fortnite removed fall damage..

13. jan. 2021
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the new fortnite update is INSANE!!!
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  • You have Million v bucks

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  • U do know it does more damage when ur aiming right

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  • Mccreamy does the best content

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  • 6:23 pure content

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  • hold on whats this *AAAAA-*

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  • All of the Powells even house design exist and all of the weapons and all that super villain pals that’s it why you’re saying I watch with this one video like this is been like all this all like these Caleb does voice voice is the head like a big like brown look at that guy can keep it would be defeated by God social fight have to wash that one that one is awesome

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  • 1:49 it’s like a perfectly cut scream dude

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  • Where can u get the exotic weapon?

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  • Omg

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  • They did not

  • Mcreamy all I’m gonna say is thanks for inspiring me to play Fortnite I won’t stop believing ever hope u see this

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  • Fortnite did not remove fall damage

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  • Great editting

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  • 1:49 love that perfect cut scream

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  • 8:20 pixar mom

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  • That was me who you called trash I am like one of your biggest fan I guess I have to unsubscribe

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  • i hope you all all okay . Jesus loves you all and so do i . if you ever need anyone to talk to about anything i’m right here . i pray you all are safe and happy . repent for your sins and accept Jesus in your heart. God bless ❤️ .

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  • the vids are much better bc mau talks way more

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  • I need that exotic where is it?

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  • Them playing soccer made the whole video 😂

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  • I just started playing fortnite and for beginners that shotgun is buttcheeks

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  • FAKE !!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Hey mccreamy us ordered mercy as soon as it came out and I haven’t gotten it yet do u no y

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  • 10:49 lol that was me lol some internet

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  • I was updating....It says that its gonna take around 30 minutes to update....I comeback after like 2 hours AND ITS NOT UPDATED

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  • Here’s a tip on those crystals: look up while teleporting you go way further

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    • Thanks

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  • Let’s go

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  • Is it is it is it

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  • 2:46 "it feels kinda lovely" McCreamy -2021

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  • 5:38 is the best part of this entire video

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  • beta male u still play fort shit

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  • well they didnt remove fall damage for tsm chika so...

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  • The green one does more than the gold one xd

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  • So nobody gonna talk about is bounty big toe on drug at 3:05

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  • 45/70 t rifle. not a shotgun/ 45/70 l is not a sniper is a rifle . just play farcry 5

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  • Can you and mau play a lot more?

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  • Yeah

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  • The New Shotgun = shit

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  • Jay your content is becoming more more clickbaity by the day

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  • Omg great content, made it through 2 mins of the video

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  • Bruh u used a shotgun as an AR then call it trash

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  • Fortnite 🤣🤣 is making mistake

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  • Fun fact you all kept killing the traders 🤣

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  • Ur da best utuber but can put ur graphics to epic

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  • Mc creamy in the best sniper in the world

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  • i thought that emote was flicking them off

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  • Fun Fact: your watching this in 2021

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  • Many the gun isn’t doing damage because a close range did you think about that before you said it was trash

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  • Mccreamy complaining about a shotgun shooting it at ar range

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  • Yo yo yo that was me holy shit that was me

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  • nobody: mccreamy when the grey shotgun doesn't do 500 damage from 10 miles away: this guns trash!!!!

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  • I dont play that suckass game anyway so it dont matter to me

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  • Tem chica got blessed

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  • my first thought when i saw the title was no actual way this has to be clickbait

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  • u can double pump with the dub and the lever action shotgun

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  • i dont care because i dont have any vbucks

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  • Rocket league pinch at 6:30 lol

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  • McCreamy=Justin🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶 like if u agree

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  • I did not like da vid and da thing that he said did not happen

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  • ̶n̶o̶t̶ bruhify was here

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  • Mau said the n word

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