KSI Has Already Lost To LOGAN PAUL. (Here's what I mean by that.)

28. jul. 2018
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KSI and Logan Paul, along with Deji and Jake Paul, had their second press conference in London not too long ago, and I'm here to talk about it. #KSIvsLoganPaul #KSI #LoganPaul
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Main animation by Andrei Terbea
Additional cleanup and additional lipsync by Stefan Popa:

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  • Well this aged well

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  • Now that you mention it

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  • I’m may be wrong but the reason they are making it personal is because they hate the Paul’s with passion

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  • I know someone here choose B So did i

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  • This didn’t age well

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  • damn, this is not epic

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  • Punch jack pol

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  • This like Joe Biden vs Donald Trump

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  • idk why but logan and jake: smart ksi and deji: strong (?)

  • When the bobbies find you 3:33

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  • You have been weighed; you have been measured; and you have been found wanting

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  • Imagine PETA strikes this video down cuz he punches wilfur in the end.

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  • Wow this video aged well

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  • Everyone thought Logan would win but Ksi won

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  • Who here watching in November 2020

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  • In 2020 logan paul and jake have gotten alto better

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  • Describe to Logan and KSI already it's described Dick's escribe gyro Channel not that hard to do it but okay if life Angela take the day off life and Northern Logan fans okay what are all the K outside fan on Logan Paul fan okay just do it the w a k d w a k ak ak a k a k a m e m e e Emma Emma

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    • What is your grammar...

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  • Pictorial ready OK Google do it let's do it do it right now in Logan Paul they do it KSI and Logan do it okay if I and Logan Paul yeah can do it the door for the Paul brothers that just do it with a ball Brothers okay let's do it for the Paul Brothers

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  • @Dramaalert Keem i am your biggest fan please choose me IT would make me happy beacuse i am in depresion here is my Twitter mobile.twitter.com/Abdiriz47803995

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  • Dude.... ksi just wanted logan to lose mentally before the fight hence he got toxic af

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  • The only Logan I watch these days is Logan Thirtyacre

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  • Don't talk shit to ksi I would beat u upp

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    • @Charactures you're welcome darling

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    • @- Dreamxr - thx boomer

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    • Great grammar there my friend

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  • I fucken hate ksi (not a Logan Paul fan I hate him too but Ksi makes me physically die inside

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  • Is it just me, or does 4:15 remind anyone of that scene in Rocky 3 where Clubber Lang challenges Rocky in front of his statue?

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  • When he said “the extra 15” he meant all of it and the extra 15, I think...

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  • I swear to god there are still so many dumbasses who keep saying this video didn’t age well without even watching the video.

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  • this didn’t age well.

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  • Ok who is here after the second fight and just came her cuz of quarantine

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  • This didn't age well

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  • This is the most stupid video

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    • @Oggy Pilestro 1 sub lol

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    • Yeah comment with 25 subs lol

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  • 4:45 I can't anymore

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  • This males me respekt the paul bros alot mor. They were gud sports and they u derstood it was for fun and fame not to be personal

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  • Why do people like this guy he is so cocky in one of his video's he said when all of Jake's and logan fan stop liking them they will definitely go sub to me like dude chill stop being so cocky but good video overall

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    • @Kelly Taube i know that author guy told and also thanks

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    • Yeah that was 2018 not 2020 :p

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    • That was 2 years ago, he admitted it himself he was cocky. People change over the years... (Thinks of Jake Paul) Sometimes.

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  • U got demonitesidet sry idk how to type it

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  • This aged well..

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  • I think I remeber this situation from somewhere. Ahhh yes, iCarly.

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  • Ksi and deji

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  • you are crazy

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    • lol

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  • Seat geek lol

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  • While I hate the Pauls with a burning passion KSI was pretty cringe

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  • Logan and Jake Paul are Just DEMONS from HELL

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  • ksi is such an idiot booo ksi boooksi

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    • 9 year old stop being a hater

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  • Waiting for the kids to come!

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  • He has a discord??

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  • which software do u use to make this video??___after effect or adobe anime(flash)

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  • Lol

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  • This legend roasted KSI using simple Math

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  • wheres the Beeps?

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  • Let’s be real here: this isn’t your first time here.

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  • Why does it have 46k dislike im like why he is so cool

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  • I would say you have only 5 precent b@lls let me give her the 85

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  • you are right i agree with everything u r saying ppl need to chilllllllllllllllllllll

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  • u mean good for 10,686,243 views

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  • #FuckLoganPaul

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  • Ksi reading the title : HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

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    • @Sethrum God lol

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    • KSI unlocking eyes: Oh it says "here's what I mean by that".

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  • ksi is a not very good person in my opinion. bullying your enemy is not the best choice in a clearly meant for entertaiment confrence

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  • who wanted ksi vs logan but animated and couldnt find .

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  • If Jake paul and ksi teamed against wilfur , wilfur would win

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  • Who's ksi

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    • I dont know who tf is KSI either but i do know the Paul brothers... *Unfortunately*

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    • Your mom

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  • 6:29 I like your cut, g

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  • yeah i completely agree with you. I don't like the Paul Brothers but its kinda fucked up

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  • I just wanna let you guys know that he put KSI and Logan Paul’s name On caps to get more views🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    • Dang!😂😂😂

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    • Yeah totally you get more views if you USE ALL CAPS U KNOW

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  • Greg pual got fucking punched😂😂😂

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  • Dont think its right what he said but everything he said was kinda true

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  • Nah

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  • true man u got much smarter

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    • You didn't watch the video did you?

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    • @Draco it's his opinion dude

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    • ultimate gamer666 Jake Paul is dumb

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  • thanks for the video, because i just me you

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  • lol

  • he won lmao how do u feel

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    • You didnt watch the vid

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  • Paul bros are too hated by the community. They are innocent Oh my who am i kidding they are shit

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  • Oh shut up Bo ho the Logan baby's are in the real world now no need to defend them

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  • I kinda agree 🤭

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  • This video is now 9 year old free

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    • Thank you. You are our Lord and savior

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    • Thanks, this us turning s**t(Comment section, not the video) into wine.

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  • I know I'm late, but heres my question *DID THEY STOP THROWING STUFF OR DID THEY GO HOME*

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    • Roman Wilson no they went outside and threw gfuel out the window and one of them punched Greg Paul in the back of the head which was quite satisfying

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    • they keep throwing stuff 😂😂😂

    • 😂😂😂😂

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  • Deji's speach on the video reminds me of Meet The Scout

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  • hahaha big L

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  • Just logan

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  • Not jack

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  • I like Logan

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    • SIMP!

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    • @Sethrum God yeah especially that logan is getting somehow good now

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    • Nice at least you aren’t being toxic about it.

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    • Sorry my opnyon

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    • Flame Playz wow cringe

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  • Im ashamed to admit this but.................... I was a loganger at one point in my life 😞😞

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    • Trust me you’ll get over it eventually

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    • It ok mate

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    • @Noob Máster69 bruh

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    • Btw. Going to Brazil is a meme.

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    • GO_U_R_Python thankfully i have been cured of the disease currently known as loganger syndrome and am now healthier and happier

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  • 1 press conference Logan and Jake the mean people 2 press conference ksi and deji are the mean people

    GCAGCAPred 2 meseci
  • 4:35 ok ok ok... jake paul has 85% of his testicle size, KSI is offering to give him the other 15% so this means that KSI had 100% of his testicle size and hes just jokingly offering the other 15% as a JOKE. hes not saying that logan has bigger balls than him..COMMON SENSE

    BoiEatsnackBoiEatsnackPred 2 meseci
  • Jake poul isnt mean u.r meen Jk I am not 7 and +1 if you are looking for hate comments

  • Shit hed fuc you

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    • what did he do he just talking about the drama

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    • No u

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    • How bout. "N o"

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    • Mmmmm no

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  • I never liked KSI, he seems like a cool dude. But the Paul’s are not as bad as I thought. Except Greg Paul...but Logan and jake are actually good people!

    Lillian BarnardLillian BarnardPred 2 meseci
    • Excluding Jake, I agree. Logan is quite decent in a way I guess

      Sethrum GodSethrum GodPred 15 dnevi
  • This aged well

    Johnny AwwadJohnny AwwadPred 2 meseci
  • im calling peta in you

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    • Do it

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  • I nearly cried that deji said f### jake Paul

    Gamercurt 99Gamercurt 99Pred 2 meseci
    • I'm not a suporyer of jake Paul but he just wants to make content while deji just keeps fliping him off

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  • *"Suicide doesn't stop the pain, it just passes it on to someone else."* -Unknown Not my Words but spread them

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    • @that one weirdo people who post these messages on completely unrelated videos are mostly like beggars. If you aren't, good. If you are, please stop

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    • @soulspark please *shut up*

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    • Ok like beggar

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    • - Dave

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    • @that one weirdo Fair enough Lol.

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  • 4:43 your simple math is wrong bro. He said he is OFFERING 15% that doesnt mean he has 15%, it actually means he has more than 15% to say the least

    selofealsselofealsPred 2 meseci
  • KSI and Deji took it too far. I don’t like Jake and Logan but now I feel bad for them

    Aslan Jeremy JonesAslan Jeremy JonesPred 2 meseci
    • Me to

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  • Who’s here’s during quarantine

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  • For once I take English over Americans

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  • Now that is how you promote something

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