George thinks he has Dream cornered (he's wrong)

13. nov. 2020
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Decided to animate an extended edition of the scene I included in my video on Dream from last month. Also, keep an eye out for a surprise announcement at the end.

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Andrei Terbea - Lead Animator
Stefan Popa - Assistant Animator
Nicoleta Toader - Producer

Covert Affairs - Christoffer Moe Ditlevsen
Sightless in Shadow - Sudden Death
The Proving Grounds - Dragon Tamer
#Dream #GeorgeNotFound #Minecraft

  • "hE dId iT fOr ThE vIeWs loL" This, this is not dream stans this is hyper toxic peoples. How do i know? Bc dream stan have those Shouting Vibes, they usually use capital letters and they are bad, not all of them are, but most of them.

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  • :awesome:

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  • 1:22 he looks so insanely done with everything

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  • Why are they sounds so bad but I love you vids

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  • Ngl I thought this was just gonna be a dream animation and the youtooz was just that other video

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  • make more

  • Andrei now the dream stans are going to come

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  • dream isn't insane the hunters are bad

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  • i now u will co^_^^_^me too this one day . TnT

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  • 666k

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  • Weird view count

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  • Why does Dream have blond hair? Is it confirmed?

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  • This video has 666k views

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  • whats the og vid caalled\

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  • As soon as I saw George and Dream in the title, I clicked.

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  • All stans lol

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  • I wish I pre ordered it before so Friday would be more better

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  • Boring Repost!

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  • haha this is funny and this isnt cringe or anything haha animation minecraft funny

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  • he did it for the views lol

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  • Bună Andrei! Îmi pare foarte rău deoarece Romanii nu îți știu canalul pentru că ești foarte tare!

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  • are you becoming a stan, Andrei?

  • When your favorite animator makes a animation about your favorite gamers:

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  • didnt andrei uploaded this, i feel like. ive seen this before

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  • No one: Andrei Terbea using an old video clip AND advertising his youtooz in the same video :/

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  • I love how in the end of the video the quality of the animation gets worse 😂😂😂

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  • Youtooz has been obtained I have all of them and only spent 300 or more dolkars

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  • bruh

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  • A good way to promote your business

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  • came back to say Helo before the sale goes on at 3pm

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  • I didn't know that dreams friend George was memeulous george

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  • Dont people ship george and dream?💀💀💀💀 sus not gonna lie...

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  • Are there any youtooz that aren’t limited edition?

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  • I literally just bought it as soon as it came out 2 min ago!!!!!! POGGERS

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  • It's November 20th

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  • I'm glad to see a Romanian do what you do.

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  • Hey can you do a vid on supermariologan (sml) they are a SLworlds channel with over 9million subscribers who do plush videos and get into controversy. Their channel got demobilised so they moved to super Luigi Logan for that to get demobilised then now they’re on super bowser Logan, I want you to talk about how they grew to success, they’re heights in there career and their downfalls. I want you to talk about them on good morning america talking about dangerous SLworlds channels, the cheating scandals, how jeffys cussing and inappropriate behaviour has led to kids accidentally doing bad stuff to imitate jeffy. I want you to talk about how they are irl to their fans, their content and most importantly, their ego. To finish this statement off, I wanna give you a brief summary of all the characters and voice actors.The first voice actor is Chris/pooby/pablo. He is one of the better voice actors. He has been gon recently from the “cough cough” and he plays people like Cody (a nerdy “weird kid” who no one likes) Brooklyn t guy(a guy who hates his life and has 10000000jobs. His wife is called karen and rightly so. He also plays ken. Cody’s boyfriend who is a doll that can’t speak. Now lovell, Lovell plays people like Joseph(junior and Cody’s best friend who is poor) bowser (bowser jrs dad who is obsessed with this tv show called charleyyy and friends) chef peepee(a poor chef whose life sucks who has to cook and clean for everyone) charleyyy(a tv show person)Tyrone (who is Cody’s dad) and I forgot to mention for Chris he also plays Cody’s mom someone who people make fun of all the timeNow lance, oh Lance Lance is... how do I put it.. hyper and problematic. Lance plays a lot of people and in someways that’s a good thing but in other ways it not you see Lance has like a million characters but only really plays one, jeffy. Jeffy is the WORSTT he literally ruined sml and is an abnoxious rude kid who is un great full and hates his dad mario. Goodman is a bit better but his jokes can get a little stale. All he does is “I am rich give me your house payment” and he has 2 sons, Richard and benjamon. They aren’t in it much but Richard is a spoilt kid and benjamon just goes wa wa wa. Black yoshiis just a stereotype. And we all miss these character, shrek, woody, mr pig and Tony the tigar ripNow eleina she mainly plays rosalina who is Maria’s wife and jeffys mom and KarenAnd finally Logan he plays mario who is jeffys bald sad dad and junior a little brat as chef peepee would say.I hope you like my suggestion and pls do it love your videos have a great day

    ꫀꪑꪑꪖ᭙ꪖttꪖꫀꪑꪑꪖ᭙ꪖttꪖPred 5 dnevi
  • Sunt singurul roman care se uita la tine?

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  • I love this

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  • He hopping on the train of subs

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  • Looks like he forgot about his community tab Lol

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  • I see now that ign is sub to you

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  • You should do a video on a music channel of your choice, like Davie504.

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    • Ar trebui să faci un video despre un canal de Muzică, cum ar fi Davie504.

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  • Good

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  • Gaps

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  • I don’t understand what’s the connection between Dream’s manhunt animation and your youtooz

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    • @2021 P5B 03 CHAN SI KING .

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    • 3 times now

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    • I spelled youtoz wrong 2 times!!!!

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  • Hey man not saying I don't love your videos, they're really good. just saying i'd appreciate some originality too, not just issues around others, more like jaiden or james. just sayin. Nice animations on this video btw!

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  • Really Today I am late😑,(20nov) I will never become millionaire 😂

  • Andrei can you please talk about the Charli Demilio think bc i think it’s very interesting behind cancel culture

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  • it's my bday =D

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  • Is this mc speedrun fake?: Its 2 mins long and something just seems out of place to me.

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  • Can you do the that vegan teacher drama plz???? She has to learn.

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  • Oh dreeeeeam

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  • w h y a n d r e i

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  • Dream videos are fake

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    • can we not argue on this youtooz advert

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  • This was fun!

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  • Buna ce faci?

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  • Oh god, he's a Dream Stan

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    • A very powerful video

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  • Are we not gonna talk about how dream mined dirt with a pickaxe

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  • andrei dteam stan confirmed ?!?,!?!?!

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  • Oh dreammmmmmmm

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  • This is the stupidest thing i have ever seen... I LOVE IT

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  • 1:37 did anyone see haminations?

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  • i support you and all but $30? 🤨

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  • What... That's it?

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  • Dude idk why i am not getting notifications of ur vids nor are they in my notifications

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  • George 90% of the time: AHHHHHHHHHH DREAM NOOoooooOoOooOOooo

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  • Human and

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  • You back

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  • Yoooo that’s my birthday

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  • Can you do a video on the mini ladd incident

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  • George is so fuckin annoying

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  • Andrei dream Stan confirmed

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  • I andrie

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  • Dont become a stan

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  • Bro create an action anime/cartoon it will be amazing

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  • Am I just having deja vu or is this a re-upload? This is gonna be real embarrassing if it’s not

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  • Wow

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  • 1 more day

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  • He's becoming a meme channel now, but with better animations

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  • Animation in an animation

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  • Wait this seems familliar... Have you ever had a feeling of deja vu?

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  • I feel like I've already watched this a few months ago but I never watched this?

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  • Over 2 weeks ago I did your reveal

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  • Dreams face is in the tummy techno said

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  • Plot twist: he just talks about his youtooz for half the video

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  • I love how Dream is doing a little Naruto run around George's spirit XD

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  • Talk about edp

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  • Talk about edp

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  • Talk about edp

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  • Why dose his voice sound higher when he is explaining it?

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  • Just one more day to go

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  • imagine if andrei did dream smp animatics

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  • On my way to be the next Justin y

    Justin Y Is my inspirationJustin Y Is my inspirationPred 6 dnevi
  • I thought this was some controversy talk and I was so confused

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  • I loved this so much!!!

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    • @sokin jon that’s okay

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    • If you look closely, no one has a nose......

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  • Stealing is wrong who steals from villagers

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    • 200,000 subscribers.

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  • Thanks to the video I kinda hope dream has blonde hair

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