Water Balloons in Slow Motion!

21. mar. 2021
10 856 039 Ogledi

Water balloons in slow motion are cool. Watch this video to see how cool they are.
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Water Balloons in SLOW MOTION Compilation! (Vol. 1-4)
Water Balloons in SLOW MOTION Compilation! (Vol. 5-8)
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  • 7:24 is very very very epic guys

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  • 2:59 Hisoka

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  • 1:53 Brian Hull?

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  • The reason I thumbs uped the video 0:00

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  • 0:52

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  • 5:48 AJR

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  • Ha, anyone recognize Jack from AJR?

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  • What a satisfying video

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  • Editing can do anything

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  • Hey another man another man another miss their beast that's a minecraft mr beast alive

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  • Saying random words be like lol. Oi I’m man good man

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  • hi

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  • When the water pops

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  • هلا

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  • Was that jack from ajr-

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  • 3:58 jokes on you, I am a mouse

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  • 3:38

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  • 3:38

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  • It is a horse cows hoods have a split in the middle

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  • are they just gonna ignore that jack from ajr is right there 5:48 edit: wait is that jack?

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    • Can confirm, it's him

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  • I’m sorry but the mouse was watching with me and I couldn’t cover its eyes he was already planning

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  • When you said cover your mouse eyes i look beside me u saw A mouse😂

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  • A mouse saw this in australia and now theres a plague

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  • My friend looks like mega mind

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  • First time to see your loggo its reversed

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  • First time to see your loggo its reversed

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  • 0:13 , my Ex’s 🎂

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  • do it

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  • Missile base is the youtuber in the world dream videos youtube

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  • Beast is cool

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  • pizza

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  • 7:35 ?

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  • Now the mice in my house do that

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  • wth is that even a water balloon

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  • lets gooo he remembered his password

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  • Jack Met! Jack Met! Jack Met!

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  • that transition at the start tho xD

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  • So great so great

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  • 3:59 I have a pet RAT in my room watching this video

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  • 6:18 ummm... is it just me or does it look like a scrotum

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  • you wore a bob ross shirt cool man!

  • Wait another video after a year on this channel?

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  • wow. just wow

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  • Who do yall watch for lifehacks

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  • Yeeiii boi

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  • pipo🐱‍🏍🤣🤣😎cool mr beast m

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  • Great just like in the anime the cow/horse's feet just bump the water balloon on the head for a sec and when it was behind it the balloon pop up

    mark stephen sajulmark stephen sajulPred 2 dnevi
  • How flash see it

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  • 0:06 wow the world posters will put that word for at least 2091

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  • I mean want to say

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  • I never know what mr.beast say

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  • may you make a new channel that is about helping nature?

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  • Me beast is the best

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  • The reasons why the sword didn't pop it is because he had the back side of the blade hit it

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  • Arrrrrrrrrrrrr

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  • jimmy:horse! chris:cow! me:yak!

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  • I love the editing hahaha

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  • Great editing, i like the editing

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  • Water balloons are pog.

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  • Sup

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  • Sup

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  • Beast hacks now ceases to exist

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  • Beast I love you and your videos and the micflureis I bought your merch

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  • *The Return Of The King*

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  • *Jimmy causally claims he's going to tell the fbi that horses have powers*

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  • 5:52 yo thats ajr how my famous ppl are in this vid

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  • I'm here for Brian Hull at 1:57

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    • Alex I’m subbed

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    • @Toyolad e

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    • Whar fre v buk

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  • i think yumeko wants her playing card back

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  • For some reason, when u said grapes, I actually smelled grapes

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  • Finally after a year we have this back

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  • What that was Guy was from AJR

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    • My favorite band is AJR

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  • It looks like a grape when it goes back in where my grapes at

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  • When the world needed him most he came back

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  • Bro please react to Dude perfect

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  • They should do this on the main channel

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  • Now it uploads

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  • this is such a random video xD

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  • I watch his videos

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  • why do i see Bob Ross on Chris's shirt

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  • the guy that got thrown at is a band called ajr

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  • 👍🤑👍

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  • 0:19 Chris: Its like half the size of his body Me: it’s a girl

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  • Which edit didn’t have a funny edit???

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  • my mouse watched it

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  • 5:48 THAT'S JACK MET

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  • Brian hull is getting by water balloons

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  • Girlfriends and wife?? Jimmy how many girlfriends do you have mate?

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  • Done

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  • This video came out on my birthday March 21st

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  • 7:32 I saw that distance between the hoof and the balloon... FBI hello?

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  • I love your videos

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  • I love your videos

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