Hearthstone Tesla Gnome (Speed-Art)

4. dec. 2014
3 850 Ogledi

Here the illustration process of a Tesla-inspired gnome in the Hearthstone card style. It was for the GvG contest held by DeviantART
Software used - Adobe Photoshop CS6
Tablet used - Wacom Intuos Pro Medium
Worktime: 8 hours
Final drawing: fav.me/d87g1ju
MY FACEBOOK: facebook.com/artistandreiterbea
MY TWITTER: twitter.com/andreiterbea
MY INSTAGRAM: instagram.com/andreiterbea
MY TWITCH: www.twitch.tv/AndreiTerbea
MY TUMBLR: andreiterbea.tumblr.com/
MY DEVIANTART: tezebe.deviantart.com1
Sneaky Snitch, Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
Track link: slworlds.info/net/y2erh45rgKeWsqQ/video

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  • what a good video

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  • You are really good is that Photoshop?

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  • He looks so cute!

    E EE EPred 6 leti
  • What kind of colour blindness do you have? Can you not see any colours at all, or just specific colours? Because a friend of mine only sees brown as purple and blue as grey, but the rest is just the normal colours. (Wow what a weird question actually, now that I think of it :P)

    glynglynPred 6 leti
    • Oh, okay. Well, I guess it isn't as annoying as people think it is, since you're used to it. You make amazing drawings/paintings!

      glynglynPred 6 leti
    • I don't know which is the scientific name for my type, but I also see blue as grey, green as blue, yellow as green, grey as pink.... just to name a few :D It depends on the color tone.

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  • and you finshed ABOUT A WEEK AGO(Week Ago) *proceeds to shmoney dance again*

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  • Your drawing alone got me even more hyped for Goblins vs. Gnomes. Good stuff

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  • Wait... Are you really colorblind, or is it just a joke... Im to stoopid. But you couldent REALLY be colorblind, right? I mean then how would you do this awsome coloring?

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    • ok. i just think its really cool paintings u do already, and doing them colorblind is just blowing my mind right now

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    • @TrillingBrorsan´s Let´s Play Channel Well you can still color, it's just a lot more difficult.

      Andrei TerbeaAndrei TerbeaPred 6 leti
  • I see you run Windows 8 :D

  • Awesome drawing ! Definitely going to check out the other artists when I have the time. Love it !

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    • Gu

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  • Nice concept. The prize pool for the GvG contest is pretty sweet.

    Artwork by Christopher CaycoArtwork by Christopher CaycoPred 6 leti
  • Gnomola tesla? Nicola Gomla?

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  • I play hearthstone.. I'm not great or anything.. but I still play...

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  • Very very nice

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