CRAZY ways to SNEAK SNACKS into THE MOVIES! 11 Ways To Sneak FOOD & Funny Situations by Crafty Panda

30. sep. 2020
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Hey there, Sneaky Pandas! Feeling rebellious, or maybe you just get really hungry when watching a movie in the cinema? With these sneaky movie theater pranks and crazy ideas on how to sneak snacks into the movies, there’s no security guard that will dare to stop us! Check out how to hide candy in a face mask or use an umbrella to cover up that candy stash! Stay tuned for more funny pranks and ideas on how to sneak food, Crafty Panda style!
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Candies Mask
Candies In Umbrella
Bra With Sweets
Drink In Hoodie
Drink In Cast
Toy Car
Pizza Dress
Hot Dog
Fake Baby
Cotton Candy
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