Dragons, Creepy Gods and Sibling Rivalry | SpaceCopStream #5

2. nov. 2014
2 803 Ogledi

I think I'm gonna call these SpaceCopStreams from now on. It seems fitting :D
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Sneaky Snitch, Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
Track link: slworlds.info/net/y2erh45rgKeWsqQ/video

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  • Come on bring some 2020 bad luck into this

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  • Great video

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  • I love your dragon! :) I have been trying to draw a good dragon for a long time, and I can never quite get it right. Many of the models on the internet portray dragons as evil, ugly creatures as well, but yours is... well, beautiful. ^^ Thank you. :)

    Kit KatKit KatPred 6 leti
  • Help the uploader, refresh the video couple of times!

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  • That photoshop god's laugh is so funny :DD I'm laughing so hard :D

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  • That is so good!

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  • I'm glad i was able to witness the creation of this masterpiece !!!

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  • Man that was a fun stream

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  • I need to follow you on twitch :D!!! What program did you use for this? Ps right? Also can you share your brushes? I recently bought a wacom pen and touch small, and its fun to use but i need some better brushes. Thanks!

    SourceCZSourceCZPred 6 leti
    • You can find it in the description of one of the videos from the series where he explains how to use photoshop. I don't know what it's called from the top of my head. Good luck!

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