TALIA PACKS THIS MID ICON! (The Henry Theory #47) (FIFA Ultimate Team)

21. jan. 2021
421 457 Ogledi

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  • I always wait till he uploads like 4 or 5 and then I binge watch them Also somehow Simon is better than Harry at drafts they should maybe do a competition or tournament between all 7 of them on the moreSidemen channel

    Paul HolbanPaul HolbanPred 17 dnevi
  • Sanchez’s photo lowkey looks like simon

    danish sahindanish sahinPred 19 dnevi
  • I had Base Michael Owen, he was actually sick lol Why didn't you put Jota in LW for Chem with Ronaldo, then sub him off?????

    The HobatronThe HobatronPred 21 dnevom
  • Sanchez is insane

    Gwen LerouxGwen LerouxPred mesecem
  • I'm literally having migraines watching this episode

    America BoyAmerica BoyPred mesecem
  • On god, I got neymar from that same 2 rare gold players pack.

    Fabrice AfopaFabrice AfopaPred mesecem
  • F U PICK MESSI!!! 😂

    Mansour GMansour GPred mesecem
  • 18:47 LMAO

    Rashed ElaminRashed ElaminPred mesecem
  • I like watching him when he doesnt play icon swaps or champs

    Haroon KhanHaroon KhanPred mesecem
  • since you did a sidemen reacts on castro raging you cant get away from the mexican icons

    Joshua GeddesJoshua GeddesPred mesecem
  • Simon easily winning the game Simon: for content let’s throw and cry

    Lost_ PinkyLost_ PinkyPred mesecem
  • Wtf i relly liked the video but when he turned messi down that's when i disliked

    Areeb AttaAreeb AttaPred mesecem
  • You just told Vidic ain't looking great ...... He's a beast🔥!

    Lennard MarioLennard MarioPred mesecem
  • Anyone realise that whenever Talia is in any of simons videos she has a different haircut/hairstyle.😐

    SensurSensurPred mesecem
  • He’s good 😌 and I like 👍 his content they way said Arnold

    chris eganchris eganPred mesecem
  • Nothing to do with the vid but the Arby’s ad played and didn’t even say we have the meats😔

    Lawrence HamiltonLawrence HamiltonPred mesecem
  • my mate did the base to mid icon pack and got litmanen. base. 85 rated base litmanen.

    abt _03abt _03Pred mesecem
  • Simmmonnnnnn put henry RM and then start neymar LM and get sbc kurzawa

    Aaran BourneAaran BournePred mesecem
  • i did him yesterday

    p4ttyp4ttyPred mesecem
  • do a toty pack opening with talia

    N1tr0 MonkeyN1tr0 MonkeyPred mesecem
  • Talia: I do apologize, I am not good at opening packs😂😂

    VaaraiantVaaraiantPred mesecem
  • PLEASE can you do more Minecraft videos

    oskar usiadekoskar usiadekPred mesecem
  • are you streaming on twitch on friday

    Alan HooksAlan HooksPred mesecem

    KJFKJFPred mesecem
  • talia not knowing how to react💀

    Ma3marje BingMa3marje BingPred mesecem
  • Y not messi or son

    Mavela MasekoMavela MasekoPred mesecem

    Zareef YeasinZareef YeasinPred mesecem
  • shout out to Talia for the reaction

    Jakob KjærJakob KjærPred mesecem
  • Do the 84 plus pick

    RJ pride 2008RJ pride 2008Pred mesecem
  • Watching you build this draft burned my eyes...

    Ryan CunninghamRyan CunninghamPred mesecem
  • 10:27 Ha thats what she said im so sorry

    Danny BeardDanny BeardPred mesecem
  • Anyone got annoyed when he didn't even consider nedved

    Tymek RudnickiTymek RudnickiPred mesecem
  • Why on earth was the areola card the psg one lmao

    FNLDNFNLDNPred mesecem
  • Take Higuain fuckin 89 pace

    Twix _Twix _Pred mesecem
  • Did my guy just take rashford over nedved?

    MR. THINKER005MR. THINKER005Pred mesecem
  • I got 15 icon swaps how should I use them? Any help?

    Razvan MihailaRazvan MihailaPred mesecem
  • Talia has luck

    daren chapetadaren chapetaPred mesecem
  • 18:31 thank me later xD

    Mason KincaidMason KincaidPred mesecem
  • Reply if your watching on a call

    Sam SandersSam SandersPred mesecem
  • simon we want to see a draft to glory with jj or even without will be sick

    Zynx of AGNZynx of AGNPred mesecem
  • 13:20 HULK

    Saif AlnuaimiSaif AlnuaimiPred mesecem
  • this man genuinely has 0 common sense when making a draft

    Thomas RalphThomas RalphPred mesecem
    • it’s not that bad compared to watching harry

      Johnny ThomasJohnny ThomasPred mesecem
  • i packed lev yashin in my base icon pack 😂

    colin Mcarthycolin McarthyPred mesecem
  • Are Toty in packs tommorow?

    Fifa 21 Squad builderFifa 21 Squad builderPred mesecem
  • Simon play dalgleish when kdb is it will get everyone full chem and hes better than kdb

    Finn BrennanFinn BrennanPred mesecem
  • i hate his draft choices fml

    zjxmesszjxmessPred mesecem
  • did he miss nedved or what?!?

    Joseph Noble SteinJoseph Noble SteinPred mesecem
  • simon jus plays bad and blames it on his stacked fifa team smh

    Anthony WillsAnthony WillsPred mesecem
  • I got 92 Garrincha

    Muhammad Ansaar khanMuhammad Ansaar khanPred mesecem
  • On the draft the captain select had Real Madrid bale

    Sid ᗯᕼᗴᗩTᒪᗴYSid ᗯᕼᗴᗩTᒪᗴYPred mesecem

    FutZone YT - LiamFutZone YT - LiamPred mesecem
    • Yeah but everyone who understands this Fifa knows that bad players are winning a lot more games then they should be

      Ryan3091Ryan3091Pred mesecem
  • By the way with Bruno fernandes without penalties still has 10 goals and 14 assists in prem in 33 games not bad so he does get goals from open play also this season penalties received 1. Leicester 10 2. Brighton 8 3. Manchester United 6 4.= Liverpool 5 4 = Manchester City 5 4 = Chelsea 5 4 = Tottenham 5 So we (Manchester United) don't just get goals from penalties and we don't get the most penalties ok last season yes but not this season

    matthew yacoubmatthew yacoubPred mesecem
  • play neymar with danlio periea

    Devonte Lawrence-MangalDevonte Lawrence-MangalPred mesecem
  • Fucking hate Michael Owen me

    Alex SlavenAlex SlavenPred mesecem
  • I got neymar in a 2 players pack. You take a bord i take a 91 rated

    DooBaaDooBaaPred mesecem
  • Bro you had the ball in the 88th min just keep the ball 😭

    ShezuShezuPred mesecem
  • 12:20 did he miss neved

    McCreamyMcCreamyPred mesecem
  • Idea for Simon rttf Bruno peres instead of bellerin Neymar instead of son

    Jaumes JamJaumes JamPred mesecem
  • How tf is simon having Dalglish on the bench

    Daniel ParkerDaniel ParkerPred mesecem
  • Why SLworlds say its FIFA 15?

    עידו גרואניעידו גרואניPred mesecem
  • Simon I got the vidic and he’s insane trust me I’m in div 2 so I know a bit about fifa but it’s your decision

    John MaxwellreidJohn MaxwellreidPred mesecem
  • Play with Talia as your guest

    imran Creedimran CreedPred mesecem
  • Simon when toty comes out wait till nxt week when the whole team is in packs, its a higher chance

    Shrey ZaveriShrey ZaveriPred mesecem
  • Get Humza Productions as a guest. He supports Arsenal and he's funny af

    Riley FreemanRiley FreemanPred mesecem
  • Change de bruyne for dalglish hes much better

    Aaron KattenbergAaron KattenbergPred mesecem
  • I got Neymar out of the 82 plus attacker

    HaroldinhoHaroldinhoPred mesecem
  • Who else mimes the intros of this video !! 😂

    Thomas PaveleyThomas PaveleyPred mesecem
  • Plz make a episode with Harry/w2s

    KagegamingKagegamingPred mesecem
  • Sanchez kinda look like Simon

    Sgaming 9Sgaming 9Pred mesecem
  • Get a guest on. You haven’t had a guest in ages

    Armaan MartinsArmaan MartinsPred mesecem
    • He prob will once he goes back to the normal rivals game play.

      Ryan3091Ryan3091Pred mesecem
  • They way talia was like yay nooooo was jokes 😂😂😂

    Ben ParkerBen ParkerPred mesecem
  • Do n episode with Mcjell hes so funny and underrated

  • Simon, you’re invited to the carne asada after packing so many Mexicans bro💪🏽

    Valdo CValdo CPred mesecem
    • 💕😏🙈😏

      I WANT ŞĘX !!! SEE MY VÌDEÓ !!!I WANT ŞĘX !!! SEE MY VÌDEÓ !!!Pred mesecem
  • You could have played jota over sterling

    NonAceQNonAceQPred mesecem
  • Simon: There is nothing to do on the game Me: Plays nearly 2 hours every day doing objectives and stuff

    YngTckzYngTckzPred mesecem
    • უდჯდ

      I WANT ŞĘX !!! SEE MY VÌDEÓ !!!I WANT ŞĘX !!! SEE MY VÌDEÓ !!!Pred mesecem
  • Simon attracting all the Mexicans🇲🇽

    Chechus PaulChechus PaulPred mesecem
  • Noone: Literally noone: Simon whenever he crosses: Earrrlyyy balllll'

    Karan SharmaKaran SharmaPred mesecem
    • ეჰდ

      I WANT ŞĘX !!! SEE MY VÌDEÓ !!!I WANT ŞĘX !!! SEE MY VÌDEÓ !!!Pred mesecem
    • უდბ

      I WANT ŞĘX !!! SEE MY VÌDEÓ !!!I WANT ŞĘX !!! SEE MY VÌDEÓ !!!Pred mesecem
  • Simon with 11 packs “I have enough” questioning my 170+ packs is this enough?

    Darkhan345Darkhan345Pred mesecem
    • 😔💕🤦🏼‍♀️🤮

      I WANT ŞĘX !!! SEE MY VÌDEÓ !!!I WANT ŞĘX !!! SEE MY VÌDEÓ !!!Pred mesecem
  • Totynout today let's get it

    Suhayle MahomedSuhayle MahomedPred mesecem
  • He could’ve just swapped TAA with trippier

    Mace TshibindiMace TshibindiPred mesecem
  • what are the lyrics of the intro?

    ARKAZZARKAZZPred mesecem
  • I’m loving this series so much atm. Keep up the amazing work Simon. Much love🙏❤️

    FatySimulatorFatySimulatorPred mesecem
  • Simon please do an episode with JJ or Harry

    FatySimulatorFatySimulatorPred mesecem
  • 1 Million views for Talia to start her own FIFA series

    lilPoPoDaGamerlilPoPoDaGamerPred mesecem
  • They open the icon pack at 18:26 if anyone was wondering

    Sniper_gamer12Sniper_gamer12Pred mesecem
  • EA really disrespected messi 85 PACE Come on he us surely faster than 85 pace Who agree's with me

    Siva KumarSiva KumarPred mesecem
  • wtf calls Trent Arnold hahahahah

    Luke FieldingLuke FieldingPred mesecem
  • Simon: I will rather take skills Also Simon didn't do any skills.

    Ibi MustiIbi MustiPred mesecem
    • დჰბ

      I WANT ŞĘX !!! SEE MY VÌDEÓ !!!I WANT ŞĘX !!! SEE MY VÌDEÓ !!!Pred mesecem
  • Is it me or talia's hairstyle was🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Akshay MehtaAkshay MehtaPred mesecem
  • Simon i wish u couldve done a cruyff crew😭 i just packed him in the mid😭

    Joshua AburtoJoshua AburtoPred mesecem
  • 16:37 Yes yes yes nooo

    ayush surendranayush surendranPred mesecem
  • Simon:bro admit u suck Loses 4-2

    RXLEY__RXLEY__Pred mesecem
  • girl @18:15 icon : sanchez , rest of video lame drafts

    Houssam SamHoussam SamPred mesecem
  • Sidemen to pack Toty vvd again claim ur tickets to make it happen 🎫 sold out at 10k likes

    Fifa 21 contentFifa 21 contentPred mesecem
  • Lol, play Division Rivals

    Emmanuel ChukwunonsoEmmanuel ChukwunonsoPred mesecem
  • Not to take anything away from Simon, but FIFA Ultimate Team content in general are just dead now.

    Stanley ChiuStanley ChiuPred mesecem
  • Simon toty is announced and released on Friday

    MRZ_ImprealisticMRZ_ImprealisticPred mesecem
    • Until 6pm Friday uk time you can’t say 100% that he’s wrong in thinking players will be in packs from Monday. Cause atm all they have said is they will release the final team

      Ryan3091Ryan3091Pred mesecem

    RH - 10ZZ 714401 Castlebrooke SSRH - 10ZZ 714401 Castlebrooke SSPred mesecem
  • simon struggles to defend also simon: 343 looks good this guy lmaoo

    C.Rodriguez 29C.Rodriguez 29Pred mesecem
  • He got Sanchez again!!!!😂😂😂😂😂🤣

    Shreyan PotdarShreyan PotdarPred mesecem