Why I Turned Down Working With KYLIE JENNER!

5. apr. 2018
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I had an opportunity to work with Kylie Jenner but I said "no thanks" and here's why.
I feel like a lot of young animators or freelance artists fight this type of attitude all the time, so I tried to frame it all in an uplifting way, encouraging all of you to stick to your worth and never accept working for exposure (or for free), unless it's on your own terms.
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  • You though you struck gold But you struck fools gold

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  • If my spot in my journey of animating were a percentage, I think I'm at ~0.000001%

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  • .

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  • She looks so good in that thumbnail 😍😍😍

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  • It's not even working "with" her. It's working for her.

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  • I love the ending it’s so savage

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  • Wow, those greedy bstrds, I'm glad you rejected their *gEneRouS* offer.

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  • This guy is on smokeeeee

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  • As a wise man once said, no matter how worthles you are, your time isnt worth less than minimum wage

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  • i did not know he had hair

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  • That last scene was so f'in bad arse

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  • It’s because you are not a idiot

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  • Yeet

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  • “Tell them they can just go f*ck them selves” *end screen music*

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  • Salll sunt roman te salut

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  • simple answer hes not a simp

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  • I’ve never met a more wise man

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  • Andrei this is masterful... thank you !

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  • She drown puppoes in her spare tame. Check mate atheists. That gotta be sarcastic. Its ok to believe in whatever you want but who said god exist. Theres no proof he dosent. Exactly. That dosent mean he exists.

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  • She has more plastic in her face than plastic in most rivers

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  • This video was uploaded on my birthday!

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    • @Cyber happyj birhda

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    • @Nnamdi Nwasinoke Jr. Thank you very much...almost... haha

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    • Happy almost birthday

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  • So proud of this video👏🏻👏🏻💕 Kylie is a piece of shit

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  • Dude the ending was so clean. Bruh this guy is funny

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    • funny in the comdedy way not as in dumb

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  • Ur a loser

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    • Sigh

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    • And maybe you are too sitting in your phone simping over kylie mcjuggernut while spreading your negative personality around this community 😊

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  • Tell them they can go %%% themselves. LOL

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  • *When Andrei had hair*

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  • 4:16, the raw strength in this radiating off of him, my God this guy could stand up to disabled kid and still make it look morally right

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  • The answer is that you ain’t a simp

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  • Me: 'sees the channel logo and is bald, and then looks at thumbnail with hair' *Visible confusion*

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  • And ev- **C O N C U S S I O N**

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  • *Shaiming* New word I will use from now on

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  • I really hate when famous person come to asking for item/service and they want to pay by exposure, if i offer to them it kinda okay, but when you are "famous" and looking for small bussiness for free item/service it's kinda mess up

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  • Wilfur is the best duck

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  • You really like to literalise idioms, aren't you?

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  • when he still had hair

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  • "A week ago" The drawing: 23s ago

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  • he got the E-word thou.

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  • 00:47 that shift in audio was brilliant, i am not an artist or anything but i always hope to be one(procastinator here) but i don't think i could have thought of that.

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  • I respect this man

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  • Man..... Sometimes I feel like you look so cool with that attitude. Keep it up.

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  • My favorite Andrei line ever: “So you ever poop your pants?” “Yea” “Same, let’s talk business”

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  • (Pt români) el e roman ?

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  • plot twist: this was the video they asked him to animate

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  • What an ending!

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  • Meanwhile in my recommended after watching this video: after watching this you will HATE Kylie Jenner!

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  • Is hair is very cool

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  • *Why I turned down working with a company that was working with kylie jenner

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  • 1 persent of people know painter Word of truth applause 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏100 points of respect

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  • Chad

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  • Good advice, thanks

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  • 4:21 DANK AF

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  • U should be glad that u actually even got a request

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  • I cant tell if he is andrei or some other guy

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  • Aaaaannnd, he didn't say "you can just, flip em the bird" at the end there Come on Andrei!!

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  • 😂😂😂 I feel u man!

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  • Your language

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    • What about his language?

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  • KJ is a B.... Not paying pfff... She doesn't deserve her money.

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  • Lol Kylie had to do plastic surgery lol she has became too much plastic

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  • There is some good in exposure but in terms for animators if you actually look at their popular videos vs their subscriptions.... the vids are well but the subs are often less than half the views of a video. There are animators who have had at least 5 videos crack 5 m. Views but they still have less than 1 m. Subs or even 600k subs because they don’t upload as often because animation takes a long time even if it’s considered “simple”. People like quick and consumable content but that isn’t always possible.

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  • I can't stop replaying this part 01:26

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  • Who's Kylie Jenner?

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  • Who tf is kylie jenner?

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  • In the near future a company just invented a new currency called exposure

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    • Why tho?

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  • They lied to u so u can work for free and give u 1% popularity :)

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  • Technoblade be like, cloutttttttttt

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  • so basically you didn't work with her because you weren't being paid lol

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  • 4:14 and that kids is a fact

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  • To all the people who buy makeup from any brand and it has shimmer in it u actually are supporting child labour... mica mines in India runs on children taking it out risking their lifes..there is a doc on it plz watch

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  • You are really rude

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  • The outro was lit

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  • slworlds.info/net/4HKdjNWgapykqtI/video

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  • As a professional musician I can relate to this.

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  • Working with kylie jenner: 😒 Making a video about how you turned down working with kylie jenner and got nearly 10,000,000 views:😊

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  • Andrei:Why I Turned Down Working With KYLIE JENNER! me:who is kylie jenner

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  • Technically if they need you to work for exposure. They probably have to credit you, otherwise it's a scam. And they could get sued if there was a contract. idk. im not "hi im a profesinal guy doing profesinal stuf" I'm just sayin.

    Dona NasolDona NasolPred 3 meseci