1 vs 10 Hunters in GTA!

16. feb. 2021
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We played GTA V and did a Dream-style manhunt against 10 other players! This video is not only intense but also hilarious from beginning to end, so stick around for the whole thing!
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  • I want to give a big shout out to both FailRace's Survive the Hunt series and Dream for inspiring this video! Check them out through the links below! slworlds.info slworlds.info

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  • I love this game

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  • how the hell does he choose those people? i would love to participate in one of those videos

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  • awsome

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  • today I was playing GTA and there was a person named MrBeast Yt, I knew he is (of course) fake so the whole server laughed about him, I was doing a sell mission and this guy had mods and kicked me out of server. Now I lost about 5h grind Thanks fake MrBeast

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  • Matthew 11:28 Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

  • Honestly this is the best game for manhunt

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  • 3:48 69,420,420 views

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  • 4.33 best part

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  • Legends only know that thumbnail is changed from cops chasing a car

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  • 10 mins of MrBeast trying to copying Dream in GTA

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  • Karl said Somebody drove past him and then he said no one passed me

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  • I have the same bird car as one of the hunters

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  • I got the same car Carl has

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  • They couldn’t have just flew a plane

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  • Is this a mod or can you do this on the regular GTA?

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    • I think they they had to not not look at the map and turn off the mini map

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  • hey do u guys know he copyed this from a small yt his vid was made in 2020 this is 2021 he copyed

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  • the dream fans: um hol up GTA manhunt?

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  • 9:56 i’m actually so glad he won one cos through the whole thing he seemed really nice

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  • gta manhunt

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  • You should do a part 2 it was amazing

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  • Pls do more gta Videos they are Great and lots of fun

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  • This is so scetchy video cuz everyone acting they dont see karl chris and beast in a map....

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