I Cooked a Chicken by Slapping It

14. mar. 2021
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We did it boys. When life gives you chickens, slap them till they're cooked.
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Zac Zabel, Domenick Brack, Zacary, and Sandra Hurlbert
#IWFBOM = It Won't Fail Because of Me.
SOURCES for graphs/charts:
www.seriouseats.com/2015/07/the-food-lab-complete-guide-to-sous-vide-chicken-breast.html (time/temp graph -- serious eats)
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Music from Epidemic Sound
Stock footage provided by Videvo, downloaded from www.videvo.net

#realitycheck (that's the name of this series)

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    • Send this to GORDAN Ramsey

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    • This other youtuber said you didnt actually cook it

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    • You've made it Louis... you're on British satiric news: slworlds.info/net/noqnaMmqipuQcrg/video @41:00

      Zach SchroederZach SchroederPred 3 dnevi
    • Scientifically wouldn't a chicken breast yield better results?

      Bipper420Bipper420Pred 9 dnevi
    • Remember me when your famous

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  • Doesn’t count in my books I’ll wait for the real slap experiment done right. Dude boiled the steak.

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  • How many of u came after sun news post

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  • I was skipping to the very end to see what it looked like and I was confused at first coz I saw him put in chicken and then he brought out steak

    Abdi SpartaAbdi SpartaPred 4 urami
  • Those chickens dies for no reason.

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  • Me at 2 AM beating that meat like:

    Just a man of cultureJust a man of culturePred 9 urami
  • how can he slap?

    space factsspace factsPred 10 urami
  • I wonder what the guy at the store thought when he said "yeah do you guys sell low thermal resistance chicken in bulk?"

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  • Now cook a hotdog with friction

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  • Did you season the meats before hand?

    Gaia_on_VenusGaia_on_VenusPred 14 urami
  • Now we know how many times you have to slap a chicken to cook it, but how hard would you have to punch it to cook it?

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  • Akchually for real science you use Kelvin xdd

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  • It's so weird we live in a time... where doing something like this for YT is more profitable than going out and working a job. Not to say that you didn't do any work here... It seems many people worked on this. But you know what I mean... lmao

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  • Only on YT at 2:40 am you’ll find a man building a mechanical hand to beat meat until it’s cooked in your recommendations

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  • dumb way to waste food.

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  • The one's who disliked the video are vegan's

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  • So to conclude, to properly beat your meat for culinary reasons, you needs the machine to be over 9000.

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  • 1:04 The original meat beater also has a fundamental problem.. there was no way whatsoever to control the power... This hit home

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  • Hello Louis. The boys and I just finished watching this video. We came to the conclusion that you should have just used an oven to cook the chicken in the first place. We fail to understand the purpose of this experiment. My friend Vasu feels that you could have accomplished this quicker and easier using a double slapping mechanism. You wasted so much power conducting this experiment, that my house lost power while I watched this video. Thank god I was on my phone during this time, otherwise I would be incredibly upset. Please reconsider your science studies, perhaps you should take a cooking class. They will surely teach you how to use an oven correctly. Your loyal fan, Jeremy. P.S Can you please make a video on how to bake brownies using the same technique, I would appreciate the information.

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