I Survived 500 Days in HARDCORE Minecraft...

22. jan. 2021
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Surviving Hardcore Minecraft from 100 days all the way up to 400 days was a difficult challenge! But now its time to try and survive 500 days in the hardest difficulty in Minecraft, hardcore mode. I survived 500 days in Minecraft Hardcore and this is what happened!
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  • 600 days?

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  • My dog speaks faxs

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  • 600 days

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  • I once got a trident with a wooden sword lol I still have it somewhere in my Minecraft world on bedrock edition

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  • I like fru he is the best and the best builder in minecraft u could not stop watching him he is just to cool

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  • I like his vids and appreciate them it tools so much effort to make these kind of vids , but the only thing that annoys me is he says "In The Depths" every single time like "In the depths of nether","in the depths of caves"

  • Why are you not posting?

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  • 3 cat Zoren

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  • 1 idea for 600 days - complete "how did we get here?"

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  • Personally i liked the smp better

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  • Hello Fru I’m a huge fan I’ve watched all the videos 5 times. And I would love you to respond to this and I am really exited for 600 days! :) 🙂🙂💕🤍

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  • also here are some things to do name ur fav cow fru the 2nd get a very very VERY good horse and try to get every block from the end and nether...ooh also make a statue of urself

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    Doge McdogersonDoge McdogersonPred dnevom
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  • The final advancement "How did we get here" Get every potion effect altogether"

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