I Survived 100 Days as a PIGLIN in Hardcore Minecraft... Minecraft Hardcore 100 Days

1. maj. 2021
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In this video, I attempted to survive 100 days as a Piglin in hardcore minecraft!
Mod Tutorial:
100 Days of Mega Ultra Hardcore Minecraft Playlist:
Inspired by @Luke TheNotable​ 's 100 Days
Epidemic Sound
C418 - Haggstrom
C418 - Minecraft
C418 - Sweden
Minecraft hardcore 100 days is the traditional idea, but i survived 100 days a piglin shapeshifter. I also modified the game to spawn more types of enchanted books in the nether. I played as a Piglin using the morph mod or identity mod. I survived 100 days as a piglin and piglin brute in the nether.
#minecraft100days​ #minecrafthardcore​ #100days
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  • What kind of base would you build in the nether?

    CorinthiusCorinthiusPred 6 dnevi

      Julie PeggieJulie PeggiePred 2 dnevi
    • A cobble bunker near a lot of beds

      glamboi freggyglamboi freggyPred 2 dnevi
    • A would do netherid base

      Dan DNADan DNAPred 2 dnevi
    • O

      Mike GordonMike GordonPred 2 dnevi
    • P

      Mike GordonMike GordonPred 2 dnevi
  • Pog

    Lukie Luke75Lukie Luke75Pred 6 minutami
  • Corinthius: I found 2 fortress before looking for a bastion Me on console looking for a fortress after finding like 5 bastions

    ProGunner 21ProGunner 21Pred 14 minutami
  • AKA trapped in the nether with 8 hearts

    BSS_NolanBSS_NolanPred 15 minutami
  • Part 2 please!

    OliveOilOliveOilPred 26 minutami
  • How can I tell the time in the nether?

    Psycho_ RBLXPsycho_ RBLXPred 34 minutami
  • what mod is that

    Donna BoshellDonna BoshellPred 35 minutami
  • GG u did the thing I'll never do

    gacha Acegacha AcePred 35 minutami
  • “I heard that subbing will make you sub to the Chantal

    Turtle 109Turtle 109Pred 36 minutami
  • What’s the chicken jockey but I like your show I mean cool bro like cool cool cool cool cool cool bro

    Ebtihal AlaqeelEbtihal AlaqeelPred 40 minutami
  • 2 hundy days?

    Xx_Limao_xXXx_Limao_xXPred 42 minutami
  • 200 days please

    Nonfisyboi82 ManNonfisyboi82 ManPred 48 minutami
  • How do you know what day is it?

    Oliver BetancourtOliver BetancourtPred 52 minutami
  • Ngl this is cool. I think zombie piglins should be completely hostile for more challenge

    dazzlingshadowkaid 1dazzlingshadowkaid 1Pred 56 minutami
  • 200 days plz

    Mr GMr GPred uro
  • No

    Below NothinBelow NothinPred uro
  • Why are you eating pigs if your a pig cannibal

    Pyt. JaleahPyt. JaleahPred uro
  • Congrats on 200k man!😁👍

    Anna BAnna BPred uro
  • Your videos are awesome

    Jen BJen BPred uro
  • Wow nice vid bro. I just found your channel and subbed and liked the vid

    Mr. Know SoMr. Know SoPred uro
  • 6:00 wait pressing the subscribe button dose!?!

    MunchieMunchiePred uro
  • You can have water in the nether with structure block but i don't know if it works in java

    Stelios 2008Stelios 2008Pred uro
  • Ok

    Ra-Manuit SERRANORa-Manuit SERRANOPred uro
  • I noticed that u didint use your shield to cover yourself from those hoglins xD

    Evelyn TalunayEvelyn TalunayPred uro
  • Your voice is so calm

  • You need to do another 100 days as a piglin

    Aiden CumminsAiden CumminsPred uro
  • This one great video made me subscribe...

    Soske SibaSoske SibaPred uro
  • So thats how piglins learned to ride striders...

    Riley WalkerRiley WalkerPred uro
  • How do you know how much days it was if you’re in the nether?

    C1 c1 c1 c1 makes c4l Idk!C1 c1 c1 c1 makes c4l Idk!Pred uro
  • 17:50 wait but ancient debris can ONLY be smelted in blast furnace

    Balkanski MoronBalkanski MoronPred uro
  • Poglin

    Gabriel OregonGabriel OregonPred uro
  • ?

    SongSongPred 2 urami
  • how did you count your days?

    Justin TranJustin TranPred 2 urami
  • Cool vid

    Chris MunozChris MunozPred 2 urami
  • Fun fact: this is actually morph mod, he just teleported to nether and killed a piglin

    Mimi playzMimi playzPred 2 urami
  • So you break the gold block with a stone pickaxe and then you open a chest and find a diamond pickaxe? If I was you I would be like “WHY DID I BREAK THAT GOLD BLOCK!!!!” 😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖

    Nathan ScottNathan ScottPred 2 urami
  • How do u know what day it is

    ꧁Nɪɢʜᴛᴍᴀʀᴇ꧂꧁Nɪɢʜᴛᴍᴀʀᴇ꧂Pred 2 urami
  • please make a hardcore survive with a enderman in the end pleeeeeaseee !!!

    Pedro Max FreitasPedro Max FreitasPred 2 urami
  • 7:39 aaggghhhh that hurt my brain

  • everyone: wow so cool!! me: theres no time in the nether...

    TheSignWriterTheSignWriterPred 2 urami
  • I think weeping vines only drop their source block when you break them

    Keva planksKeva planksPred 2 urami
  • I love it when this notification shows up "Someone liked your comment" and "You have a new subscriber" :)

    BraidzBraidzPred 2 urami
  • Do more of this please

    Whitebeard PiratesWhitebeard PiratesPred 2 urami
  • Should have used the origins mod for the piglin

    ernie1528ernie1528Pred 2 urami
  • Why you didnit make a beacon....

    Imdadullah JewelImdadullah JewelPred 2 urami
  • How did U count days because there's no day night cycle in the nether

    RalseiPlayz DERalseiPlayz DEPred 2 urami
  • Cud you do a 200 day

    Pumpkin_tv_2008Pumpkin_tv_2008Pred 2 urami
  • 10% of the weeping vines you find drop, the rest gets deleted

    Dajung Kim TrochetDajung Kim TrochetPred 3 urami
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    Anne KellyAnne KellyPred 3 urami
  • why do u speak like that

    IgorIgorPred 3 urami
  • The Strider got me Im ur New Sub :D

    ItzWhiteeDiamond GamingItzWhiteeDiamond GamingPred 3 urami
  • you can use lava buckets to cook

    Alpal 101Alpal 101Pred 3 urami
  • Oh

    ETD AdventuresETD AdventuresPred 3 urami
  • Just want you to know WE WANT MORE

    ultima wolf xeenultima wolf xeenPred 3 urami
  • you used morph mod?

    Alpal 101Alpal 101Pred 3 urami
  • For the weeping vines the drop rate is 1/3 (33%), but you did it wrong: You should break the vines from the bottom and work your way up instead of just breaking the top one or you could've used your fortune pick

    JoggieJoggiePred 3 urami
  • Surviver 100 days as a zomdie

    Butt FaceButt FacePred 3 urami
  • Make a 200 days

    the poke crusher 11the poke crusher 11Pred 3 urami
  • 200 days?

    Edboud gamingEdboud gamingPred 3 urami
  • Ngl we need a server that you can play as a mob

  • 2:39 Unlocked Enderman identity.

    Levi BuiLevi BuiPred 3 urami
  • Half of this is bull sh*t you can't find diamond enchanted pickaxe or chickens

    RILEYREAD NZ123RILEYREAD NZ123Pred 3 urami
  • I invaded a nether fortress

    Robbie Matthew DascoRobbie Matthew DascoPred 4 urami
  • Nobody: Not a single human: Piglin Corinthius: Blaze rods are fuel

    Skull0GDSkull0GDPred 4 urami
    • It’s understandable tho

      Skull0GDSkull0GDPred 4 urami
  • At 2.40 look rigth and then up U jest got caugth in 4k

    DababyDababyPred 4 urami
  • It looks more like a greek ship

    Mr. FrostMr. FrostPred 4 urami
  • I love lukethenotable he makes the best vids!

    Lance HamptonLance HamptonPred 4 urami
  • 200 days?

    ghostghostPred 4 urami
  • PLEASE tell me whats that mod is called

    mincraft jakobmincraft jakobPred 4 urami
  • Now that's comedy gold

    Grizz TBBSGrizz TBBSPred 4 urami
  • That moment when you realize that whiter skeleton gives coal

    Kabuto-kunKabuto-kunPred 4 urami
  • Plz

    Royce LiRoyce LiPred 4 urami
  • Do enderman

    Royce LiRoyce LiPred 4 urami
  • Can you make 2 part on surviving 200 DAYS as a Piglin, I want to see the 1st Piglin who kills the Ender Dragon.

    Samuel Emilio Muñiz PachecoSamuel Emilio Muñiz PachecoPred 4 urami
  • How are you soo smart?

    Hairboybrother IscoolHairboybrother IscoolPred 4 urami
  • 200 DAYS PLZ

    Banana ManBanana ManPred 4 urami
  • Really pigskin brutes have 25 hearts not 20

    Jimmie MontgomeryJimmie MontgomeryPred 4 urami
    • I meant piglin

      Jimmie MontgomeryJimmie MontgomeryPred 4 urami
  • This was a cool vid. U should do more piglin survivals

    Luca Fierro-FeinsteinLuca Fierro-FeinsteinPred 4 urami
  • I have mixed feelings. The overall was really and I meantruly really impressive. But many things could have been done way easier or more efficient or better or more useful with more knowledge of the game. I still loved to watch this :)

    Geekdeserpentard .DGeekdeserpentard .DPred 4 urami
  • BTW u dont need seeds to breed, the chicken will drop eggs which you can rethrow.

    Adam HassenAdam HassenPred 5 urami
  • This was amazing i really liked this!

    Marianchek SkMarianchek SkPred 5 urami
  • Corin: *mines gold with stone pic* Me and probably Mojang: BOIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII

    Alex KendrickAlex KendrickPred 5 urami
  • aaaaa i love piglins this makes me so happy

    AldisAldisPred 5 urami
  • 200 days?

    Epic AdhnâmicoEpic AdhnâmicoPred 5 urami
  • Dang you never get hurt

    Gabe world of fun!Gabe world of fun!Pred 5 urami
  • First when I saw a strider : ewwwwwwwwwwwvwww 1 year later when I saw a strider again:Awwwww he is adorable

    Xia JiangXia JiangPred 5 urami
  • Lol

    Weird Videos BURGORWeird Videos BURGORPred 5 urami
  • First when I saw a Minecraft piglin I thought they were wearing a pig hood and their face was the snout

    Xia JiangXia JiangPred 5 urami
  • I love piglins

    Sans OmnisSans OmnisPred 5 urami
  • If I don't know behind some of blocks in bastion is chest and gold block

    Seyedminer #2Seyedminer #2Pred 5 urami
  • Awesome

    Julia GorgoniJulia GorgoniPred 5 urami
  • hey um did u know that wither sceletons are actualy hostile against pigmen

    R3troDashR3troDashPred 5 urami
    • piglin

      R3troDashR3troDashPred 5 urami
  • I love public's

    Sans OmnisSans OmnisPred 5 urami
  • Wow

    Chris ButlerChris ButlerPred 6 urami
  • Yoooo cannibalism

    Carysmanz YtCarysmanz YtPred 6 urami
  • First Time?

    TheSuitedPiglinTheSuitedPiglinPred 6 urami
  • Really really😑😑😧

    Sebastian EscalanteSebastian EscalantePred 6 urami
  • Come swim in lava Or you can’t do that

    Ellie The artist kidEllie The artist kidPred 6 urami
  • That was a AWECOME video

    Stiliyan BakalovStiliyan BakalovPred 6 urami
  • Wait how does he know what day or night is

    Ethan ReidEthan ReidPred 6 urami