‘All Things Chamath’: Palihapitiya Outlines His Vision

12. feb. 2021
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Chamath Palihapitiya has big ambitions for Social Capital. What started as a venture-capital firm in 2011 could be a Berkshire Hathaway for the 21st century. In this interview, Wall Street’s king of special-purpose acquisitions companies, or SPACs, explains why he hopes to create as much wealth as Warren Buffett, why he’s betting on Bitcoin and Tesla and how he’s trying to solve for inequality and climate change. Palihapitiya spoke exclusively with Erik Schatzker on Bloomberg’s “Front Row.”

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  • Dude is so power hungry its amazing to watch..i cant believe that people buy his "anti establishment" bs.maybe because he buy it himself and believe his own shit.for you who thinks that small retail traders beat wall street at gamestop situation,you are really unaware of power plays behind the scenes.hedge funds and rich investors made more money in Gamestop trade than you will ever dream to make.dudes like Musk,Chamath,Bill Ackman etc figured out power of social media and how dumb most of the people are on this sites and are using it to get even richer by selling you story how they are on your side,while driving prices and dumping them when you buy..they are playing with you like with a little child.good for them,shame on you i guess

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  • I can't believe Chamath's computer, or whatever he's using, is muffling his voice. It's distracting and clips his words.

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  • Guy never built anything in his life. Probably does not know how to drive. Never driven across this nation, ever. Guys a nothing.

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  • This guy is a lucky asshole. He got right some calls on tech companies... but the BIG step up he made was thanks to FB. Got paid with shares that eventually made him became Billionaire. No doubt he is smart, no doubt he is a complete asshole (just listening him talking, like he has understood everything - arrogant).

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  • I used to like this guy, but the more I listen to him and his podcast with his buddies - just another billionaire who thinks money or technology is going to fix this planet....yawn. And his attacks on our governor. What a joke. Please take your overpriced companies and tech giants out of this state and give it back to the hippies and farmers. That should solve a few things.

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  • 42:20 “Governor? Do you know how much power I’d have to give up to be governor?”

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