Mavericks vs Nuggets HIGHLIGHTS Full 1080p 60fps | NBA January 7th 2021

7. jan. 2021
148 587 Ogledi

Check out our Mavericks vs Nuggets highlights on NBA Week 3! Our Sports Talk Line team picked the best NBA highlights from tonight's game for you to enjoy.
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The Mavericks beat the Nuggets in overtime with the final score at 124-117
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  • why is this so fast

    Ten XTen XPred mesecem
  • Lebron raised the bar, you got to do it year in & year out! But Luka is special, Larry Bird kinda of stuff and Luka not as big and no one can shoot like Bird, but he is more athletic than Bird (Larry is top 5 or 10!) but only time will tell. Luka´s got knowledge & a smooth game he a baller!

    pedro franco chaupedro franco chauPred mesecem
  • and campazzo?

    RicardoRicardoPred mesecem
    • look at the box score DNP!

      pedro franco chaupedro franco chauPred mesecem
  • ponelo a campazzo si queres ganar

    cahuide vccahuide vcPred mesecem
  • and where was campazzo to defend luka doncic??????

    • He´s Looking for a ladder!

      pedro franco chaupedro franco chauPred mesecem
  • Doncic plays such a boring and slow basketball. Not very pleasant to watch.

    blackcrowblackcrowPred mesecem
  • 1:30 nivel shot

    FunkyMawFunkyMawPred mesecem
  • If treated like Lebron or Harden, Jokic would have 40+ every single game.

    Harder WayHarder WayPred mesecem
  • Good luck.

    Mohamad Hidayat HidayatMohamad Hidayat HidayatPred mesecem
  • Luka MVP 2021

    Jacky YouJacky YouPred mesecem
  • Websites apps source

    Adrian LazaroAdrian LazaroPred mesecem
  • 2026

    Adrian LazaroAdrian LazaroPred mesecem
  • Damn Jokic making it look so easy, posting up and passing the ball around.

    i ani anPred mesecem
  • Where is Facu? NO Facu, no win!, He gives More than play, Is a revolution of energética plays

    Charlie FerreyraCharlie FerreyraPred mesecem
    • @Augusto Martinez it was a mistake, because if you remember Argentina Croatia in FIBA worl cup, Facu trip over Luka

      Charlie FerreyraCharlie FerreyraPred mesecem
    • Malone said i din't put him to play because he was very small

      Augusto MartinezAugusto MartinezPred mesecem
  • Bobby finally on the court with some decent minutes and they beat a strong team!

    Aleksandra IlicAleksandra IlicPred mesecem
    • I hate when people treated him as a BFG, most people dk about boban in his euroleague days 😤😔

      rafi adrafi adPred mesecem
  • No Campazzo no party.

    Anton JoaquinAnton JoaquinPred mesecem
  • 3:35 Watch Jokic just bounce off Boban when he tries to post up, im pretty sure he's not used to playing with someone outsizing him by that much

    Tyn Long TayTyn Long TayPred mesecem
    • clearly an offensive foul doe

      JackJackPred mesecem
    • Yeah it's not like they are from the same country and don't play for same national team and never had practice together

      Orhan MilanovicOrhan MilanovicPred mesecem
  • I don't understand why Carlisle didn't use Boban in the final minutes. Jokic hurt WCS so badly, it was painfull to watch -.-

    MitfälltkeinNameeinMitfälltkeinNameeinPred mesecem
    • @MitfälltkeinNameein he only played 30+ minutes once

      DreamyWolfDreamyWolfPred mesecem
    • @Francisco Gobantes last season, when needed, Boby has partially played 30 min or more...

      MitfälltkeinNameeinMitfälltkeinNameeinPred mesecem
    • probably boban's body can't handle it. I remember in previous teams he was always on limited minutes because of that.

      Francisco GobantesFrancisco GobantesPred mesecem
  • I would love to see an Euro super team of Doncic, Jokic,Bogdan, Marjanovic, Kristaps and Giannis against USA team, damn they will give USA a run for their money

    Rakotoarivelo HasinaRakotoarivelo HasinaPred mesecem
    • @jef cergos nope, this euro super team could very well beat them

      Rakotoarivelo HasinaRakotoarivelo HasinaPred mesecem
    • @jef cergos Team USA at their Best nobody beat them fools, bring back kukoc, Epi,Sabonis, kirilenko, gasols'. Y'all still get stole on, game, set & match!

      pedro franco chaupedro franco chauPred mesecem
    • @jef cergos that's what I'm talking about, bench DeRozan, TRoss, CP3, Julius Randle, John Collins, Trae Y, LAldridge & D Howard

      pedro franco chaupedro franco chauPred mesecem
    • ​@jef cergos Irving, Doncic, Giannis, Porzingis, Jokic. They are struggling with that size. You could have Simmons instead of Irving to sacrifice shooting for ridiculous size advantage and D. Everyone is a double double or triple double threat

      SamuelSamuelPred mesecem
    • @Sociología Animal USA nunca perderam com todos os jogadores principais na selecção, apenas quando alguns faltaram ou enviaram só jogadores secundários e jovens. Espanha realmente já jogaram cara a cara em finais dos jogos olímpicos, mas nunca ganharam. Pensa bem nesse cinco inicial que escrevi. Demasiado forte. Numa série a melhor the 7 ninguém os ganha. Mesmo com jogadores como Giannis, Doncic e Jokic no outro lado. Minha opinião.

      jef cergosjef cergosPred mesecem
  • boban is a cheat code

    Michael PangauMichael PangauPred mesecem
    • "dunkin like its a nerf hoop"

      SportsTalkLineSportsTalkLinePred mesecem
  • These 2 teams are the aces of the west

    Marvin ArmadoMarvin ArmadoPred mesecem
    • Dream on so ludicrous! Just 2 avg. west conf. teams, don´t bet the farm!

      pedro franco chaupedro franco chauPred mesecem
    • Dallas has a high ceiling and a low floor. They'll be fun to watch.

      SportsTalkLineSportsTalkLinePred mesecem
  • Are there any highlights between all them turnovers??

    Sorin BSorin BPred mesecem
    • 2:59 is my fav

      SportsTalkLineSportsTalkLinePred mesecem
  • Doncic and jokic could weigh 2000 lbs and still score lol

    Marco Polo PlannerMarco Polo PlannerPred mesecem
    • The beer belly helps create space

      SportsTalkLineSportsTalkLinePred mesecem
  • Damn. Jokic and Doncic... what a couple of players. Exciting and beautiful to watch.

    SuperReyandSuperReyandPred mesecem
    • Lito aquino

      frederick aquinofrederick aquinoPred mesecem
  • Kleber, clutch 3s, clutch blocks, clutch rebounds. hard working, efficient, modest team player.

    erixxon74erixxon74Pred mesecem
    • @José Paz Damn that´s spot on!

      pedro franco chaupedro franco chauPred mesecem
    • @Dead Giveaway No one serious is doubting him, maybe some fanboys, he just needs to get more consistent. We see the greatness in him but he'll get an overtime win followed by a 50 point loss so we see room for growth.

      SportsTalkLineSportsTalkLinePred mesecem
    • @Alva MTY Lol you said yourself "he started off bad". He's so good that he can have a so-so game and still win.

      SportsTalkLineSportsTalkLinePred mesecem
    • @SportsTalkLine so so? He started off bad, but still shot over 60% from the field, had 4 steals, 38 points, 15 assists, and one rebound away from a Trip-Dub. Multiple clutch shots in the end..tell me again how that’s so-so? Sports talk my ass, stick to football or something.

      Alva MTYAlva MTYPred mesecem
    • @José Paz Like Lebron, the kid already has his haters wanting to minimize his skill. He's white and Euro too so that doesn't really help in the NBA

      Dead GiveawayDead GiveawayPred mesecem
  • I’d love to see Luka and Jokic on the same team one day.

    Kayse IbrahimKayse IbrahimPred mesecem
    • exactly my dream team

      Alexander LehmannAlexander LehmannPred mesecem
    • While Luka and Jokic are both skillfull but not fast.

      Spike WANGSpike WANGPred mesecem
    • On the other hand, I just love seeing them compete.

      i ani anPred mesecem
    • and Boban as a wreak havoc

      OB1 KanobićOB1 KanobićPred mesecem
    • That would be crazy 🤯 but I would love it

      Tywan ColeTywan ColePred mesecem
  • 2:40 lol what? ⚽

    SportsTalkLineSportsTalkLinePred mesecem
    • Thank God they didn't call a T like TMac HAHA

      Smelly FartSmelly FartPred mesecem
    • @Oli Mercer You know what's funny i was just watching Larry Nance Jr juggling a bball with his feet in the Cavs game today. Looks like there's lots of footy enthusiasts in the NBA 😂 Cheers from California!

      SportsTalkLineSportsTalkLinePred mesecem
    • That's the culture in Europe tbh, if a ball flies past us we're deffo tryna catch it with our heel Sounds mental. But it's 7:00am here. I had a dream I did this exact thing last night. In a game of footy though not an nba game

      Oli MercerOli MercerPred mesecem
  • Great pace Dallas, Luka is special and Boban the Goat ❤️

    Tyo sul beatTyo sul beatPred mesecem
    • Boby the Goatovic

      OB1 KanobićOB1 KanobićPred mesecem
  • South Slavs clashing (Doncic, Jokic, Marjanovic)

    Cpt MiroCpt MiroPred mesecem
    • *Serbs clashing

      Staff ChannelStaff ChannelPred mesecem
    • now imagine this game with slavs in attendance and you'd have a bit more than 'defence' :D

      The BoneThe BonePred mesecem