defend my life and my family. I'm voting for the next Supreme Court Justice(s) to protect the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. I’m voting for the continued growth of my retirement 401K and the stock market. I’m voting for a return of our troops from foreign countries and the end to America’s involvement in foreign conflicts. I'm voting for the Electoral College & the Republic we live in. I'm voting for the Police to be respected once again and to ensure Law & Order. I’m voting for the continued appointment of Federal Judges who respect the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. I’m voting for our jobs to remain in America and not be outsourced all over again to China, Mexico and other foreign countries again. I’m voting for secure borders and legal immigration. I'm voting for the Military & the Veterans who fought for this Country to give the American people their freedoms. I'm voting for the unborn babies that have a right to live I’m voting for continued peace progress in the middle east. I’m voting to fight against human/child trafficking. I’m voting for Freedom of Religion. I'm voting for the right to speak my opinion & not be censored. I'm not just voting for one person, I'm voting for the future of my Country. I'm voting for my children and my grandchildren to ensure their freedoms and their future.\ AND I AM NOT VOTING BASED ON WHAT THE BULK OF THE BIASED MEDIA IS ATTEMPTING TO GET ME TO BELIEVE!!!!! What are you voting for? One more thing: I’m voting for the environment! If we send jobs over to China and India (etc.) then we are polluting the world.

    Sherrie PattersonSherrie PattersonPred 14 urami
  • #trump2020

    Jonathan Schiedlo JrJonathan Schiedlo JrPred 14 urami
  • It's great to see Jim Carrey doing his classic comedy again. Alec Baldwin's mask is great, as well.

    Chimes RyanChimes RyanPred 14 urami
  • Newsweek: Bides son Gets 3.5M!! Moscow Russia!!! I wonder what that money was for?? Biden Center gets $75M from China!!!! For what?? Can someone say why??? Trump: Promises made - Promises kept!!

    Preston RubyPreston RubyPred 14 urami
  • They even got how Trumps jacket doesn’t fit correctly. Looks like a rectangle with sleeves.

    Ethan TankersleyEthan TankersleyPred 14 urami
  • I was waiting for despasito

    4G63 POWER4G63 POWERPred 14 urami
  • I'm sorry SNL has never been funny imo

    AnthonyAnthonyPred 14 urami
  • "I'd like to begin with a list of complaints.". 😄

    kim tkim tPred 14 urami
  • Baldwin is played out, Jim was good.

    Adam KowalskiAdam KowalskiPred 14 urami
  • U

  • Both did good 😂

    Etodazee DegreesEtodazee DegreesPred 15 urami
  • Jim kills

    Etodazee DegreesEtodazee DegreesPred 15 urami
  • Jim Carrey is killing it! 😂😂😂

    imageisn0thingimageisn0thingPred 15 urami
  • I mastered all the lines

    Cindy EngstromCindy EngstromPred 15 urami
  • the hilarious part about this is joe's eyebrow peeling off

    SirKnightSirKnightPred 15 urami