1. Introduction for 15.S12 Blockchain and Money, Fall 2018

23. jan. 2020
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MIT 15.S12 Blockchain and Money, Fall 2018
Instructor: Prof. Gary Gensler
View the complete course: ocw.mit.edu/15-S12F18
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This lecture provides an introduction to the course and to blockchain technology.
0:00 Title slates
0:20 Welcome; course introduction
4:15 Readings for class
5:13 A history lesson to give context
9:22 Cryptography is communication in the presence of adversaries
12:14 List of digital currencies that failed between 1989 and 1999
15:38 What blockchain is
19:26 Pizza for bitcoins
21:37 Blockchain technology
22:41 Role of money and finance
26:40 Financial sector problems and blockchain potential opportunities
28:44 Financial sector issues with blockchain technology and what the financial sector favors
35:00 Public policy framework
36:46 The duck test
37:25 Incumbents eyeing crypto finance
39:35 Financial sector potential use cases
41:57 Larry Lessig's book "code and other laws of cyberspace"
48:46 Outline of all classes
49:08 Study questions
50:55 Readings and video
52:04 Conclusions
55:13 Questions
1:01:42 Credits
License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA
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  • The Professor looks like Mark Knopfler

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  • how intensive does Blockchain make use of Grid Computing?

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  • what are the Risks of Blockchain?

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  • This is the best thing that could have happened for the blockchain community.

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  • 21:15 Today the pizzas are worth $565,000,000 USD

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  • Fascinating lecture Professor Gensler. Better than any I had in business school at Maryland (both underg and grad). And congratulations on the new post as SEC Chairman.

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  • The United States is now a Technocracy.

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  • commissioner Gary please help us get regulatory clarity for XRP and the crypto space!

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  • Finally got free information. Could you please tell from where can I download this ppt?

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    • The lecture slides are available on the OCW course site ocw.mit.edu/15-S12F18, the link can be found in the video descriptions/information. Good luck with your studies!

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  • Man I lo've the content and the delivery, but classroom systems just never disappoint🤦‍♂️🤢🤮

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  • Sarbanes Oxley was bad news!

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  • The first two pizzas bought in 2010 was for 10000 BTC... would have been worth $540 million today.

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  • it is clearly written to be pronounced: dog E coin just look at the icon and say the words dog E coin. and don't you feel stupid for not seeing that? Dogue? Dodge? really? who was it that first got that wrong? and why are the rest of you following their bad example? what is the reason for not saying it correctly? is that too cute? are you afraid it will be too catchy? ----- ----- Sorry for the length of the following lesson; IT IS AS SHORT AS WAS POSSIBLE. ----- ALL UNSECURED DIGITAL CURRENCY WILL GO TO ZERO WHEN GOLD BACK DIGITAL CURRENCY IS BROUGHT OUT BY THE GOVERNMENT. When the government offers gold bullion holders FREE storage inside of government warehouses; If the gold bullion holders will allow their gold bullion to be used to back the release of the number of pieces of digital currency which equals their gold bullion. Imagine names such as KNOX COIN, and PENTAGON COIN, all those different U.S. Government Mints, and well, where ever they store it; THAT IS THE NAME OF THE COIN. NAH! THERE IS JUST GOING TO BE ONE NAME. I VOTE FOR KNOX COIN. WELL, ANYWAY: THAT IS THE DAY WHEN ALL OTHER DIGITAL CURRENCY WILL GO TO A VALUE OF ZERO! I MYSELF WILL NOT BE ONE OF THOSE WHO GET CAUGHT OUT! I JUST TOLD YOU THE REAL FUTURE OF CRYPTO. EVERYTHING UP TO AND UNTIL THEN IS TOTALLY WORTHLESS BULL SHYTE! And nobody has to mine it. All of those BLOCK-CHAIN cryptocurrencies will be off on their own, absolutely useless up against what people would much rather trust; Simple electronic gold, silver, platinum, copper, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. ----- ----- The government will offer FREE storage of gold bullion, in exchange for using that gold bullion to back the release of an equal amount of 100 percent gold-backed digital currency. And it will run right alongside our U.S. Dollar, - FAVORED BY SOME PEOPLE, - HATED BY OTHERS DUE TO TOTAL TRACKING. And the government will argue over the dangers that a second gold-backed currency will pose to the U.S. Dollar. And it won't. They are wrong to think that it will. That gold already exists. But it exists in a useless state of existence; Just storing and guarding it is costing the owner money; And this will give it a purpose for existing. And when the owner wants it back, they will buy back that digital currency which that gold did cover. ----- ----- It will not be like the silver certificate of the past. No one holding the digital currency will ever be able to cash those in for gold or silver of platinum or copper or nickel or any of the other real and true assets that are chosen to be allowed to back the 100 percent backed digital currency. ----- ----- And, NO that gold that lives inside of the market for collectible coins, will not be welcome; Those poor fools who have paid above melt value are just stuck with their collectible coins. The U.S. Government Warehouse into which you put your gold will measure it by ounces in and ounces out; None of the this is your pallet and that is his pallet games. So if you were to put your fancy coins in; You are not getting those same fancy coins out.

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  • RIPPLE is the answer... And look at their partners list.

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  • Self Disclosure: I’ve been through top tier US educational institutions (UCSD, Colorado College (BA) & NYU (JD & MBA). Gary Gensler is a phenomenal, great teacher. I echo those comments here. His example shows that the very best teachers are not only very bright, but fine human beings- empathically generous, and kind of heart. Thank you Professor, now (2021) SEC Chair, Gary Gensler, and MIT as well, for offering and publicly posting this exceptional and timely 2018 course.

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  • Non technical discussions of "verification" are rough. Lots of possible attacks are obfuscated by abstractions.

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  • Good pick up for SEC MAN

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  • why is this a Graduate class? I have a aas degree in network security and get this fine so this is more like a intro class. comments?

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  • OK even better...sorry for ignorance IT IS A SCAM...but very well explained.

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  • As bears and bulls battle one another to claim theirs preferable strike rate, the bitcoin spot market expects to undergo major price swings. And that is happening already ahead of the london opening bell. It surged 4.9 to $53,524usd(data from coinbase) after falling to nearly $50,000usd in the previous trading session.

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  • We have to take into account that the class was before the covid crisis so the use of cryptocurrencies has increased and the valuation of Bitcoin has increased (although it is very volatile) and more people have convinced themselves to have a more maximalist point of view.

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    • Transcripts are available on MIT OpenCourseWare at: ocw.mit.edu/15-S12F18. Best wishes on your studies!

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