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In this update of Chapter 2 - Season 5 which arrives today on January 13, bringing new weapons and new mysteries to the Island. Here’s a rundown of what to expect:
The Lever Action Shotgun
Blow ‘em away! The new Lever Action Shotgun is no peashooter - one well-aimed blast is enough to drop even the heartiest foe. Available in regular loot drops, pick one up and let us know what you think.
New Exotic: Hop Rock Dualies
Look out below! Get the drop on your opponents with the new Exotic-class weapon, the Hop Rock Dualies. Lay down a few Bars and pick this up to shred through the enemy in dual-wielding, bouncing style.
Speaking of Exotics, their reduced price offer has been extended. Visit key Characters on the Island and trade in your Bars for these unique weapons, or try and collect ‘em all in one match!
Something Stirs In The Jungle
The forest is moving… something’s out there! The Secret Battle Pass Outfit stalks closer, leaving behind clues in the Stealthy Stronghold about who they are and what they might be planning.
Meanwhile, Agent Jones is bringing in a few big guns with the next pair of Hunters to join in the chaos.
Pre-Edit Options: Redux
We’ve heard your feedback in response to our Pre-Edits Options in 15.10 and have made adjustments to the setting. With ‘Disable Pre-Edits’ ON all player-built structures will be uneditable until actually placed in the environment, ensuring you get the right piece every time.

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