7. Final Touches | How To Draw, For Dummies

24. jun. 2014
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And finally, we close this course with the final touches :)
To get Adobe Photoshop CS2 for free (legally), follow this guide: bit.ly/1r2DeDO
As promissed, here's my brush pack, in case you want to use it / look at it (it contains many brushes gathered along the way from different places): bit.ly/XwXuoi
Let me know in the comments if you have any further questions.
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Sneaky Snitch, Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
Track link: slworlds.info/net/y2erh45rgKeWsqQ/video
This course is in no way related to Wiley's brand "For Dummies", it is simply a coincidence.

  • amazing content I hope you keep update :)

    Logo BagusLogo BagusPred 4 meseci
  • 5 years later... thanks!! I learned A LOT...

    Vioscar RiveroVioscar RiveroPred letom
  • The brush link is not working

    ArtographixArtographixPred letom
  • Great series, you should make more tutorials. You're very good at explaining. I can't believe you did this all in one day, it would take me one day just to finish with the art line. Thank you very much for doing this and let's hope I'm not gonna lose my mind trying to learn.

    Monica OpincariuMonica OpincariuPred 2 leti
  • So that How you look like

    Alex EAlex EPred 2 leti
  • Hi Andrei, I know this tutorial series is 4 years old but I just wanna say thank you so much and I really appreciate it, I learnt A LOT and thanks for especially teaching on CS2 as that's the version I'm using because I don't have the money. You're a great teacher and a very handsome man too. I'm glad that you're super popular now, you're a great guy! Edit: I didn't even know you were this popular when I watched the first video, I found you through googling "CS2 tutorial for beginners" xD but I was nicely surprised when I found out, you deserve it!

    Mikhael HighlandMikhael HighlandPred 2 leti
  • I followed this whole tutorial (as it was my first time practicing digital art of any kind) and this was SOOOOO helpful! I love how you showed every step in detail. I really got to know how to use the different brushes and layering and so much more. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! Here is my result: instagram.com/p/BhU4wuVHAGc-gi-ZKjH6mZ6iD-viFkARBQZhEs0/?taken-by=missesmunsie

    Jennifer MunsieJennifer MunsiePred 2 leti
  • great tutorials! is CS2 really available for free?

    Al MasonAl MasonPred 3 leti
  • Thanks so much for this tutorial. I enjoyed it a great deal and found it very helpful in understanding layers and the coloring process in photo shop. I think your speaking skills are fine and you have a very pleasant teaching style.

    JoAnn BassJoAnn BassPred 3 leti
  • Great tutorial thanks a bunch think I kinda get the basics of how to use the properly now or something like that. Btw its kinda funny the way you babbled felt like I was watching a tutorial taught by another me XD

    Samit AhmedSamit AhmedPred 3 leti
  • Bua-haha, I love it when you babble off. "I don't know who "they" are but anyways it happens" lol. I am amused and entertained.

    elsa Graceelsa GracePred 3 leti
    • Haha thanks! xD

      Andrei TerbeaAndrei TerbeaPred 3 leti
  • amazing, nice tutorials man, i watched it the whole night through lol

    Scott VermastScott VermastPred 3 leti
  • Thanks Andrei for a great tutorial. Just finished watching the whole series.

    Guy van den BergGuy van den BergPred 4 leti
  • Great series! Thanks Andrei

    David ScotDavid ScotPred 4 leti
  • Hi mate, I just watched the whole series, thanks for your help I've got some good tips! \m/ :)

    Dreams After Death (funeral doom metal project)Dreams After Death (funeral doom metal project)Pred 4 leti
  • I've been looking for A good step by step, how to draw in photoshop for A bit. So glad I found this one. As A very new artist this was very helpful just from the keyboard shortcuts! There were A lot of tricks I did not know, like the layer mask. Oh man that will be so helpful.

    Sir NubbinSir NubbinPred 4 leti
  • Step by step... uh baby!

    Luiz Fernando CruzLuiz Fernando CruzPred 4 leti
  • Brilliant!

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  • you are phenominal

    Raj PavanRaj PavanPred 4 leti
  • This course is f*cking great! Thank you!!

    Migido MusicMigido MusicPred 5 leti
  • enjoyed the series heaps and will refer to it again.... as I am sure I don't remember half of what I have learnt... thanks...

    Jo StandaarJo StandaarPred 5 leti
  • Genuinely it was a really helpful tutorial, and yeah if I'm asked I'll definitely share the playlist and tell them where to come :')

    Lord_ImmortalLord_ImmortalPred 5 leti
  • It is nice to see a work from start to finish with commentary on what you are doing, why you are doing it, and seeing the whole process. Very entertaining as well, Thanks!

    Scruffy McDogsonScruffy McDogsonPred 5 leti
  • Overall I thought this series was very helpful and informative, I know it was for me! Almost all the things you talked about were easy to understand and easy to follow. The only thing i can really criticize was the flow of speech, but even then that's not what this tutorial was for so overall great job :D

    SmuffinzSmuffinzPred 5 leti
  • Thank you so much for making this beginner's course. I walked through it once while I wait on my pen replacement (I bought a tablet and the pen was broken) and I'll definitely go through it again once it arrives. I have a quick question: do you use your pen for selecting all your tools and options on photoshop? Or do you use your mouse and switch back and forth? And do you recommend any shortcut presets to program in to my tablet's buttons? P.S. The link to your deviant art page is broken - there is a "1" at the end of the URL. Just wanted to let you know! Thanks again for this course! I learned a lot. I hope that you'll continue to do these step by step beginner's tutorials.

    brandtparksjbrandtparksjPred 5 leti
  • Oh boy, thank you so much for these tutorial videos, Andrei. I only recently started drawing and certain aspects of Photoshop and different tools were blowing me away, but you really simplified some of the more complex aspects and gave me the confidence that I needed to actually draw on my own for real. Watching you create your picture has been not only very educational, but also quite entertaining. As a personal side note, I think you have a very good "teaching voice". Listening to you talk in the videos was very pleasant, and helped me feel comfortable in my learning. Thanks again!

    Michael BehnkeMichael BehnkePred 5 leti
  • Thanks , the tutorial series has been very helpful and fun to watch. I can't believe you are color blind because you handled the coloring part extremely well.

    Sebastian BuzacSebastian BuzacPred 5 leti
  • Thank you so much for these tutorials! They're great. I have just finished my first digital painting with your help and I'm super excited :) This is the result of my work: dearasteria.tumblr.com/post/106602761569/lavellan-x Thank you again :)

    Patrycja PociechaPatrycja PociechaPred 5 leti
    • That's so awesome! Great job! I'm going to share this on my Fb page and link to your Tumblr.

      Andrei TerbeaAndrei TerbeaPred 5 leti
  • Thanks Andrei, these tutorials are an awesome first step into Photoshop. Thanks for all your hard work in putting them together. I'm going to share these with someone I know whose just dipping their toes in the digital drawing world, and these are going to be a great help to them. God bless

    Brett GarnerBrett GarnerPred 6 leti
  • Oh my god! I just finished watching your tutorial, How to Draw, For Dummies, you are amazing. Thank you, I learned a lot.

    Lucy KillebrewLucy KillebrewPred 6 leti
  • Great tutorials there! But is it just me or are your brushes not available anymore??

    ༺ᛉᛞᛟ⫷ F a Q u ⫸ᛟᛞᛉ︃༻༺ᛉᛞᛟ⫷ F a Q u ⫸ᛟᛞᛉ︃༻Pred 6 leti
  • Thank you so much Andrei! The series were very helpful and I learned a ton! x

    Annika WildeAnnika WildePred 6 leti
    • Thanks for checking it out! :)

      Andrei TerbeaAndrei TerbeaPred 6 leti
  • more vids please they help alot

    robert borowczykrobert borowczykPred 6 leti
  • Thanks for taking the time to make this tutorial series and I'm glad you survived your long day ;) and I'm looking forward to going through the videos again and trying out your techniques. I definitely think beginner tutorials like this are needed because it seems like there is a lack of them. So often you see instruction on the various tools in Photoshop but no one shows you how they can work together to create an interesting illustration. On the other hand, a lot of tutorials that do demonstrate how to do painting or illustration in Photoshop assume a level that a lot of learners don't have yet. It's kind of frustrating to make that leap between just learning about the program to actually making something interesting with it but I think you've bridged the gap quite well. Keep up the good work!

    AnnetteAnnettePred 6 leti
    • Thanks for the feedback! :)

      Andrei TerbeaAndrei TerbeaPred 6 leti
  • Great tutorial series! :)

    nerdieone1nerdieone1Pred 6 leti
    • Thanks!

      Andrei TerbeaAndrei TerbeaPred 6 leti
  • Great work, Andrei. This tutorial helped a ton!

    MartinTheWarrior270MartinTheWarrior270Pred 6 leti
  • Thank you for spending so much time to make this tutorial seeies for us. It was really useful and enjoyable for me to spend 20 min per day with this videos.

    StefanDimitrovBGStefanDimitrovBGPred 6 leti
    • @StefanDimitrovBG Cool! Show me when you finish it!

      Andrei TerbeaAndrei TerbeaPred 6 leti
    • Oh, and by the way I am now trying to make the same drawing following step by step your advices

      StefanDimitrovBGStefanDimitrovBGPred 6 leti
  • Andrei, this tutorial was brilliant! It helped me understand Photoshop a lot better and actually motivated me to start drawing again, thank you! I'll definitely watch again everything! :)

    HumphreyTheBogartHumphreyTheBogartPred 6 leti
  • That was really helpful, thanks for doing it!

    cutiemodcutiemodPred 6 leti
  • All in all I thought the tutorial was great! I learn a lot and this was SUPER helpful! thank you! Keep up the great work! :)

    AYH01AYH01Pred 6 leti
    • Thanks! :D

      Andrei TerbeaAndrei TerbeaPred 6 leti
  • You didn't make claws to the wolf :D poor wolf :D

    bir dostbir dostPred 6 leti
  • omg Andrei, thank you so much! i learned so much!! thank you, i always taught that photoshop was really difficult, but no!! I've been watching all of the tutorials, and i loved it and i learn so much, thanks to you =D

    Ines MendoncaInes MendoncaPred 6 leti
    • Thank you, Ines, I'm glad it was helpful! :)

      Andrei TerbeaAndrei TerbeaPred 6 leti