H3H3 ANIMATED #2: Ethan's Proposal

20. maj. 2017
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I got a bunch of requests to animate this after my last H3H3 animation, so here it is!
Original video: bit.ly/2qEu9d4
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To everyone asking about the song at the end - I don't know what it's called. It's the same song they use on H3H3 (i think it's a custom made theme song but I could be wrong)


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  • That thumbnail tho

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  • Their beanies be like 🛕

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  • yeah

  • What in the world....last time I was on this channel you didn't even have 100k subs. Dude your channel grew so fast.

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  • I love this scene in all of your vids. 1:21

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  • Yes

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  • The thumbnail is pure gold.

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  • Imagin proposing while ur on the toilet xD ur original

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  • Oh I used to love watching H3H3 .

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  • Tht was kinda adorable,still dont like him tho

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  • My man proposed on the toilet 😂

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  • Ethan´s face looks alot like Andrei

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  • This is probably the least romantic proposal

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  • That really doesn't look good now...

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    • Indeed

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  • i hope he didn't flush those baby wipes.

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  • Walter

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    • Peanut

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  • I guess it was a kinda shitty proposal

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  • slworlds.info/net/rV7LrMWpiWnKraw/video

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  • 90% of people watching this: pooping while watching video

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  • Wow Andrei! Great moves! Keep it up! Proud of you!

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  • i think this is the video that boosted tge this channel.. right ?

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  • 😁😁😁😁 I love these animations of h3h3 😀😀😀

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  • Who is ethen?

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  • *bAbY WiPeS*

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  • 2:14

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  • 2:24

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  • 1:02 hey there's a lord of the Rings ring, I feel like nerd

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  • I like how Ethan's mom has Marvolo Gaunt's ring in her collection hahahaha

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  • "No. Open the baby wipes" 1:52 Best line ever hahahahaha

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  • What??? That can’t be real, right...

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  • Early

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  • Who are thedr pll

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  • 1:00 the glitch mob reference ?

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  • I love dis videos

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  • I fucking love baby wipes

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  • Ethan:But Mo- Mom:I want some f***ing grandchildren

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  • 👍

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  • Danish pizza

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  • Hey bro Can me tale you video pls to me SLworlds SLworlds channel

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  • Wich is the name of song at the outro?

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  • 1:01 is this "My Precious" ?

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  • Man what is wrong with u dude 😂😂😂

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  • who's here from 2018 ?

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  • The only way to propose to someone correctly out the ring in their sandwich its the only way

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  • I still come back to watch this lol

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  • I like the deathly hallows ring

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  • Best way to propose

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  • Master of romance!

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  • .... I would have said "try again" i think

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  • I was using a baby wipe when he started talking about baby wipes

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  • Your content is so, so good. Found you recently through suggestions. Cheers!

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  • Why would you propose while your talking a shit

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  • Ethan you idiot facepalm x 100

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  • 1:03 I see what you did there… twice.

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  • I see an illuminati ring on ur moms hand

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  • This is so good ❤

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  • More please

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  • Have Ethan and Hila watced these animations ever???

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  • Whats the outro song

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  • From what I’ve heard, a lot of the marriages that wind up lasting are the ones where the man tries to be romantic but it’s never exactly... well it’s like this.

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  • H3 H3

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  • The song at the was it called

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  • for anyone asking about the song at the end here is the link to the full version slworlds.info/net/lqm5fdmPaaWXf8o/video

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  • Some actual good content

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  • 75x speed

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  • the best proposal ideias always start with ''wouldn´t be funny if''

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  • Beanie couple

  • Lol

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  • 1:35 oh my

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  • What song do you use at the end?

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  • *M O R E!*

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  • Honestly Ethan is my spirit animal at this point :D

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  • WOW These animations are incredible! Wow Andrei, Great moves, keep it up, Proud of you!

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  • Wait you said pretending to poop why is she holding her breath?????

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  • Love that song you play after every funny vid

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  • What is the outro song?

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  • Ethan : will you marry me Also Ethan : ima wipe my ass

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  • imma proposal myself

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  • Ethan proposing while his pants are around his ankles. Honestly, I don't think it could have gone any other way.

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  • This is amazing, love your animations so much, this shit is the best

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  • Lol this video is the best its funny

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  • You animate Ethan like hes some kinda jew

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  • Song at the end ?

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  • ethan dance at the end with music is gold XD

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  • I love ethan

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  • Oh fuck this is awesome

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  • Soflo: omf ur stealing content you did not make the audio yourself

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  • It's the one ring

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  • H3 is the most lovable person I have ever seen

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