Why WESTWORLD Is The Best Show On TV Right Now

16. jun. 2018
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I think Westworld is underappreciated, so here I am spreading the lord's word about a brilliantly written show that might just be the best dramatic series on TV right now.
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  • I don't know how many of you watch Westworld, but I wanted to talk about it. In other news, hope you're having a fantastic day!

    Andrei TerbeaAndrei TerbeaPred 2 leti
    • i don't know to me it's feels like detroit become a human

      killer kamal en rarris dochterkiller kamal en rarris dochterPred 6 meseci
    • My name is jhonny

      bonbon 1bonbon 1Pred 11 meseci
    • Im just seeing this cause of my mom she loves this show

      Cha - ChaCha - ChaPred letom
    • I watch westworld and honestly im scared how season 3 will turn into

      LizardHerbalistLizardHerbalistPred letom
    • @Kr Mn were do you watch it?

      aico 33aico 33Pred letom

    LERIKS Toa of TimeLERIKS Toa of TimePred mesecem
  • poor johnny

    Bama MarhaendraBama MarhaendraPred mesecem
  • The robot uprising wont happen. It cant happen due to them having to be programmed to do it.

    Thanya SriklaiThanya SriklaiPred mesecem
  • _i smoke pot_

    Jeffery JeromeJeffery JeromePred 2 meseci
  • 3:55 I've always been. -_-

    Elijah CansElijah CansPred 2 meseci
  • keep in mind this was made when cobra kai was on tv

    AlibiAlibiPred 2 meseci
  • The white hat guy was actually the black hat guy hes not rascist cool

    Flipaclip AnimationFlipaclip AnimationPred 3 meseci
  • You hating on Scooby Doo bitch

    SlickSlickPred 4 meseci
  • Zombies are very much possible using viruses.

    ٰ ٰٰ ٰPred 4 meseci
  • Nani?!

    Bionic System5Bionic System5Pred 5 meseci
  • Update:westworld was the best show on tv cuz the season 3 was GARBAGE

    PootisPootisPred 5 meseci
  • Don’t judge starwars

    Aaryan ShahAaryan ShahPred 5 meseci
  • Imo West World is like Lost. Too many direction, unbelievable twists and loose ends. Pacing is also sooooo sloooow at times.

    Mister PotatofaceMister PotatofacePred 6 meseci
  • Excuse me as I go drawer angry eyebrows on my face right now

    The Shöcker PitThe Shöcker PitPred 6 meseci
  • I'm 9 soooo i wont wach weatworls

    Ioan MitruIoan MitruPred 6 meseci
  • The office is better

    D7i Z ZD7i Z ZPred 6 meseci
  • 3:44 u took my zombie apocalypse nightmares and I luv u for that


    AboodAboodPred 6 meseci
  • Don't recommend it if you're going through a existential crisis...

    Tobias Reimer ChristensenTobias Reimer ChristensenPred 6 meseci
  • Actually there is a small chance that a virus that effects ant brains could affect humans in the the same way in the future so yeah

    Never Blade090Never Blade090Pred 6 meseci
  • bruh the smooch

    N0va5o5N0va5o5Pred 6 meseci
  • 3:03 to 3:28 so basically black mirror

    LifelessLifelessPred 6 meseci
  • Scare pewdiepie is wayyy better.

    UmutUmutPred 6 meseci
  • I feel you man my apendix nearly burst it still hurt

    Oscar vlogs OfficialOscar vlogs OfficialPred 6 meseci

    Muhammad Abdullah SyafiiMuhammad Abdullah SyafiiPred 6 meseci
  • Wait you show star wars as good or bad in this moment4:43

    Janek_xXBobaXx Wołkowicz_xXFettXxJanek_xXBobaXx Wołkowicz_xXFettXxPred 6 meseci
  • Zombies can happen. Change my mind.

    Xɪᴏᴍᴇʀᴀ Nᴏʜᴇᴀ P. CᴀʀᴘɪᴏXɪᴏᴍᴇʀᴀ Nᴏʜᴇᴀ P. CᴀʀᴘɪᴏPred 6 meseci
  • There’s actually a type of fungus that infects ants and takes over their minds so yes a zombie apocalypse definitely could happen, I mean the zombies won’t really attack anyone they just look for a leaf or a sunny spot on a rock but A lot of people would die

    Mesozoic_GamingszMesozoic_GamingszPred 7 meseci
  • The show is generally focusing on conscientiousness. And particularly discussing other issues, such as the invalid human supremacy or self-proclaimed enlightenment. It primarily inviting us to ask ourselves many dazzling questions.

    Əm IirƏm IirPred 7 meseci
  • Wait this was made 2 years ago??-

    MikuシMikuシPred 7 meseci
  • Jonny watching this:👁💧👄💧👁

    MikuシMikuシPred 7 meseci
  • Man, I binge-watch on your channel. I really love you.

    ปราชญ์ยุทธ์ปราชญ์ยุทธ์Pred 7 meseci
  • Bruh I still love Scooby Doby DOO

    Glitch DreamingGlitch DreamingPred 7 meseci
  • that concept same goes for SAO alicization.

    abrieabriePred 7 meseci
  • Sub to pewdiepie for the love of God

    DJ 1o3DJ 1o3Pred 8 meseci
  • Why did I get this video in recommendations

    Sir. JustainSir. JustainPred 8 meseci
  • Wayne's world is for me

    useless zuseless zPred 8 meseci
  • 0:44 wait what??😅😂

    Ali MurtazaAli MurtazaPred 8 meseci
  • Andre- your not the hero YOUR A DISAPPOINTMENT Me- and a mistake

    EliEliPred 8 meseci
  • Zombies can never happen 2020 there’s a virus that is not fully developed but can right now infect insects and there are reports of worms attacking ants

    Hannah EHannah EPred 8 meseci
  • Wilfred was so cute in the bathtub 😖

    Darkon100pingDarkon100pingPred 8 meseci
  • Terminator

    DMRDMRPred 8 meseci
  • R we not ganna talk ab how cute bath wilfer is (I have no idea how to spell wilfer srry)

    arianna johnsonarianna johnsonPred 8 meseci
  • I’m not even joking right now. Like I was in the hospital after my appendectomy when this video came out. I’m binging him right now so that’s how I realized.

    Addison RuffingAddison RuffingPred 9 meseci
  • Can you please make a tutorial about lip sync. Please

    Baby Boy GamersBaby Boy GamersPred 9 meseci
  • 0:51 -3- it looks like a kissy face

    Lulu KeppoLulu KeppoPred 9 meseci
  • Little did he know GOT season 8 hadn't come out yet...

    ChrisChrisPred 9 meseci
  • Rewatching some vids on this channel bc they're so good and what is happening? Is MrBeast the ONLY advertiser on YT right now? Lmao, for the last few days all I get is the MrBeast honey ad. No matter the channel. It's really strange.

    Games Until DawnGames Until DawnPred 9 meseci
  • Dark is the best Netflix series ever

    HrishikeshHrishikeshPred 10 meseci
  • Not to ruin the thing andrei. but westworld is litteraly from a movie from the 70s(i think)

    FatKrabFatKrabPred 10 meseci
    • He’s obviously talking about the show

      Sirisaacnewton3Sirisaacnewton3Pred 9 meseci
    • I think it's something like remake

      Lunar MothLunar MothPred 9 meseci
  • The first episode was very unfriendly towards new viewers

    Fak3Cake MusicFak3Cake MusicPred 10 meseci
  • Btw maybe not exactly like zombies but rabies is pretty similar

    DreamDreamPred 10 meseci
  • Andrei:Zombies will NEVER exist 2020:yo,you wanna see some real speed bitch

    Crazylace _16Crazylace _16Pred 10 meseci
  • I has a zombie fantasy and I was the villain 🦹‍♂️

    Gabriel NadonggaGabriel NadonggaPred 10 meseci
  • I mean, supposedly it _is_ possible to create a virus like the ones you see in Resident Evil... It's just highly illegal to do so as per... I think it's the Geneva Conventions? It'd have to be a composite made from rabies, and any pre-existing dead people _before_ the virus won't rise, but hey. I _do_ like Ex Heroes though... Considering superheroes are a thing in that book, my disbelief is already suspended, so zombies there aren't too crazy. Especially when it's revealed what caused them.

    Aliesterus 1.0Aliesterus 1.0Pred 10 meseci
  • When u realise game of thrones was a thing they before the final season

    Dean McMillanDean McMillanPred 11 meseci
    • @Dean McMillan yes and?

      Robert PietraruRobert PietraruPred 10 meseci
    • Robert Pietraru game of thrones was the best show on tv

      Dean McMillanDean McMillanPred 10 meseci
    • What?

      Robert PietraruRobert PietraruPred 10 meseci

    Kai AnguloKai AnguloPred 11 meseci
  • I thought it was old man jankins

    Johnny BroderickJohnny BroderickPred 11 meseci
  • i think everyone can agree that the acting in the walking dead is hilariously bad.

    Miko PoloMiko PoloPred 11 meseci
    • @Kaloyan Lalov its not my opinion that there are memes about how bad the acting is neither is the actors incapability to say carl.

      Miko PoloMiko PoloPred 11 meseci
    • @Miko Polo your opinion

      Kaloyan LalovKaloyan LalovPred 11 meseci
    • @Kaloyan Lalov they can't even say the name carl, and the sceen after the death of carls mom has the most hilariously bad acting i have ever seen, and also having many people watch it doesnt mean that the actors got super talented the second it got popular.

      Miko PoloMiko PoloPred 11 meseci
    • Bruh u ever watched the snow. I MEAN TWD IS THE SECOND MOST WATCHED SERIES. And don't say that the acting is bad cause you probably didn't like the TWD. 😂😏😚

      Kaloyan LalovKaloyan LalovPred 11 meseci
  • fun fact zombies are actually realistic, there actually exists a few wasp species that can zombiefy their prey and there is actually a species of fungi that infects ants and make them lose all free will, and then get them to hold themselves in a death grip in wherever the fungi wants it to go and then later on the fungi will sprout out of the ants head. this fungi actually inspired the last of us.(its okay this fungi species only live in the rainforest.)

    Miko PoloMiko PoloPred 11 meseci
  • Got sucks

    Flame PigFlame PigPred 11 meseci
  • Have you ever you heard of JOJO bizarre whatever

    ꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄Pred 11 meseci
  • When I saw Pam I went ape shit

    John DartJohn DartPred 11 meseci
  • If you have to talk about why any show is the best show on tv instead of seeing why then it's not a good show

    Cesar OrtegaCesar OrtegaPred 11 meseci
  • I loved seasons 1 and 2 for different reasons, and just started watching season 3. It seems to be the slowest start, but I understand bc they basically have to start from scratch as far as world-building goes for this season. I've also heard that halfway through the season is good, but after that it becomes convoluted

    moistsqueegee 95moistsqueegee 95Pred 11 meseci
  • 3:45 you wouldn't say that now! would you

    ajithran roxajithran roxPred 11 meseci
  • Now it sucks.

    JunoJunoPred 11 meseci
  • I literally skipped to season 3 for fun and I was like WTF SHOGUN JAPAN?

    nirvannahnirvannahPred 11 meseci
  • Westworld season 3 has entered the chat

    Eren YeagerEren YeagerPred 11 meseci
  • Two words: Ben Barnes. Everything he is in becomes 400% better.

    AD QueenAD QueenPred 11 meseci
  • Andrei how does something not really make it bad so your saying anything in the work of fiction is bad

    SneezySneezyPred 11 meseci
  • The big bang theroy

    Furret FerretFurret FerretPred 11 meseci
  • Season 2 was ok at best and season 3 was an absolute mess. Season 1 was some of the best tv ever made

    Ik HoiIk HoiPred 11 meseci
  • Adventure time was still on tv when this was uploaded so incorrect

    plushiecoreplushiecorePred 11 meseci
  • Scooby-Doo was still a good show though. Only 300 IQ people can guess the criminal before the reveal.

    Enrico PucciEnrico PucciPred 11 meseci
  • If you want robots feeling conflict then watch terminator

    Batsheva GoldsteinBatsheva GoldsteinPred 11 meseci
  • theres a westworld vr game (played it)

    My ears hurtsMy ears hurtsPred 11 meseci
  • I fell asleep watching this and had a dream of Andrei eating goose,I then woke up terrified.Thank god it was a dream.

    PurplePlayerVPurplePlayerVPred 11 meseci
  • I'm gonna steal this from game theory, but it is possible to make a Zombie infection.

    Bird faceBird facePred 11 meseci
  • What about spongbob???????????

    haha memes go brrrhaha memes go brrrPred 11 meseci
  • This is some Nolan Magic

    Roaring Thunder115Roaring Thunder115Pred 11 meseci
  • now its the biggest trash

    PekiKvakec 69PekiKvakec 69Pred 11 meseci
  • The greatest show of all time.. Did you watch westworld s3

    Kaushal KhatriKaushal KhatriPred 11 meseci
  • What you say here about the female characters being strong is an excellent point and exactly what this show gets right and Hollywood gets wrong so often today!

    Jason StephensJason StephensPred 11 meseci
  • To be honest, season 2 is both interesting but seemed a little too focused on the characters,instead of the carnage that the uprising brought in that we see how Maeve and Dolores handle it but we don't see side stories that might not even go anywhere and I think cowboy-lover turned cowboy-simp coulda been more pissed about getting reprogrammed by acting out in situations and places where he's not at dolores' side,but still better than the mess that season 3 was

    July tsvetkovJuly tsvetkovPred 11 meseci
  • Westworld has many meanings if you look into it, but it isn't particularly my cup of tea, I definitely prefer peaky blinders and Vikings, I tried watching The Tudors, but it's pretty shit. But overall in my opinion, westworld is all right, but I wouldn't rank it as the 'best' TV series right now. But people have different opinions and I respect that.

    JoeDad LeftyouJoeDad LeftyouPred 11 meseci
  • Not gonna lie, westworld sounding like maze runner

    Asw MainorAsw MainorPred 11 meseci
  • 2:42 I apologize but that’s really sexy

    Joe H.SJoe H.SPred 11 meseci
  • bro did you say hmm relating to the 'TrUE STORIEs" channel XD

    Yasunaga&MochiYasunaga&MochiPred 11 meseci

    TheHorribleOnionTheHorribleOnionPred letom
  • Well I know a way to get a zombie apocalypse

    Caleb ThornberryCaleb ThornberryPred letom
  • Who remebers the old Westworld movie

    Ducky PapaDucky PapaPred letom
  • I went to a summer camp and they filmed some west world there

  • Detroit Become Human

    KeyKea BGMKeyKea BGMPred letom
  • I would like to watch your opinion on the second season. Also on the third. I think is now airing, I will see it when is complete.

    Jocelyn LopezJocelyn LopezPred letom
  • Do you feel the same now???

    Lemonade SchokoladeLemonade SchokoladePred letom
  • I think walking dead is better and better then game of thorn

    Sushi StudiosSushi StudiosPred letom
  • I love how happy wilfur is at the end

    Lazar Teš¡ćLazar Teš¡ćPred letom
  • I do love zombies but i hate the walking dead series i didnt feel wt will happen next i would c resident evil agn and agn than that

    alluri pranithaalluri pranithaPred letom