Your Favorite YouTuber Doesn't Love You.

28. apr. 2018
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Your pal Andrei here back at it with some cold hard facts. Sorry to break it to you but your favorite youtuber doesn't actually love you.
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  • Hi andrei

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  • Actually, my favorite youtubers do love me. They featured my song on their channel

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  • Not even my parents love me I’m not surprised

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  • 0:46 pretty much 2021 government

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  • But your my favourite youtuber

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  • But I didn't say I love my subscribers

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  • 3:12 oh god...

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  • Like your videos nice 🔥

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  • I feel like Andrei got his kidneys stolen in mexico

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  • I will rarely comment

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  • *this makes me feel bad about thanking my audience for anything if I was ever famous.*

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  • Salut

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  • Plss get hair back its cooler

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  • With great power comes great electricity bill.

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  • Yeah if they loved me then that would be gay

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  • Whats up with you and mexico

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  • That title made me say.. *Andrei doesn't love me?*

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  • Which animation software do you use

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  • 3:25

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  • Hey. Si eu sunt din Romania. Vreau doar sa iti spun ca iti ador videoclipurile. Btw imi place gasca.

  • I’m Actually Mexican And I Am Not Offended By The Joke.

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  • Youre... Youre my fav

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  • Me seeing the title: yes.

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  • When I watch your videos you had short hair

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  • OMG ANDREI IS SPIDER-MAN GUYS THIS IS SO SHOCKING!!!11!1!!!!!11 hyphon for the cool kids

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  • With great power comes great tomfoolery! -sam-O-nela. 20-who the frick cares

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  • I should be mad but I'm not

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  • wait so you don't love m?

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  • You suck your the worst I Uber ever

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  • can you make a video just about doing standuo comedy about logan paul

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  • Old v new THE SAME

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  • The title: *Exists* Me: U said we were special Andrei

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  • Hi Andrei this video was awsome I loved it great job

  • So technically your saying "new subs to f off". Ok

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  • HE HAD HAIR!!!!?????

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  • React to chad wild clay his a bad youtuber

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  • So u don’t like us?

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  • Who is Logan Paul

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  • Andrea do you care about us?

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  • Wow this man thinks you sell your kidneys in Mexico do it in Iran it’s legal and you could farm them and the minimal wage is £25 a month

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  • A channel I kinda like says this at the end of their videos ALWAYS say this: and remember we LOVE you! Btw the channel name is: ChannelFregerator

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  • I want to buy you're kidney But I would have to sell my kidney :/ Jk jk jk it's a joke

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  • 'The more people who join the party, they become a blury mass of 'guys' ' *so true*

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  • bet you 10 he wontheart this.

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  • Wwe

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  • Why Mexico out of all the places it’s Mexico

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    • As a Mexican I find it hilarious. I live in Puebla btw

    • Were not that bad right?

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  • I just joined the party

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  • Dude, this guy should have 1 million subs

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  • Am I an oh fan c::::::

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  • i am sad that andrei doesnt like me

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  • I only follow influancers who travel around the world.Because influancer is a famous person who is talented and show people their talent in diffrent ways.(in good ways)

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  • u have hair

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  • Luckily all my subscribers are my relatives and my friends so i love them haha comedy.

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  • Frame is a status not a person but that person use that as an image that stay with people.

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  • 10:00

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  • 2.81m came to late

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  • feminists when they realized when its "hey guys" and not " hey Women"

    Mars The ProMars The ProPred mesecem
    • @Mars The Pro I’m sorry lol. I’m not trying to be mean. Your joke is fine, but it’s not really needed for the video’s subject. Maybe a meme channel would work better? This happened before with another video. I was talking about auto generated captions with some account called “god” and it got to the point where they said I can I put so much into a comment and be a b!tch of the month at the same time. Really they said something like that.

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    • @StarBird3055 U must be so fun at parties....

      Mars The ProMars The ProPred mesecem
    • @Mars The Pro I know that, but the word guy while usually a male term, can group females from what I can tell. Kinda like calling the cast of a show or movie actors. Actors being the specific male term, but being used for multiple people who act if you understand what I’m trying to say.

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    • @StarBird3055 „ the more ppl joining the party the more that blurry mass merges into a mass of „guys“ „

      Mars The ProMars The ProPred mesecem
    • And how is that an appropriate response to the video? Not saying it's bad as a meme, but I don't think it's very relevant to the video.

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  • #subandrai

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  • Title: your favorite SLworldsr Thumbnail: Logan (or Jake I can't tell) Well that is just obvious

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  • This video is very true.

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  • Sarmale cu sirene la subrat

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  • This is realistic

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  • Andrei Terbea doesn't love me????

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  • this is a good youtube chanle

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  • I have a Spider-Man SLworlds channel, and when he made the reference I got goosebumps.

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  • I feel bad o my day ;( often

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  • Yo this is lit

  • See subtitles at 4:25

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  • I care about my fans

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  • what if your my favourite youtuber?

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  • But your my favirite

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  • What do you use to animate?

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