The Cringy World of Dark Web Unboxing

14. feb. 2020
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Andrei Terbea - Lead Animator
Nicoleta Toader - Producer
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#MysteryBox #DarkWeb #JayStation
Dark Web Mystery Box Videos have been very prevalent on SLworlds for a while now, but I've only recently just discovered them. Channels like MindSeed and JayStation and many others who have followed suit, provide a lot of material for discussion, and today we take a look at what these videos contain, because it's honestly remarkable. Meanwhile JayStation has been under fire for his latest drama revolving around Alexia, his girlfriend whose death he has faked for views. Of course "faking girlfriend's death for views" sounds like a no-brainer no-no to any sane person, but apparently for JayStation it's not that big of a deal. However, in today's video we don't delve too deep into the death-faking drama as much as take a look at something older, JayStation's dark web videos. People are just recently criticizing him, but his content has been awful this entire time. Let's talk about it.

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    • Dear god...

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    • You should team up with dj cook

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  • 0:34 sir- sir i dont think- you realize-

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  • Wasn't Jeffrey dameer executed in 1984?

    Dianne HenryDianne HenryPred 2 dnevi
    • 1994

      Dianne HenryDianne HenryPred 2 dnevi
  • It’s likely that most of the early dark web unboxing videos are actually 100% real but just like everything popular people started to repeat it and then they had to fake parts of it just to make people want to watch there videos instead of other people’s videos and then the cycle continued.

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  • I have no profile picture. Jay station is going to take a screenshot and use it in his video.

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  • Luckily JayStation Was Cancelled

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  • Are they... are they saying that the iphone is Jeffrey Dahmer's? The man who died in prison thirteen years before the iphone went on the market? I... I can't deal with how bafflingly stupid that is

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  • 0:33 He's so fucken innocent, I can't help but feel calm idk why

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  • Jaystation more like Gaystation

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  • 0:34 we have this pink thing Me: oh you do not want to know what that is

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  • WOW, when we were watching the jaystation part I turn my head phones down due to the yelling and after I turned it down half way they still hurt my ears. That's a talent to torture people just yell

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  • 0:33 Is that what I think it is? 😳

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  • Jay station is banned from SLworlds

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  • Jeffrey Dahmer died in 1994 in prison... Iphone 6 relese date... 2014 LIKE HOW THEY THOUGHT IT WAS HIS?

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  • LOL I almost forgot about that 😅

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  • I know am late like a whole year but after watching up to 4:35, I just wanna say; those phone has an tracking ID number and for god sake knows why, those people from the dark web simply wants to get rid of it, no matter the original value of those phone, it is for what those we've been used for is the reason why those got boxed in. Lmao! [EDIT:] UNLESS IT IS for tracking them with those phone by GPS, which it is a terrible idea to keep it, the more expensive those are, the more likely the new owners will keep it. [ONE MORE EDIT]: I reached at 11:00... ...What the @#$%!? I won't try to find logic behind this whole mess, I, am, out...

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  • Why was all the text mirrored on the phone?

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  • Also love your vids

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  • JD killer is actually a person that probably died

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  • Me look the pink thing : What is tha- Me who a kids : Oh....O k a y.

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  • 00:25 Poor innocent man XD

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  • 0:34 is that a plug for AHEM something

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  • I have not heard jay station in damn years man..anyone else or just me?

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  • IF you look at the time dates on the phone the last call that happened on that phone happened at 1:54 that day Jay the only person who could have done this stuff was you he has been dead for a longish time.

    Xavier SchultzXavier SchultzPred 17 dnevi
  • Just to get this fact straight Jefferery domer died before Iphones were a thing especially since he was killed by his cell mate in prison so yea.... i dont think he did that JayStation do research before hand instead of looking dumb.

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  • Djcook will like this

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  • 8:56 I have the exact same chair

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  • "I know where you live," uh yeah so do I, you're not special.

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  • 3:13 best part

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  • I always watched these when i was little and boy, did they scare me.

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  • Wow Ur amazing, that Dr. Seuss part got me off guard instant abo

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  • 6:20 Birds are actually really smart for most animals. I'm willing to bet there a lot smarter than those guys.

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  • Dark web how I got onto it Downloaded TOR Waited Got the dark web Bought a door handle

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  • guys, we're being chased by a murderer. smash that like button, right now! XD

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  • 8:04 i don't blame her

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  • why the part of video is mirrored?

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  • “SMASH 100K LIKES GUYS” 130K Likes Later 👍

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  • 0:25 thats a spoon handle, and they are making it seem like a pice of a bomb or something

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  • Hi

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  • LMAOO 6:50

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  • Imagine being drawn as a seuss character by Andrei omg

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  • btw jd killer died in 1994 and that was before the first iphone was made

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  • 7:35 so funny haha

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  • Around like 8:18 did he say "He's gonna kill us and eat us" cause I think he did.Do they not know he's dead.... I've even known that since I was 9

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  • I think my favorite one was a guy who got a box of rocks, then says don't go on the deeb web.

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  • 6:40 its funny dude

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  • Jay is clearly on 1400 different types of drugs in every video. rofl.

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  • I don't get why they think this guy that died in the 80s or something was a ghost and bought an iPhone. the timeline totally makes sense.

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  • OmG, hE nO lIkE hIs MoMmY.

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  • Mans just tried to take someone's car and got booed in the eye.

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  • Jay got demonitzed *proceeds to piss on his youtube grave*

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  • 1:34 shit they discovered me

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  • new name is gary the goose and andre

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  • tbh people only liked that u said "smash 100,000 likes we have to get new identities"lol

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  • Jaystation looks like he’s coming off of a 3 day coke binge

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  • ok... thar ad transition was pretty clean

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  • I used to watch these dark web videos as a kid 0.0

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  • 1. Jeffrey Dahmer is dead 2. He died before iPhones were a thing 3. Even if he had an IPhone, why in the metric f@ck would he confess to his crimes by naming his apple id "JD *killer*"?

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  • You litterally only have to download a special browser and you're in the darkweb

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  • The only word I heard jaystation say was GUYS also its stupid how they think Jeffery dalmer had an iPhone 6 like. WHAT?!?! Dahmer died in '94 The iPhone 6 came out in 2014

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  • DJ rellik

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  • i use vpn NORMALY

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  • Just because of this reason, I made a video about buying my classmate of the dark web. Everyone in my class liked it!

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  • Im watching so a vids on a go I will subscribe after a few more vids

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  • Honestly Wilfur in the glasses was amazing lol I love it

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  • AmBrIaTe

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  • Andrei i just came to youre channel i searched romanian youtuber and you came and i WAS shocked bcs im artist and i LOVE you re chanel bcs im serbia

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    • Faker

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  • 0:33 he literally "got" a butplug lmfao

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    • 🤣🤣🤣

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  • Fun fact: The thing JayStation censored here: 7:12 is the camera app.

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  • why is the jaystation part sped up and why are all of the stuff on the "cursed" iphone flipped?

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  • You get drugs and guns from the dark web not mystery boxes

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  • 6:40 Sounds like a Stoner, gave up Smoking, and more time Readin'

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  • Wilfereds name should be Andrei and andrei's name should be wilfred

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  • I also live how they act like they have no idea who JEFFERY.... FREAKING..... DOMMER IS!!!! Like, I feel like thats a dumb one to pick.

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  • That part when they were talking about the JD killer was so bad i feel bad for the family

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  • Jeffrey Dahmers parents kind of abandoned him so wtf

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  • i like how i get this recommended 3 weeks after jaystation's youtube termination

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  • Dude Jaystation is the best

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  • Jaystation posted his last vid 3yrs ago

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  • I like cringe thing and i don`t feel cringe

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  • The guy on the thumbnail looked like imbrandonfarris so I got interested and clicked on the video...

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  • you dont even have a nose

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  • " i think this thing sticks to surfaces " this one had me for no reason and made me say " it doesn't stick on surfaces it sticks in somewhere else "

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  • Just open the curtains and you will be safe

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  • Jaystation looks like he was both punched in the face and hasn't slept in weeks

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  • I agree with you soo much

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  • I love how that Wikipedia page they bring up clearly states Jeffrey Dahmer is dead since 1994

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  • Even if there would be a phone in there and this would be legit it could be linked to a hitman or human traffic you clearly wouldn't want to be associated with that shit

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  • Oh god Hot furries today is an actual website

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  • i felt so cringe that i accidentally disliked your video

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