ATTAWAY GENERAL | Season 2 | Ep. 5: ”Aftershock”

10. feb. 2021
891 918 Ogledi

Benny and Eva make a connection, while Rosie cracks the whip.
When a group of very different teens arrive at Attaway General Hospital’s prestigious volunteer program, they must learn to work together to survive the program and make a difference in the lives of their patients.
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  • that cinnamon toast crunch was good tho 😭😌

    Andre SwilleyAndre SwilleyPred 2 meseci
    • I am sure it is.

      Kallie FaithKallie FaithPred 6 urami
    • Ahahaaa

      It’s Ava :PIt’s Ava :PPred 5 dnevi
    • Yeah haha

      Sara Bint Al-BaderSara Bint Al-BaderPred 6 dnevi
    • Lol

      Dinosaur_cootees RobloxDinosaur_cootees RobloxPred 8 dnevi
    • I freakin love you bro 😂😂

      KeepingupwiththebadkiddKeepingupwiththebadkiddPred 9 dnevi
  • Disponibilizem a legenda, por favor! 😭

    Tuany MadrugaTuany MadrugaPred 17 urami
  • i miss kit

    Valerie SonckValerie SonckPred 3 dnevi
  • Ok but what is the song at 10:33 😭

    Jordan HouleJordan HoulePred 3 dnevi
  • Oh this girls craze 😂😂😂

    Lyndsay HyattLyndsay HyattPred 4 dnevi
  • Oouuuuu🥺 interesting

    Mary BaakoMary BaakoPred 4 dnevi

    Catherine HullCatherine HullPred 4 dnevi
  • benny's storyline is so important

    hannahannaPred 5 dnevi
  • No

    Nicolas PopstarNicolas PopstarPred 7 dnevi
  • Where's dixie??

    LiaXDLiaXDPred 7 dnevi
  • ok but madi and kio are actually good actors i mean not the best but not the worst.

    danielledaniellePred 7 dnevi
  • that maeve girl throwing sass and im not here for it 😭

    Riley :DRiley :DPred 8 dnevi
  • Ok but like why is no one talking about how great Benny is!?

    Wonkas WillyWonkas WillyPred 8 dnevi
  • Is it just me or Sasha and Holden are like a younger version of Nina and Jamie? And Holden even sorta looks like Jamie....?

    IrayaIrayaPred 9 dnevi
  • When she said oh my god she had the most blank expression

  • vRobert Downey Jr

    Rowena BohannonRowena BohannonPred 9 dnevi
  • Anyone noticing the similarity between Sasha, Holden, Jamie and Nina's relationship

    Treasure UsangaTreasure UsangaPred 10 dnevi

    Shauty WolfShauty WolfPred 10 dnevi
  • benny is the only one who isnt cringe-

    sam prettaesam prettaePred 11 dnevi
  • tbh elijah is carrying the show

    Lola CayLola CayPred 11 dnevi
  • Madi is amazing and so is kio and both of them are so cute together in this episode😂

    Neva AlamNeva AlamPred 12 dnevi
  • 7:20 LMAO

    Jayleen CorderoJayleen CorderoPred 12 dnevi
  • 4:32 i love this duo

    Jayleen CorderoJayleen CorderoPred 12 dnevi

    Nancy TuNancy TuPred 13 dnevi
  • At 05:50 Look at holdens eye😧 he had blood shot

    Maia BaumgartMaia BaumgartPred 13 dnevi
  • hfruvt

    Trisha GumpalTrisha GumpalPred 13 dnevi
  • OMG

    Jeremy DouglasJeremy DouglasPred 13 dnevi
  • What happened to Dixie and the other two guys?

    GermainesRandomStuff/ Surgeo and CamstaGermainesRandomStuff/ Surgeo and CamstaPred 14 dnevi
  • benny supremacy

    Rachel StewartRachel StewartPred 14 dnevi
  • Is it only me or is holdens one eye really red?

    brianna burkebrianna burkePred 17 dnevi
  • ok but why is madi actually the only good actor

    aixaaixaPred 20 dnevi
  • Maeve you in people business don't do that

    Yaa MauraYaa MauraPred 21 dnevom
  • It is so cute🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

    Renessa LalmansinghRenessa LalmansinghPred 21 dnevom
  • I love this movie 🍿🥰🥰🥰💯👍💥

    Renessa LalmansinghRenessa LalmansinghPred 21 dnevom
  • Everybody: kit and holden were ment for each other! Me: Whyyyyy

    Lexie KrogsvoldLexie KrogsvoldPred 22 dnevi
  • The black Hair Doctor 👩‍⚕️ is 😠🙄😩

    mylovebug jmylovebug jPred 23 dnevi
  • When's the next episode???

    Whitney EreksonWhitney EreksonPred 23 dnevi
  • Is there another season???

    Whitney EreksonWhitney EreksonPred 23 dnevi
  • I Stan Benny like oml-

    Royale LaineyRoyale LaineyPred 24 dnevi

    jacqueline Boyce-Holmesjacqueline Boyce-HolmesPred 24 dnevi
  • We stan benny and eva's friendship

    Mia richardsMia richardsPred 25 dnevi
  • mave or maive gets me on my nerves istg-

    meadow_orxngesmeadow_orxngesPred 25 dnevi
  • I think another girl likes jamie

    iiisimplymiaxxxiiisimplymiaxxxPred 27 dnevi

    iiisimplymiaxxxiiisimplymiaxxxPred 27 dnevi
  • Did anyone else notice Holdens eye being red????I

    I am a KiwiI am a KiwiPred 29 dnevi
  • Hi

    Corey LaverdiereCorey LaverdierePred 29 dnevi
  • I was waiting for them to say “And this episode is sponsored by Cinnamon Toast Crunch.”😂😂

    KileyKileyPred mesecem
  • Pls bring back Dixie pls im begging you

    Daniel PalomaresDaniel PalomaresPred mesecem
  • they got better actors

    Sophia LynethSophia LynethPred mesecem
  • I love attawygeneral

    Lupita MartínezLupita MartínezPred mesecem
  • hi I love attaway genaral

    Melissa ElloittMelissa ElloittPred mesecem
  • not being rude but what's wrong with holden's eye

    Hend Abu AjinaHend Abu AjinaPred mesecem
  • Madi: you don’t need your spleen to live Me: YES YOU DO! Edit: yes i likes my own post lol

    IBbuildIBbuildPred mesecem
  • I've been watching season 2 over and over i wish the whole season was a movie

    daisy dossdaisy dossPred mesecem
  • We all know that Kit's gonna come back in one of these episodes. It's gonna stir some things up and create that situation where Holend is "stuck between two girls" situation. Like dude, STOP BEING THE BIGGEST PLAYER OF THE CENTURY!

    Noragami GamiNoragami GamiPred mesecem
  • Did Dixie quit?

    Fatimah Is my nameFatimah Is my namePred mesecem
  • 5:56 his eyes are creepy

    Fatimah Is my nameFatimah Is my namePred mesecem
  • Quackity.

    John ScottJohn ScottPred mesecem
  • Ok am I the only one who think madi is the only one who can actually act?

    Angelina MejiaAngelina MejiaPred mesecem
  • They used my name for kio eeeee

    Jl TaylorJl TaylorPred mesecem

    Ava GraceAva GracePred mesecem
  • No holden and Sasha are a great cuple

    Chris CamachoChris CamachoPred mesecem
  • I want kit backkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    Roblox QtsRoblox QtsPred mesecem
  • Usually i dont fall for all these advertising. But im craving cinammon crunch so much now😭😭😭😭

    BurgersforLife !BurgersforLife !Pred mesecem
  • I cant stop being addicted to this show

  • I just love them

    Amal AbdiAmal AbdiPred mesecem
  • Who else thinks the girl with injury is faking it ?

    Sebastian Allain AbanillaSebastian Allain AbanillaPred mesecem
  • 3:24 I like her 😂

    Gamer GuyGamer GuyPred mesecem
  • 🥺🥺🥺🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🥺🥺🥺

    Hannah-Leah Stone WiringiHannah-Leah Stone WiringiPred mesecem
  • Girl likeee this episode is like😍😤🥺📇🖤🤣🏳️‍🌈🏁😒😎🤞🏼

    Hannah-Leah Stone WiringiHannah-Leah Stone WiringiPred mesecem
  • Did Nina call her sister “Nestley crunch”?- 😂😂

    NaileNailePred mesecem
  • wtf is up with holden’s eye 😭😭💀💀

    SydneySydneyPred mesecem
  • Bro we need a kit comeback

    Notthefilms FamNotthefilms FamPred mesecem
  • Where is crown lake season 3

    Twice paved the wayTwice paved the wayPred mesecem
  • Wait a sec... is this show giving me dating advice ?

    mary smithmary smithPred mesecem
  • The girl who plays Eva is actually pretty good. Her character is literally the popular girl everyone thinks is mean but when you get to know her you realize she's just upfront

    Gangsta GurlGangsta GurlPred mesecem
  • Okay wait, was the beginning a commercial orrrrr? Cuz there's no tag that says anything abt any sponsor Also- it was high key the best scene in the show

    Gangsta GurlGangsta GurlPred mesecem
    • @soiung toiue oh hell no Maybe I just have too much of an anti-romantic persona but if the relationship isn't playful (Like bestfriend couples) then I don't care for it and if it's not that way in shows its way too cringy in a not entertaining way

      Gangsta GurlGangsta GurlPred mesecem
    • Am I the only one who’s happy that Sasha and Holden broke up?

      soiung toiuesoiung toiuePred mesecem
  • What the actual cinnamon toast crap was that commercial....?

    addy bishopaddy bishopPred mesecem
    • Why is the Cinnamon Toast Crunch so f*cking loud? Is it just me😃🧍‍♀️😭

      soiung toiuesoiung toiuePred mesecem

    Hannah StarmoonHannah StarmoonPred mesecem
  • love how the whole bowl was gone in 2 clips 0:16 - 0:24

    Pink AngelPink AngelPred mesecem
  • one of those girls is the reason why he's there

    Rock girlRock girlPred mesecem
    • When your only here to see what happens to Jamie and Benny

      seeni gztyseeni gztyPred mesecem
  • I highly recommend this

    Signey HoverSigney HoverPred mesecem
    • Omg

      seeni gztyseeni gztyPred mesecem
  • When is the next one coming out

    Jaylynn DawsonJaylynn DawsonPred mesecem
  • big q

    Big RBig RPred mesecem
  • Dude idk why they turned Rosie into a religious person it does not suit her thing i recommend making her how she was in season 1

    SushwithSushwithPred mesecem
  • Holden: I don’t wanna wait another 6 hours to kiss you Me: then wait 7 tf

    bouytt guytbouytt guytPred mesecem
    • that cinnamon toast crunch was good tho 😭😌

      Rock girlRock girlPred mesecem
  • I just wanna know what happend to Jamie💀💀

    Reece RossReece RossPred mesecem
  • They all need chapstick periodt

    JazzzJazzzPred mesecem
    • @bouytt guyt facts

      JazzzJazzzPred mesecem
    • Andre tho he was eating that up

      bouytt guytbouytt guytPred mesecem
  • I love benny and they're the best in my opinion

    JazzzJazzzPred mesecem
  • Sasha and holden gross me out

    Leora SkyeLeora SkyePred mesecem
  • I’m not even watching the show I’m just reading these God damm comments

    Not shortNot shortPred mesecem
  • The way he just munching 😂

    Ruby AbrahamRuby AbrahamPred mesecem
  • Why is the Cinnamon Toast Crunch so f*cking loud? Is it just me😃🧍‍♀️😭

    Heaven FikaduHeaven FikaduPred mesecem
    • What happened to first season holden😩 his hair🤚

      eioshen boboieioshen boboiPred mesecem
  • Am I the only one who’s happy that Sasha and Holden broke up?

    Jineen MansourJineen MansourPred mesecem
    • this is such a good show!! loved all the 3 seasons!

      eioshen boboieioshen boboiPred mesecem
  • Wow

    Εμμανουέλα ΔασκαλάκηΕμμανουέλα ΔασκαλάκηPred mesecem
  • Omg

    Εμμανουέλα ΔασκαλάκηΕμμανουέλα ΔασκαλάκηPred mesecem
  • When your only here to see what happens to Jamie and Benny

    Mia ShortMia ShortPred mesecem
  • Holden: I don’t wanna wait another 6 hours to kiss you Me: more like you don’t wanna wait another 6 seconds to kiss her... THEY NEED TO CALM DOWNNN

    It’s AvaIt’s AvaPred mesecem
  • ok but so unrealistic wheres dixie and kit?

    Lovely LindieLovely LindiePred mesecem
  • Everyone Else: Gets a lot of likes and comments Me: Peacefully gets no likes and comments

    soiung toiuesoiung toiuePred mesecem