Amazing Cement Window Making | #shorts

7. mar. 2021
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Amazing Cement Window Making | #shorts

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    • @Pittala Harish y 2G t😂 yyy

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    • If I donate, will you go find this guy and give my portion directly to him? With a receipt?

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  • Really how talented is this guy

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  • ممكن تابعوني محتواي كلش حلوووو

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  • Ay ALLAH bless him for his good deeds..

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  • Come to America , you could sell them for 100.00 a pc. !!! They are BEUTIFUL Mister !!!

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  • Amazing

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  • I thought they was making a grave

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  • Adorei os trabalhos

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  • Senku chan??

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  • Que ermoso

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  • Good skill

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  • Капец это интересно и 100% не легко и красиво

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  • Kamala hai yr ye to

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  • This is really amazing and very skilled artworks... it's like you fly a plane without auto pilot and everything is manual....

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  • Those are screens.

    heavystarch100heavystarch100Pred dnevom
  • Wow i wasn't expecting the quality to be so good!

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  • This is too slow. In the west, we would stop and say okay let us make a production table to get us off the ground, hire ppl with wheelbarrows and shovels to keep sand coming and another for water, and hire a line of mixers, etc, etc, etc, now we are getting somewhere for everyone. Now let's apprentice buddy here for potters work and brother gets a raise and benefits. Boom.

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  • There ya go everyone who's pro-green energy, look!!! Zero emissions. Now build your own home. Good work btw.

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  • Nice

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  • Who else thought he was fixing to turn cement into a glass window 😦💀

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  • Lindo trabalho!!!!!

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  • 👍

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  • Perindapan

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  • Incredible Pakistan

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  • I wish I could put concrete in a mold.... Oh wait, I can...... and with less waste.

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  • That's awesome.

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  • 😳😲

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  • What's the special skill, to fill some concrete into a form?

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  • Mashallah

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  • Why they are always sitting like this ? 🥸

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  • How mach is the fish?

  • Pakistan zindabad 🇵🇰👌👊💪

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  • Pakistani ♥️

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  • Amazing. And very skillfully done.

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  • Why are you wearing white?

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  • May Allah Bless u and him forever❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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  • Nice Bhai Jan ye sancha mujhay bi change mujh se rants kro

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  • Episode 69 of where lockdown has led me to

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  • Dog gone it, if I would hav just mastered that sand box as a kid. Dudes amazing!

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  • zairyougasorotteru!!!sugoi!

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  • Amazing

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  • While the end product does look appealing the concrete mix isn't correct making these window molds brittle they will degrade fairly quickly compared to a proper mix you'll get a few years of use out of them vs decades.

    Michael PuckettMichael PuckettPred 2 dnevi
  • i thought it was gonna be worst, but the result is just wow. look how smooth it is

    Opal FPSOpal FPSPred 2 dnevi
  • Could pls provide address of this company/ worker

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  • Bob we got new windows, where....

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  • That’s not a very good window

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  • Looks like it will last about 2 hours

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  • Sieht gut aus

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  • Nice.....👌👌☺️ Wawwwww.... amazing.....😨😱😱😱👌👌☺️

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  • I'm impressed. Keeping those sharp edges in tact is harder than it looks. Well done sir.

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  • Way better than watching some tiktok “prank”

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  • These people do a lot with nothing.

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  • MashaAllah good work

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  • Gorgeous

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  • Noob.

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  • Loved this video

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  • Amazing

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  • Tabhi 6 months me tut jaati hai

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  • You are so nice making cement window 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

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  • Excelent work... Salam aleikum

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    • @Wow Skills Allahu Akbar 🙏

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    • Waalaikumussalam

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  • God Bless him.

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    • @Wow Skills 🙂

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    • Ameen Sum Ameen

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  • این قالبشو چجوری میشه تهیه کردد

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  • Amazing

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  • Who wants to take a trailer full of quickcrete and steamroll this business?

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  • Alhamdulilah ❤️ 🌙 Amina ALLAH à Nous tous Amina ALLAH

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  • I would love to go to work in my pyjamas

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  • Its called a sidewalk you bums

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  • This man is artist,machalah,

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  • Indian. Ppl are so talented it looks sooooo beautiful my god how did it set up so fast after you make it no time to set up you made it and flipped it over and didn't break wow I love those windows

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  • There was a workshop like this bedside our house and we used to watch this from our roof ! Now there are two banks instead of the workshop !

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