15. dec. 2020
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I decided to get the @Stokes Twins a bunch of gifts this year and let their luck decide whether they got the cheap or expensive version of the gift! Super fun way to do present exchange :) I definitely did not expect someone to cry, I love these guys so much! Enjoy the video and stay tuned for my next video coming out Sunday.

  • Wow love it love the twins and lexi also get well soon to lexi's bank account 😀

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  • Twins arant you gonna give Lexi some presents 🎁

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  • If Alex got airport it can be 3 apple

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  • a very enmotional video good luck with your channel

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  • i felt so happy and lexi cares so much and she even has a twin aka not a twin haha and stokes twins your the best to not only us lifes all about careing for friends and family

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  • Aw Lexi sooo sweet!! How the twins gonna top that... u thinking's of buyin an island?

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  • Lexi you are sooooo sweet I was about to start crying :*(

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  • i started laughing so haed when alan was crying of getting a i phone 12 then alex is just opening his present like nothing is happening

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  • Omg iPhone12😍

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  • I have watched this so many times and it doesn’t get old Keep up the good job Lexi Love your videos

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  • Allen cried

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  • Alan crieng : I have iphone12 Lexi: dont cry Alan: I'm giving you............... Nothing.

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  • Wow soo kind 😃

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  • And also I’m confuse which ones Alex and which one is Alan

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  • But I’m scared Alex is going to get some thing expensive and then Allen is going to get something Cheap 😬😬😬😬😬😬😬

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  • I wish I had something expensive when I was at their

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  • Hi there just a heads out that we have to get some new clothes to get some stuff from your mom

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  • Alan: *cries* Alex: *steals phone* Me: bravo 👏

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  • Giving gifts is not about giving cheap or expensive gifts it is all about the love and effort you put in that

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