How to make Russian cheese (Русский сыр) - Cooking with Boris

20. nov. 2020
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Russian cheese is the block of processed cow juice you find on store shelf in Russia. Some love it and others love it. It is the best no doubt. Here is how you make it.
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On this channel, you find slav gaming, lifestyle, cooking, car reviews, animation and tutorials including end of month and budget cooking.
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  • Ayy blyat bring the cheese Boris!! 😂 we all eat Russian cheese from childhood

    uameeuameePred 5 dnevi
    • Да.

      Ky4ka KataKy4ka KataPred 47 minutami
    • I go to gulag I didn't have passport to go to America those damn border patrol Western spy's

      animeman 106animeman 106Pred 10 urami
    • Yes

      potato grandmasterpotato grandmasterPred 21 uro
    • Слыш я руу

      Mr. JSABMr. JSABPred dnevom
    • support my channel too please🤗

  • Repent and believe the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to be saved. God bless you all! Repent before it is too late. God's wrath is coming...

    Filip GjorgjevskiFilip GjorgjevskiPred 13 minutami
  • Imagine he dropped the camera on the cheese

    azeromegaazeromegaPred uro
  • Imagine being home-friends with Boris, you would never starve.

    burak hüseyinoğluburak hüseyinoğluPred 2 urami
  • wow😋😋soo good food im hungry

    Nils Jean Carmelo RacoNils Jean Carmelo RacoPred 2 urami
  • How long has it been after the last cheese making video? He is fast at learning recipies

    ekin kuşekin kuşPred 2 urami
  • New idea for Boris! " get drunk and fight a bear with a LMG " Do it how ever you want to do it, I dont care what you do to make the video, my Russian comrade!

    blitz the Protogenblitz the ProtogenPred 2 urami
  • This is kinda like colby, except brined.

    Marc TMarc TPred 3 urami
  • cheese making skillsssssss haha,lets laugh togethr because i am laughing wierdly

    musta famusta faPred 3 urami
  • Russian cheese Boris: I can make a religion out of this

    Muhammad HussainMuhammad HussainPred 3 urami

    BRUH PlayesBRUH PlayesPred 3 urami
  • I wonder if he will make a 3 course meal from a couple of atoms....

    BreadBreadPred 3 urami
  • Induction stove Boris I’m disappointed

    Gabriele ChavezGabriele ChavezPred 3 urami
  • I'm pretty sure that under the mask is hiding a bear, or Lenin

    Lorenzo Pollo CaffèLorenzo Pollo CaffèPred 3 urami
  • i need to make poached egg but i cannot help pls

    bingle bonblerbingle bonblerPred 3 urami
  • Name something you can say to you dog but not your wife *I will not sell you to happy new owner,your going into meat grinder*

    Cyboy GamingCyboy GamingPred 3 urami
  • Vadim face reveal when?

    Flying CrowFlying CrowPred 4 urami
  • Look russian mafia

    CLICK stopCLICK stopPred 5 urami
  • Play gta sa

    Tigran MelconyanTigran MelconyanPred 5 urami
  • How the hell I'm being unsubscribe from boris? What kind of blin is this

    Fluff DudeFluff DudePred 5 urami
  • I don't know which one respects to follow the bad but fast or the good but slow I need answers Дерьмо

    ROBO_ mateROBO_ matePred 5 urami
  • How incredibly awesome Dr Madida on SLworlds are to help me bring back my Ex and cure me of my herpes virus with his herbal abilities

    Lincoln BobbsLincoln BobbsPred 6 urami
  • He has probably answered this question before but I still wonder if he puts this accent on for the videos or if he actually speaks like that all the time :D edit: can't spell for shit

    Hanna MariaHanna MariaPred 7 urami
  • but Boris, you wasted that whey. you could have used it to cheddar your cheese! and then boiled it down into gjetost. wasting resources is what capitalist do

    Rook9696Rook9696Pred 7 urami
  • At first I thought he was speaking russian but it was really english

    SeantidopeSeantidopePred 7 urami
  • How u know temp of cow

    Trah IsmayaTrah IsmayaPred 7 urami
  • How come Americans can’t measure it like that

    conga ratconga ratPred 8 urami
  • I regret watching right after I ate-

    Bee unuBee unuPred 8 urami
  • Что я тут забыл?)

    Денис ВилкаДенис ВилкаPred 8 urami
  • Boris Teach Us To Cook And Now We Have Cooking Skills :)

    •KomradeShade••KomradeShade•Pred 8 urami
  • ...

    Толик АлкогольныйТолик АлкогольныйPred 8 urami
  • 1:37

    Diaz KeyzanovDiaz KeyzanovPred 8 urami
  • Ayy where cooking with Kalashnikov

    Adam DawoodAdam DawoodPred 9 urami
  • человек культуры

  • Бетон is concrete, for those who don't wanna translate

    InkTheOneInkTheOnePred 9 urami
  • "Crumbles like western economy" - Boris, 2020

    Blitzkrieg 1274Blitzkrieg 1274Pred 10 urami
  • Maybe the holes Vadim drills into his walls are actually him drilling screws into the heads of his victims, Vadim is the imposter!

    Gavinarow31Gavinarow31Pred 10 urami
  • q

    gavingavinPred 10 urami
  • Мы с мамой нашли Тгиса, а это мой новый любимый Чендель.

    Rl4870 Little fishRl4870 Little fishPred 11 urami
  • Cheese economy decrease, some Russian guy teach people how to make it....I could imagine that in the news

    Ex_ NovichEx_ NovichPred 11 urami
  • 0:50 he says that well cutting blue cheese

    derpy Productionderpy ProductionPred 11 urami
  • I’m moving my broken arm in honor of the intro

    Noah YamenNoah YamenPred 11 urami
  • Я не нашёл ни одного доказательства что он русский.

    Jay MelonyJay MelonyPred 12 urami
  • Fun fact cow temperature 38c do not ask how -Boris 2020

    MOZZAMOZZAPred 12 urami
  • he has experience he survived communism, its worst then living in the wild

    arthur Benedettiarthur BenedettiPred 12 urami
  • For some reason I thought it would be much bigger, it's pretty small. But I guess you get that a lot.

    elinator600gamingelinator600gamingPred 12 urami
  • Can you make one video about slovenian language

    Vid ČrničVid ČrničPred 13 urami
  • Boris is going to get himself a camera with manual lenses

    Dustin FakeDustin FakePred 14 urami
  • Boris: Just some salt Also Boris: proceeds to add 5 heart attacks worth of salt Edit: everyone in the comment replies section doesn't understand the joke at all

    eioshen boboieioshen boboiPred 14 urami
  • I just got your game on switch, and my life already improved by 10%.

    SaintTwitchSaintTwitchPred 14 urami
  • i left in the first 10 secs because of the cheese joke.

    MateMatePred 15 urami
    • Awesome, someone knows about mead!

      eioshen boboieioshen boboiPred 14 urami
  • I recently started learning russian. Now i can read Cyrillic. Russkiy Syr very good. Greetings from Poland Slav Brother. Thanks for borrowing our country for 123 years.

    [ AndroPolska ][ AndroPolska ]Pred 15 urami
  • Hi there curd nerds

    spikbebisspikbebisPred 15 urami
  • I from poland and i love your channel |•_•|

    Maks DoubleMaks DoublePred 15 urami
  • For those interested, the music playing between each steps is called "Druken Clown" close enougth i guess

    Jean-Bastien JolyJean-Bastien JolyPred 15 urami
  • 7 months, 7 months ago I have not seen this channel. I deserve your best insults

    Messi_Chiquito 22Messi_Chiquito 22Pred 15 urami
  • 5:36 POV: Cooking with Boris drunk

    akxakxPred 15 urami
  • Poland is basically like russia but harder level

    KartKartPred 16 urami
  • 8:37 It's worth mentioning here that eggs will sometimes float anyway if they're not fresh.

    UnderhandDreadUnderhandDreadPred 16 urami
  • 9:00 fun fact, cheese in Lithuanian literaly means salty

    MaciusMaciusPred 16 urami
  • Can you make a khinkali recipe?

    Nicholas LattanziNicholas LattanziPred 16 urami
  • Boris, I thank you for cheese.

    John DoeJohn DoePred 16 urami
  • If I get like by Boris I be patroen

    PhageYNPhageYNPred 16 urami
  • Saying "beton" like it's such a russian word when it's just concrete ._.

    Clash RobertClash RobertPred 16 urami
  • boris king ☢☣

    Xanarchy TvXanarchy TvPred 16 urami
  • Awesome, someone knows about mead!

    St Ahmed Pendragon GuinevereSt Ahmed Pendragon GuineverePred 16 urami
  • Name the music

    Trinity RUSSOTrinity RUSSOPred 17 urami
  • Hay Boris i wan't to ask if is mistake wear old soviet ushanka instead od youres 🤔

    Michal KasakMichal KasakPred 17 urami
  • Что он добавляет в молоко???

    Ян ЛевандовскийЯн ЛевандовскийPred 17 urami
  • ohhh i missed you mah frend

    Asdara CoignardAsdara CoignardPred 17 urami
  • 0:43 I knew that's how you actually pronounce your name. Or can you say Boris instead of Boris?

    Anton SaikoAnton SaikoPred 17 urami
  • First step is to get a cow that is at least 38 years old, and on its just functioning leg.

    Blank BlankBlank BlankPred 18 urami
  • Finally youtube recommended something I really like and can easily subscribe to. Love this guy's mannerisms 😂👌

    TokeTooMuch 420TokeTooMuch 420Pred 18 urami
  • Где же русские комментарии?

    Кря КряКря КряPred 18 urami

    Infinite_virusInfinite_virusPred 18 urami
  • LIES!!! step 1 get in car step 2 drive to netherlands step 3 steal their cheese because it's fucking awesome YEAH I SEE YOU RUSSIA! :P

    jos molenjos molenPred 18 urami
  • tatratea 72% he knows the quality of slovakia im so proud

    hokmikus mhokmikus mPred 18 urami
  • make more

    TheUniversalBeanTheUniversalBeanPred 19 urami
  • i want that bayonet now

    someonesomeonePred 19 urami
  • The only variety in Russian cheese comes from Finland.

    Tommuli HaudankaivajaTommuli HaudankaivajaPred 19 urami
  • ФОКУС,СУКА! P.s. Это же просто брынза в упаковке сыра! Но да ладно,нормальный видос

    ShavlShavlPred 19 urami
  • ждем бутер )

    Iuliia SukhanovaIuliia SukhanovaPred 19 urami
  • salt is from Belarus hah

    yebenyx YTyebenyx YTPred 19 urami
  • Seems tasty

    FIRE FEDEFIRE FEDEPred 20 urami
  • i rarely get to eat cheese...

    ChogMilsChogMilsPred 20 urami
  • In your name I’ve named one of my satellites in KSP “Stay Slav.”

    LordVader20KLordVader20KPred 20 urami
  • He will never reveal his face

    potato grandmasterpotato grandmasterPred 21 uro
  • Говори нормально zaebal)

    LaneSLaneSPred 21 uro
  • subscribe to him now!

    potato grandmasterpotato grandmasterPred 21 uro
  • любовь из Индии 😁😈

    Blue not SusBlue not SusPred 21 uro

    I'm a big sandwichI'm a big sandwichPred 22 urami
  • I am going to follow these steps and make my own cheese one day

    Michael R FishMichael R FishPred 22 urami
  • blin,what language is it ahah

    Angela ViAngela ViPred 22 urami
  • Так вот почему американцы делают клюкву

    Участковый 6Участковый 6Pred 22 urami
  • Boris using Polish bacteria cultures for cheese! ayeeeeeeey

    PolmicPolmicPred 23 urami
  • Its good that im from Poland sow i can read the instructions and laiter scream at Boris what he did wrong

    Paweł WyzgaPaweł WyzgaPred 23 urami
  • Ahh Boris i love Your videos,i always wait for them with my tavarish cat,emmm can you... make some... slav video how to fight the Coronavirus ? This can be great man ! We slavic people know that Vodka is one real and true cure for this China stuff but... make it pls,greatings from Kraków Poland ! Slava Brother ! :D

    Crazy Wizard PyroCrazy Wizard PyroPred 23 urami
  • America:use a knife to cut cheese Russia:no we use bayonet to cut the cheese

    Kapalish _405Kapalish _405Pred dnevom
  • Vadim to drop inside 😂

    You don't have to know my nameYou don't have to know my namePred dnevom
  • Bliin you need Canon camera

    ZionX 50ZionX 50Pred dnevom