Luka Doncic (36 points) Highlights vs. San Antonio Spurs

22. jan. 2021
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Luka Doncic (36 points) Highlights vs. San Antonio Spurs

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  • Bravo Luka. Greetings from SLOVENIA.INFO

    Soinas DoyiSoinas DoyiPred mesecem
  • I’ve been waiting for this video

    sannio komisannio komiPred mesecem
  • I needed this in my life right now! ????

    bssni touirbssni touirPred mesecem
  • wheres boban?

    icestandingstaring ooicestandingstaring ooPred mesecem
  • 早くダラスに応援いきてー

    ライノライノライノライノPred mesecem
    • Vaaamooos. Grande Luka 💪😍🇪🇸

      Soinas DoyiSoinas DoyiPred mesecem
  • The only white guy on the court. Bravo Luka!

    Blaž VeberBlaž VeberPred mesecem
    • Lol this is awesome.

      sannio komisannio komiPred mesecem
  • esse é LUKA MÁGICO!!!

    William F. köhlerWilliam F. köhlerPred mesecem
    • Such an awesome video!

      bssni touirbssni touirPred mesecem
  • He's literally invoved on nearly every basket while on the floor.

    NUFF SAIDNUFF SAIDPred mesecem
  • Can u make the highlights a little more longer? ❤️🙏

    ynhoJ nauJynhoJ nauJPred mesecem
  • they didn’t count one of his rebound. 5.33 before the end of the 3rd quarter. Luka would have triple double.

    Hubert KETIŠHubert KETIŠPred mesecem
    • They didn’t count a bucket as well that should have been goaltending, since Aldridge blocked the ball when it had already hit the backboard.

      Ananias AndradaAnanias AndradaPred mesecem
  • Luka has somewhat mastered the game of basketball like Bird. Basketball is more of a mind game like chess.. The smart guy will always outsmart the fast and quick stupids. And there are too many in the NBA it has become an exclusuve school for idiots.

    Joseph VelascoJoseph VelascoPred mesecem
  • Maybe this statistic doesnt mean as much as I think it does but Luka's +/- was a -6. Porzingis had a +24, Green had a +14, Brunson had a +12 and Hardaway had a +6. Luka was the only starter in the minus.

    BiceyBiceyPred mesecem
  • MVP 💪🏻

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  • Bravo Luka. Greetings from SLOVENIA.INFO

    Rihard ZajcRihard ZajcPred mesecem
  • These highlights are missing like half of his points. Wtf is this?

    crenzlercrenzlerPred mesecem
  • i would trade porzingis for vucevic

    mit4cmit4cPred mesecem
    • He was great today! He has +24 in this game. He was impactful and effective

      Avena MegustaAvena MegustaPred mesecem
    • no thanks

      Alex RomanAlex RomanPred mesecem
  • Luca! Best of the best!!!

    Balmacara ScotlandBalmacara ScotlandPred mesecem
  • Vaaamooos. Grande Luka 💪😍🇪🇸

    Manuel LópezManuel LópezPred mesecem
  • Luka -6, KP +24.

    lastnight djlastnight djPred mesecem
  • I am glad I am alive to be watching the GOAT play since rookie year to his GOAT status in the future.

    Suhandi WijayaSuhandi WijayaPred mesecem
  • Try to make your teammates better, be unselfish, trust and believe in your they will trust in you. That's the best way to built a team and the only to built a winning team. Keep going Luka

    Roberto NuncaJamásRoberto NuncaJamásPred mesecem
    • I also love the chemistry between all of them, geez, and Luka's passes... Making his fellow teammates better. That's the whole point of team playing I guess, just beautiful.

      devic667devic667Pred mesecem
  • - 6 , noob player

    Kriss VKriss VPred mesecem
    • @Erki Jõeleht nice response

      Nidzeks MocniNidzeks MocniPred mesecem
    • Cry more

      Jon petterJon petterPred mesecem
    • If a noob player gets a 30 point near triple double in just under 25 minutes, then you should rather say that the league is shit.

      Erki JõelehtErki JõelehtPred mesecem
    • @Nidzeks Mocni I will, after next game.

      Kriss VKriss VPred mesecem
    • Cry more

      Nidzeks MocniNidzeks MocniPred mesecem
  • there's something really off about his body language these past several games

    tolstoyedtolstoyedPred mesecem
  • Grats from Poland Slav Bro !

    Jacob AmstelJacob AmstelPred mesecem
  • 1:42 clean af

    ArdyArdyPred mesecem
    • @Joe Black He makes two steps then he does not move his right foot untill he jumps, what travel?

      HéctorHéctorPred mesecem
    • more like travel af

      Joe BlackJoe BlackPred mesecem
  • MVP!

    Marc ChenMarc ChenPred mesecem
  • Didn't the haters said he's a bust? Noticed how they're not nowhere to be found? lmao

    Epic ClipsEpic ClipsPred mesecem
    • The bust comments are now "he's overrated" comments

      Bar RevBar RevPred mesecem
    • Oh there still are haters.. just waitng for a bad game

      luka zagar -luka zagar -Pred mesecem
    • @andymlakcs Yep just to tell it to their faces lol

      Epic ClipsEpic ClipsPred mesecem
    • Lol 😂 they still hating bro, now they are calling him overrated i think they cannot accept the Fact that once they’re favorite players retires Lukas gonna be running the NBA from here & beyond.

      Markos IbarraMarkos IbarraPred mesecem
    • So you're saying they are to be found? :)

      andymlakcsandymlakcsPred mesecem
  • Slowfat overrated doncic. 13-28 FG 🤮

    Luka MagicLuka MagicPred mesecem
    • Slowfat, not having life, hater- you

      Nidzeks MocniNidzeks MocniPred mesecem
  • luka so many moves

    Al_dren Al_drenAl_dren Al_drenPred mesecem
  • And -6. The team was losing with him on the court. Won the game while he was sitting.

    RobKRobKPred mesecem
    • and you dont understand WHY...WHY....

      franc zorkofranc zorkoPred mesecem
    • Robk. Please just watch basketball. You are always too concerned finding whose balls are black and who are not. You might be disappointed for the rest of the year.

      Joseph VelascoJoseph VelascoPred mesecem
    • Stfu

      Mr. GrMr. GrPred mesecem
    • The last two plays of the game. Luka bank shot. Then Luka assist to Brunson. Wide open due to Luka drawing in the defense. Without him on the court in the last few mins Mavs lose

      DJPolutionDJPolutionPred mesecem
    • He pass to brunson for 3 pts clutch how could you say he was sitting?

      phatzzy guingue jrphatzzy guingue jrPred mesecem
  • 0:48 is exactly why Dallas will have a great team, he could have EASILY just shot the lay-up, but he passed it off. Definition of a team player. 1:11 he makes it look too damn easy and it's not.

    Jay PPPJay PPPPred mesecem
  • I think WCS and Luka have a good chemistry. Also why Boban got no playing time again? 🙄

    Precious HernandezPrecious HernandezPred mesecem
    • @Alex Roman this makes sense too. But he didn't also get any playing time last time I think. No one gets better by watching in the sidelines, we need to play him even some minutes especially now we are undermanned (we're missing Kleber and Powell), playing back-to-back, and Kp just got back from injury. .

      Precious HernandezPrecious HernandezPred mesecem
    • Well he might be slow but tall he can scare defenders away from the basket boban needs to play atleast 20 minutes or kp will be back to injury

      Milda MalinauskaiteMilda MalinauskaitePred mesecem
    • Because Boban cant move and the Spurs played with LMA who needs to be guarded outside too

      Alex RomanAlex RomanPred mesecem
    • @Milda Malinauskaite It is english, just very poorly executed english

      HaineboHaineboPred mesecem
    • Whag its english isnt it are you out of your world my g

      Milda MalinauskaiteMilda MalinauskaitePred mesecem
  • when you are in croatia and wake up .and dring coffr before work....luka hl and win day started with big smile

    Dok JupiduDok JupiduPred mesecem
    • @Dok Jupidu sve to sto si ti rekao, a ja bi dodao, da nikada se mi ne sviđa kad neki klub kuoi igraca za kojega se zna da ima puno problema sa zdravjem. Lep pozdrav svima :)

      Roman LesjakRoman LesjakPred mesecem
    • @Peter Tomšič Popolnoma se strinjam s teboj.

      Zoran MarkovicZoran MarkovicPred mesecem
    • @Zoran Markovic kp je odličen košarkar, ampak njegov problem je, da v bistvu ni ne center, ne krilni center ampak nekaj vmes ni dovolj močan in čvrst za centra in prepočasen za 4 ico

      Peter TomšičPeter TomšičPred mesecem
    • @Zoran Markovic jedino jalen brunskon može sebi kreirat sam prodor i šut..ostali ovise o je premalo.... s porzingisom je gatanje kao i lamarcus aldrigem iz san antonia koji ide šutirati od koš su lutrijski igrači..... i teško je s takvima do naslova.... ja bi trejdao porzingisa.... lebron james bi odbio porzingisa za kuzmu i npr marc gasola jer kuži...... a s gasolom i kyle kuzmom..em bi kuzma procvjetao

      Dok JupiduDok JupiduPred mesecem
    • @Dok Jupidu Da, nisu u sinergiji, jer Luka uvek hrani Porzingisa i ekipu, dok oni ne kreiraju šanse za Luku, zapravo niko u ekipi nije sposoban toga, zato treba novi ball handler, te centra, jer Porzingisu ne odgovara pozicija centra.

      Zoran MarkovicZoran MarkovicPred mesecem
  • Luka magic !!!!

    Mirza OkugicMirza OkugicPred mesecem
  • Whoaaa, that turnaround J at 1:44 was just out of this world by luka so much separation.

    Kevin LiuKevin LiuPred mesecem
  • so unreal... smooth

    Jess BellJess BellPred mesecem
  • 5:03 left in the 3rd quarter, Luka gets a rebound, that counts as Team rebound, and not for him. Anybody knows why?

    Oscar AlvarezOscar AlvarezPred mesecem
    • They cheat him out of triple doubles constantly. Sad really.

      Dana kalebDana kalebPred mesecem
  • That's only 24 points in the highlights though? So he scored 12 free throws?

    Grega PGrega PPred mesecem
    • He only had 6 freethrows. He's 100% at the FT line tonight

      Precious HernandezPrecious HernandezPred mesecem
  • MVP

    Patriota FunchalensePatriota FunchalensePred mesecem
  • That pass to Brunson was the climax of the game! Brunson with the Dagger! At the San Antonio bench! Leaving them speechless! Clutch City!

    VVPred mesecem
    • @Jayson Tejada yeah thats true 100%

      VVPred mesecem
    • 1:55 LOVE

      El MajmunEl MajmunPred mesecem
    • Free throws made by KP and Iwundu is clutch also

      Jayson TejadaJayson TejadaPred mesecem
  • Mvp

    Moses T26Moses T26Pred mesecem
  • Best european player ever and he isnt even turn 22. Nobody was this dominant. I watched him play since he was 16 in Madrid. He has always played like this. Efficient, calmed, savvy, complete. If he improves his 3 point shooting around 40% he Will be top 10 all time. It would be nice watching more muscle for an extra step. But his handles, playmaking, floor general, passing, rebounding and finishing around the rim is already elite.

    The TruthThe TruthPred mesecem
    • @The Truth the main reason why Dirk didn’t win more rings is because he never had a great team around him, he had good teammates, but it Dirk was out, it would probably be a team that would not even reach the Playoffs. When he won the ring, in 2011, he beat teams like the Thunder with KD, Westbrook, Harden and Miami with LeBron, Wade, Bosch, which goes to show how great he was.

      Ananias AndradaAnanias AndradaPred mesecem
    • @Carlos Liwang Dirk was the best shooting big man ever, but he was weak in other facets of the game, they had a great run in that championship season but i remember when he was MVP of the season and Dallas choked badly in the first round against the 8th seed. Dirk and Gasol werent as good as Luka, Luka has the chance to be the best player in the world for multiple seasons. Those guys never reached that level.

      The TruthThe TruthPred mesecem
    • @The Truth the sky is the limit for Don Luka. He just needs to improve his threes and free throws, stay healthy for at least 12 more seasons and 4 or 5 rings, a couple of mvp and finals mvo, he will be in GOAT conversation. We be like arguing mj no king james nah don luka. But for now ridirkulous is still above luka. Show respect for the german. He led his team to yet mavs only title and what a run that was.

      Carlos LiwangCarlos LiwangPred mesecem
    • @Alex Roman I dont think he can do that. Jordan and LeBron apart from dominant players, they were phisical freaks, Luka is not a physical freak. LeBron is Luka plus athleticism he is GOAT. Jordan kareem untouchable too. And Luka needs to win rings and reach finals. That wont be easy in the western conference and dallas

      The TruthThe TruthPred mesecem
    • Top 10 is an understatement. He will be in the GOAT debate when all is said and done

      Alex RomanAlex RomanPred mesecem
  • When will people realize we're watching one of the greatest players of all time? Because we are.

    julesjordanjulesjordanPred mesecem
    • @TheBoxingReport - if Adam was the first Cro-magnon, the base species of modern humans, then Adam was French because the first fragments of modern human were found there.

      Fine DayFine DayPred mesecem
    • @Rara Hangout There is one race, the race of Adam that’s it

      TheBoxingReportTheBoxingReportPred mesecem
    • @Arav Shastri wtf i am black and american

      a4k alexa4k alexPred mesecem
    • @Rara Hangout that was my intention. To counter your racial facts with my racial fact. Its called debating.

      Vre vreggVre vreggPred mesecem
    • @Rara Hangout yeah no, but you responded to what was a fair critisism with: "oh you hate us poor black people" argument. You talk about facts, while it is also a fact that the reason why doncic wasnt an all star first season is because he wasnt black. If zion had first season like doncic he would be an allstar starter.

      Vre vreggVre vreggPred mesecem
  • 💪🏼🇸🇮🔝tranding in Slovenia 🇸🇮💪🏼

    Primoz BracicPrimoz BracicPred mesecem
  • MVP

    김창온김창온Pred mesecem
  • This kid

    Black MambaBlack MambaPred mesecem
  • How good Doncic is, I am the No.1

    Ma FocusMa FocusPred mesecem
    • Fan. There I finished it for you. 😉

      Precious HernandezPrecious HernandezPred mesecem
    • Got a headache reading this

      Moses T26Moses T26Pred mesecem
    • you are better but he is good too

      bwl2015bwl2015Pred mesecem
    • Then Doncic is not good if you are the No. 1

      Shadz MarcShadz MarcPred mesecem
  • Luka MVP!!!

    Funky Frog StudiosFunky Frog StudiosPred mesecem