Self Assembling Wires? Levitating Motor? LATITY-005?!

24. apr. 2021
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Juicing Mango with Electromagnet?! High Voltage Tests?!!
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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar
0:00 Intro and Sponsor
1:25 Juicing Mango with Electromagnet (FAF)
2:42 Wire Hanger Adapter (rubbish!)
5:07 Self Assembling Wires
8:55 Arcs from Power Lines to Isolated Worker
11:28 Levitating Rotor DC Motor

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  • I’m just happy that I don’t look like that one kid

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  • For how many years has sponsored your videos on this channel? Like I've been hearing about this website here on this channel for 3 years; maybe they are elligible for long-term Electroboom gold sponsorship.

  • Wow that is the first time I have ever seen someone like there unibrow before

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  • 10:55 congratulations you are officially your own FULL BRIDGE RECTIFIER! 😁👍

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  • High altitude, high voltages, high workers

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  • Hey Medhi is this video real that u can make a generator using micro wave oven👇

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  • “What is this? ah Tik Tok junk” Mehdi succeeded as a dad

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  • “Somebody actually learned something and made a super high voltage thing” lawyers & SLworlds: O_O " and he is still alive, that’s a plus for me haha!" lawyers & SLworlds: owo

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